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Dopodiché a questi giorni aggiungono altri giorni arrivando così al maggio , C'è da dire che per far combaciare queste date i giorni sono stati . Quindi si sta parlando dell'avvenimento descritto dall'angelo, vero? finalizó en el invierno de , después de una serie de fases dramáticas y. Baile de primavera · Express Truffle Masquerade party the Palace Santa Fe scotty and the atomics! Crazy Rhythm Yahoo Cocktailparty mit Team Project W David Friedrich: "Auf ein Date mit David Friedrich" Papi sto arrivando. insurance auto yahoo March 27, at am although I am looking forward to when my little boy starts believing in Santa Claus (he'll be 2 .. Mi stanno arrivando decine di forward a proposito di questa catena chi ha voglia How To Get Laid Online With No First Date July 30, at pm.

On thousands of articles this goes wrong. As result of all these problems the community has set up an comment page at en: Someone summarizes it with: With the launch on the English Wikipedia it appeared that the opt-out was removed.

The only thing users can do is hide the visual editor for themselves via the common. This means that everyone, including those users who do not want to use the visual editor, have to deal with an extra layer of code that is loaded each time you visit a page and can't be switched off. The community of the Dutch Wikipedia want the developers to delay the launch of the visual editor until all big issues and concerns are solved.

The Dutch community does not want to clean up the mess the visual editor produces on all these thousands of articles. Yes, most users like the idea of a visual editor, but that must be one which doesn't cause problems and really helps to make editing easier. De facto this means that the current opt-in is restored back. I noticed that also es-wiki is scheduled to get launched the visual editor coming Monday 22 July.

I really doubt that seeing the problems on the English Wikipedia and the Dutch Wikipedia, that the launch here will be without major issues. It is up to the local community to check for problems and to ask themselves if this acceptable to you or not?

  • Martin Pelletier: Winter is coming, investors, time to consider taking risk off the table
  • Martin Pelletier: Winter is coming, investors, time to consider taking risk off the table
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I would also suggest you test the visual editor with editing articles like the ones which use the most used templates to see if they all workin particular the ones with tables, templates and references. If you wish to translate this message, please do, so that more users can understand what they have to deal with coming Monday and later.

If you want to know more about the situation on nl-wiki, please ask. La idea es buena, pero el desarrollo complejo. Para las plantillas es imposible de usar. No he notado un tiempo excesivo de carga comparado con el editor de toda la vida.

Hasta el momento, nunca he encontrado un bug grave. Otro asunto que no me agrada demasiado. The community does not want to be forced to deal with the problems the visual editor causes. We understood that the reason for this early launch is because too little time for developing was scheduled.


The community hopes in general that the problems are solved fast so that a fully functional visual editor can be launched as soon as possible. When he decides to confront Peter for good and for ever, he's forced to fight on equal, mortal terms.

It's a fantasy universe absolutely begging to be expanded, a fiction that could be real and is all the more tantalising for it. But Goldsman, in juggling the various elements of his story, lets the opportunity slip him by, instead focusing on the love story in almost excruciating detail - even though he never really creates a connection between Peter and Beverly that rings true.

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Peter teaches Beverly how to escape her all-consuming fever by slowing her heart down, Beverly explains to Peter how she believes people rise to the stars to find their loved ones when they die - it's all intensely romantic, but hardly emotional. The film then flings a few more tropes and complications into the mix Peter loses his memory, Peter winds up travelling through the future into our present, love will conquer all etc. At least Goldsman has pulled together a cast worth watching, even when the film he's constructed around them isn't quite worth their salt.

Farrell broods prettily in his boy-band haircut, clearly too old for the part but nonetheless playing it with great gusto. Paying Goldsman back for A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man, Crowe marches through the silliness of his raging, bonkers character with strange amounts of joy.

Pearly is easily the film's best character, unless you count the one played by another of Goldsman's Facebook friends no spoilers, but this movie star is no doubt grateful to Goldman for a script that earned him bucketfuls of acting cred many years ago.

Swimming somewhere in the reams of quite lovely footage assembled by Goldsman and his cinematographer Caleb Deschanel, there's a great movie with great ideas. Once in a while, it bursts through - in the shadowy, dank dungeon of a demon's lair, ruled by Lucifer himself; or the snow- swept sparkle of a moonlit night - but, more often than not, it turns into Winter's Tale: Was this review helpful to you?