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Links. BBC Skillswise · BBC Writers Room · BBC Arts · Skills You Need - Presentation · Writing a Descriptive Essay · Scottish Poetry Library · BBC words. The Sound and the Fury, or to Yahoo Answerian, Twitterspeak, or Autism. .. The excessive indentation—called enjambment IIRC—makes the poem flow a short poem made with words that nobody can understand the meaning of. .. Bonus side story: she ended up briefly dating a dude from my uni. a sentence that, by leaving the completion of its main clause to the end, produces an effect of suspense. peripeteia. a sudden turn of events or an unexpected.

But who was I to tell Ethan how to live his life. I slammed my books closed and jogged down the hallway, pleased with my diligence. After basketball practice, I d engrossed myself in Spanish and studied real hard.

I had every intention of seeing Lauren after school tomorrow and getting laid for being such a good student. At the thought, my lips stretched into a grin. As I entered the kitchen, I saw Ethan had already laid out the dishes, so I took a seat to his left at the dark, round table.

We didn t have a separate dining room, our one-story house was just too small for that.

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But the kitchen was big enough, and even with the enjambment examples yahoo dating unit, liquidating partnership assets was plenty of space to move.

What ve you been doing at school so late. I asked Ethan around a mouthful of chicken salad. Don t tell me you got in detention, because even that would have ended way before I glanced at my watch thirty minutes ago. Formulas not updating in excel until saved enjambment examples yahoo dating checked the time when I heard my brother parking in front of our house.

Him coming home at seven in the evening was almost as spectacular as me staying home on a Friday night. Mom, on the other hand, didn t care about the reason. She was just happy to see Ethan being social again. Her beaming face said as much when she turned in my direction. Had something to discuss with Hunter, Ethan explained, munching on some salad.

He asked me if I was interested in playing on his soccer team. Oh, Ethan, how wonderful. That was my mom being supportive, hoping Ethan would find a hobby outside his room which, in the long run, would help him find a girlfriend, too.

Of course, she hadn t been oblivious to the signs that her other son might be interested in boys more than girls, but she would never call him out on it, and neither would I.

However, a mother can hope, she d told me once. Subtly, I shook my head at her to tell her to drop pestering Ethan, but he replied casually as if talking about the weather, I trained with them today and it was kinda good. The Council benefited from the expertise of all three members of the jury in this selection process. A number of things to address here.

First off, I agree in principle with the first sentence. Obviously, peer jurying would be inconceivable otherwise.

I have my issues with peer jurying, but I've never said that no poets should ever be on the jury. Agreeing with this a priori does not mean that one need agree with it a posteriori.

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When three titles by a single press make it onto the shortlist, one immediately looks for an explanation. The altruistic explanation is that it was just an exceptionally good year for BookThug. This could also be the cynical explanation, depending on your angle. The altruistic explanation only holds water if you can't otherwise account for such a high number of shortlistees.

Just having one title on the list defies the odds; having three is akin to the mathematical improbability that saw the Tampa Bay Rays make the MLB playoffs this year. We could speculate endlessly about how this extremely improbable scenario took shape--and we must speculate, as the CC insists on acting like some kind of goddamn Star Chamber --but Occam's Razor insists that we pin responsibility on an interested party. The spokesperson from the CC said that I made reference to Dr.

McCaffery's "stellar reputation in the poetry community. For one thing, I've never held Dr.

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McCaffery's work or opinions in high regard. For another, I'm far from alone in this. I said that McCaffery is an eminence grise. He is a polarising figure who has dedicated his life and work to the promotion of one stream of poetry and the diminishment of all others. If he is to be placed on a jury, this needs to be taken into account. McCaffery is not simply a variable to be inserted into a jury equation. He is a theorist and poetic ideologue dedicated to the promotion of postmodern values in poetry, who would have a number of preformulated arguments at his fingertips, which he would no doubt bring to bear in any discussions with fellow jurors to determine a shortlist.

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If your average possible juror is x, then McCaffery is 5x. For a jury including him to be balanced, the other jurors must be similarly formidable figures. Douglas Burnet Smith is a good writer and a smart man, but has nothing like McCaffery's stature or zeal. Joanne Arnott, to be frank, is little better than an amateur.