Relaciones colectivas de trabajo yahoo dating

relaciones colectivas de trabajo yahoo dating

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But thanks to the efforts of our union, we were able to place all other affected workers into open DPH positions and other SEIU-represented agencies. We expect the legislature will take action on this agreement soon. Last October, we proposed to host Statewide DPH Labor-Management meetings every other month, and made progress in addressing safety and staffing issues within the For Families program.

We were also able to move the hiring process along to get more staff into open social work positions at Mass Hospital School, and opened dialogue for alternative work schedules and DPH budget expectations. Positive changes within Chelsea Soldiers Home offered another great achievement this year.

We successfully pushed management to hire more social work staff to help reduce workloads and create a more safe and secure environment for everyone. Members had complaints about the unsafe conditions in the building that were affecting their health, and our union was able to work with management to make the necessary changes and greatly improve the site.

Thank you one and all for stepping up under tough circumstances. This past year has been very challenging and full of many changes — and we expect more in the coming year. New systems are in place, the web unitsare disbanding, and sometimes it feels like the only thing we can count on at DTA is change.

Despite this constant evolution, we were able to negotiate a strong three-year contract that includes a host of gains. There are other moves being worked on as well — including Brockton, Salem, Framingham and Springfield.

The new EDM system started this year, and we hope it will work with a hour turnaround in the near future. The new SNAP service delivery system will begin in late October — meaning no more individualized caseloads. Three groups of workers will now process the work. This will be a major change from the way we have done things in the past, but it does present some potential.

For me, it has been a privilege to represent all of you and to be involved in the negotiation of the Alliance Contract on your behalf. And I ask for your continued support as we take on new tasks to ensure staff at EEC succeed through this process. I want to take this opportunity to give special thank you to the Chapter Board members and Stewards for your active participation. Best of luck to long-time chapter member, Ellen Foley in her retirement, and to all the EEC members who have retired this year.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you — and for your ongoing support! I am grateful for the many opportunities to meet new people and learn about the union on a more intense level.

For example, we began holding a series of informational meetings around the state as a result of the conference, the first of which was held this May in Concord. We are looking forwardto continuing these meetings throughout the fall. Our monthly Chapter Board meeting locations were changed to a more central location in Milford, attracting some much-appreciated new participants.

Statewide Labor-Management meetings with upper level managers have also continued on a regular basis, and I am glad to report that they have been cooperative, collaborative and productive in finding ways to achieve mutually-beneficial results. Check out the DOC intranet to view updated information, or visit http: The IST websites are a work in progress, and will continue to be improved.

There are many ways to get involved in our union. From attending Chapter Board meetings to volunteering as a contact person at your worksite, there are so many ways to make a difference. Please consider how you might contribute your skills and talents.

We began implementation of the Affordable Care Act in January, and the transition was less than smooth. Many workers experienced computer system malfunctions that forced a number of workarounds — and we expect to face similar challenges with the new rollout this fall.

The new system, set for launch soon, has yet to be fully tested as of this writing. Approximatelyclients will have to reapply for benefits, and most are likely to see a downgrade in coverage — meaning those of us on telephone duty will face confused and angry callers.

Despite the challenges we have faced over the last year, our Chapter has also seen a number of small, but significant, victories. Our union won two promotional grievances and downgraded an unnecessary suspension to a formal warning.

We were also able to settle 22 year-old grievances over Welfare caseloads, and hope to see financial awards soon. Over the course of the next year, our Chapter will work to implement the new Alternative Work Options section of the contract — specifically the four-day workweek.

We will be actively involved in the relocation of the Springfield MEC at the end ofand plan to file Unfair Labor Charges over the outsourcing of our work to Optum and its subcontractors.

As part of the new contract, a pool of money was established to resolve inequities in various agencies. Their response so far has been general fear of a salary clash with managers, as some union members currently earn more than members of the management team. Thank you to new stewards Gessica Brunot, Alysia Campbell, Caitlin Giuggio and Ronald Lerned for volunteering to take on a leadership role in the workplaces. Thanks also to the following stewards for being involved and keeping the Chapter leadership informed of the day-to-day issues in offices across the state: As always, the MassHealth Chapter is looking for more people to get involved in Local as stewards, Chapter Board members and in the many important Union committees.

I continue to benefit from the guidance of my predecessor, Cheryl Rivers, our field representative, Ruth Moskowitz, and the members of our Chapter Executive Board. Though new to this position, it has been busy nonetheless. I was able to participate in our contract negotiations this year, and feel confident that our union put forward a fair and progressive contract for workers in the Public Service Sector.

From the outset, our primary concern was a proposal to move Vocational Rehabilitation from the Education Department to the Department of Labor. Thanks to the strong advocacy of many workers, we stopped this change in its tracks — a significant victory for all VR staff.

relaciones colectivas de trabajo yahoo dating

Although they recognize an interagency inequity, the issue remains unresolved. That said, our union continues to strongly advocate for the QVRC reclassifications, and our discussions with management remain active.

Earlier this year, a number of Chapter Board Committees were created to address a variety of issues: When appropriate, this group will plan actions in coordination with other progressive organizations to support shared goals.

The group will develop introductory trainings for new stewards, as well as advanced and refresher trainings for veteran stewards. We also hope to increase the number of stewards in all agencies.

Caseload Cap and Hours Swap: Even as the new committees carry out their work, we continue to make progress throughout the chapter. New technologies have improved communication with front-line staff around Labor-Management sessions and other important meetings. We have successfully advocated for the membership around the impact of office closures, air quality issues and other office grievances.

Our Chapter Board strives to provide the highest possible representation and advocacy on behalf of MRC workers, and I want to thank each and everyone of them for their work. A special thank you is also due to the staff at the Local office for their considerable support. We are lucky to have such a good team! The Commonwealth of Massachusetts will soon implement the highest state minimum wage law in the country, yet low pay will persist among human service workers who are struggling to make ends meet.

Many of us work two, three or even four jobs just to get by - often paired with unaffordable health care plans. And in the meantime, we will continue to battle our agencies in hard-fought negotiations to raise ourselves up. In addition, six members have joined our Chapter Executive Board, which now has 37 members on board. We have shared information on lessons learned in bargaining this year and conceptualized how to further our causes through Solidarity actions.

Most of our eleven DD-only service agencies were in bargaining this year and we fought for - and gained - significant wage increases for the first time ever. In some cases, we made significant progress to secure additional paid time off. As was reported in the last issue of News, at Delta Projects we won four paid holidays where there were none prior to this contract - plus the first raises workers had seen in years.

At CHS, negotiations were not yet scheduled, but the agency called the union proactively to brainstorm a method to fairly distribute Chapter money. As this report goes to press, we are nearly finished with negotiationsat Bridgewell, our largest DD-only agency, and the first contract for NuPath workers is almost completed. Under our current structure, field representatives are required to do everything that falls within the parameters of representational work.

Our union is at work formulating a plan to create specialized Field Representative roles to better serve the membership. Over the last several years, our chapter has benefitted from the Local hiring members from within our agencies to become Private Sector field representatives. This is a positive step as these are people who have actually done and know the work.

I served as acting field representative for over a year, and was just replaced by Chris Persampieri from Delta Projects. Many of you have volunteered your time or taken leaves of absence to work on various political campaigns and other initiatives of the Chapter and Local.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the work that you do, including the nights you give up to serve on the Joint Executive and Chapter Executive Boards. We are now examining proposed legislation that our Chapter would like to see become priorities of the entire Local in the year ahead.

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The legislation would create an appeals process for DD and DMH workers who have had a Disabled Persons Protection Committee or other state agency investigation in which there was a substantiation of abuse, neglect or mistreatment. Currently, workers typically lose their jobs with zero recourse in reversing or altering decsions rendered by the state - which flies in the face of due process afforded in other classes of work.

If you have ideas or other feedback on legislative initiatives you think might be beneficial, please send them along. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns you may have at dennismacsteward gmail.

Since reaching that amicable agreement, we have seen a steady shift for the better in the culture at the agency. Through our Labor-Management meetings, administrators have progressively shown an interest in building morale and allowing individual managers to resolve issues ,rather than immediately engaging Human Resources. In years past, these were often contentious and acrimonious affairs. More recently, we have seen an elimination of redundant paperwork on requests for leave.

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  • 2014 Annual Report

The decentralized, trust-building model introduced over the past year is a renaissance in labor relations. While both parties understand that some issues may lead us to diverge and prevent agreement, there is an understanding that we will address those matters in an atmosphere of mutual respect. It is my intent to continue to build a balanced, harmonious relationship with agency management and promote the new culture built on a foundation of trust and respect.

relaciones colectivas de trabajo yahoo dating

I would also like to thank Bette Siegel who recently retired from her years of service at the state library. Bette represented the librarians at the state library as their steward and a dedicated member of our chapter board. Thank you Bette for your commitment and service - we will miss you.

This was a landmark agreement that included: For the first time, providers have a seat at the table — and a real voice in the decisions that impact our day-to-day work. This includes a seat on the Advisory Council of the Mass. Early childhood educators also made great strides in the improving access to quality child care for working families throughout Massachusetts. Thousands of at-risk kids will now have access to the early education opportunities they deserve.

Members also hosted dozens of regional meetings to answerquestions on the contract and our overall union rights. We continue to build on this strong start, growing our collective voice each day. In April, twenty providers from across the state represented the Family Child Care chapter at the Real-Time Strategic Change summit — helping to set a year agenda for growth and progress in our union.

These educators made incredible contributions to the three-day planning meeting, and continue to work with fellow union leaders and staff to implement the recommendations that resulted. In May, Yisel Lizardo, an early childhood educator from Fitchburg, was one of only three providers nationwide invited to the White House Conference on Working Families. We discussed strategies to forward a number of initiatives — raising the minimum wage, securing earned sick time for workers and other issues.

Child Development, an agency that contracts with more than child care providers, tried to take away two closure days previously won in contract negotiations. In a major win for providers, nearly 20 agencies were forced into compliance. At Child Care of the Berkshires, management took away incentives providers had received for decades — just days after the implementation of our contract — and blamed the union.

Providers know our contract is there to improve benefits, not take them away. We pushed back aggressively, and benefits were ultimately restored.

Moving forward, we have all hands on deck to ensure we get out the vote for Question 4 — the ballot initiative that will give a million workers access to earned sick time, including family child care providers. And providers and parents have joined together to win a stronger voice in improving the early education and care system in Massachusetts. With our first slate of officers in place at the Annual Meeting, we are ready to hit the ground running toward the November elections and beyond!

These gatherings have helped to build a supportive and active membership. CliniciansUNITED members discussed problems we have faced getting on the panel, as well as a lack of communication about the process. Members had a very frank conversation about the importance of living wages for providers, so that people on their plans have access to the mental health services they need.

We will continue to engage Celticare and other insurance companies on issues that affect independent mental health clinicians. Through Localmore than educators who form the backbone of MCAE are joining together to form a non-traditional statewide union of Adult Basic Education ABE practitioners to organize and represent ABE staff in Massachusetts — and to secure the right to bargain collectively over issues that are regulated by the Commonwealth that affect working conditions, benefits and overall compensation.

Legislation will be filed in the upcoming legislation to secure formal collective bargaining rights, with MCAE educators joining Local as Associate Members in the interim.

With a formal agreement signed this fall, the Local organizing, political and communications department have all engaged with MCAE to begin laying the groundwork for this important effort.

An Organizing Committee of affected workers is in formation, and will soon set up a formal committee structure. Stay tuned for additional details on this exciting new pilot program!

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The victory ensures that the unique and valuable perspectives of clinicians in private practice will be heard — along with front-line behavioral health workers at state and private sector human service agencies.

Each year, Massachusetts taxpayers pay millions of dollars to behavioral health carve-out companies through MassHealth, yet these state-supported companies are not subjected to any transparency requirements. This proposal not only promotes in public mental health spending; it also ensures that mental health care is prioritized — and brings us one step closer to the making true mental health parity a reality.

In communities nationwide, adjuncts are forming their union to tackle the troubling trend toward a marginalizedteaching faculty that endangers our profession. And here in Massachusetts,SEIU Local is proud to lead efforts to win improvements in pay, job security, evaluation processes, and even access to retirement benefits for those whoeducate our future generations.

Believe it or not, adjuncts are the majority of teaching faculty at most colleges and universities - yet we still face low levels of compensation, no benefits, lack of institutional support for research and scholarship, and exclusion from the governance of our institutions.

At the same time, our institutions have shifted resources from instruction to administration, funded by quickly rising tuition, resulting in record levels of student debt. By coming together in Adjunct Action, we have the power to turn the tide and build a market-wide movement to raise standards for faculty and students alike. In Massachusetts, more than faculty members at Tufts University recently reached a settlement on their first contract - a progressive agreement that improves both compensation and working conditions.

Adjuncts at Lesley University and Northeastern have overwhelmingly voted to form their union, and organizing drives are active at Boston University and a host of other area campuses. In the coming months, Adjunct Action will become an official Chapter within SEIU Local - and we look forward to working with our fellow educators and human service workers to raise living standards across the Commonwealth!

We have also worked aggressively to support the RaiseUp Massachusetts coalition in our shared effort to raise the minimum wageand win five paid sick days for Bay State workers.

We have also begun work with Jobs with Justice, a community-labor coalition, to host a public meeting on low-wage worker organizing in the near future. We have many other exciting initiatives that are just beginning to take shape.

But in the meantime, please contact us at YOU seiu We are building a structure within our local in order to organize grassroots power across the human service and education sectors, to mobilize members in worksites, and to support nonunionized workers in our larger communities. We have rallied for a fair contracts at Zenith Lexington Nursing Home, resisted home foreclosures with Springfield No One Leaves, and pushed for comprehensive criminal justice reform alongside Jobs Not Jails.

And most recently, committee members have gone door-to-door to educate neighbors about the need to raise the minimum wage and secure earned sick time for Massachusetts workers — while picketing alongside our own inspirational brothers and sisters at LifeLinks, went on strike to demand fair pay and respect on the job.

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For the sake of the labor community and larger social justice movement, we must grow to defeat powerful employers and practices that oppress hardworking people.

With the tremendous staff support of the team at our Watertown headquarters, we produced a new brochure that allows members to easily select issues and activities that are of interest to them. For more information on the Solidarity Steering Committee or any of our activities, please email me at baldwingrover yahoo. But love it or hate it, the reality is the political process impacts our lives everyday — from the pothole out in front of the house to the wages and working conditions of millions.

Decisions are made every day that affect us all, yet we have little influence on them. The process leaves many people feeling frustrated and angry. But the truth is, we all have a number of ways we can make our voices heard and have direct influence over the decisions that impact our day-to-day lives. The first and easiest is our vote.

It may seem a small gesture, but elections have major consequences — especially for human service workers, educators and the communities we serve. A second path is to become active in local community organizations, political parties and other advocacy groups. These groups provide an important megaphone to amplify the voices of constituent groups.

The COPE committee gives us a real seat at the table in the government and policy decisions that most greatly affect us. By combining our voice, our contributions and our actions, we are able to endorse and elect leaders who understand and support the work we do each day. Together, we have developed lasting relationships that have helped to forward beneficial legislation and push back against detrimental proposals.

Through COPE, we were able to defeat legislation that would have dramatically slashed health insurance benefit for thousands of retirees — and we secured long-overdue funding for wage increases and improved services at private sector human service agencies.

COPE is not just about electing and supporting legislators; it is about building a foundation from which to advocate for all human service workers and educators.

The more SEIU members who get involved, the stronger that foundation will be. We meet the first Wednesday of the month and the door is always open.

relaciones colectivas de trabajo yahoo dating

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email me at ccrean seiu For questions on any of these documents, please contact Israel Pierre, Local Treasurer, at or ipierre seiu Nuevas medidas de seguridad laboral fueron instituidas en el North Suffolk.

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