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personalizar pegatinas online dating

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Variations of this logotype can be seen in the dining area, hand painted over a big brick wall, on napkins and coasters, and even rubber-stamped on their pizza boxes.

La experiencia del restaurante fue imaginada y producida por Curioso, nuestra agencia hermana en Chicago. Las variaciones de este logotipo se pueden ver en el sector comedor, pintadas a mano sobre una gran pared de ladrillo, en servilletas y posavasos, e incluso estampadas con sellos de goma en sus cajas de pizza.

All year long, these luxury residences are caressed by the turquoise water and white sands of the Caribbean. This extraordinary natural setting fully inspired us to begin the naming process. We discovered that a creative integration of ancient Mayan words faithfully represented the spirit of the project.

For the icon, we also took inspiration in the sun and its relation with the earth, and we played with the idea of eclipses, horizons, and of course, new beginnings.

Anatomy Boutique Gym Anatomy is not your average neighborhood gym. While most just focus on providing exercise equipment and the usual amenities, this boutique fitness space offers an outstanding atmosphere, stylish interiors and personalized training.

Set against Chipinque, a beautiful ecological park on the Sierra Madre mountain range, Anatomy presents its customers stunning natural views to enjoy while they workout. We took on the challenge of communicating the key aspects of the project that make it stand out from the typical fitness centers and health-related brands.

First off, we created a strong name inspired by concepts such as movement, determination, human body, and the natural desire for wellbeing. We named the boutique gym Anatomy, a memorable reference to the scientific study of the body and its parts. We designed a compelling icon loosely influenced by the relation between geometry, aesthetics and human proportions.

The resulting symbol goes beyond the representation of the project, because it can also be easily identified with sports in general, ranging from clothing brands to nutritional supplements.

The second piece is a light typography with an exceptional personality. Both elements, wordmark and symbol, are complemented by desaturated, minimal images. La Casa del Jugo Juices and Natural Foods A regular intake of natural beverages and organic foods is considered by many to be the number one health and wellness trend of the moment.

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Not everyone who wants to stay healthy can invest time, money and effort in order to achieve that goal, that's why La Casa del Jugo was born. Their fresh juices and natural dry foods are easy to get and ready to use, providing a convenient, health-friendly alternative to the junk food and snack market. Also, we developed a versatile graphic system designed to bind all of the different brand visual elements together.

For the main product category, which includes green juices, fruit juices, root juices, coconut milk and other flavored beverages, we created a strong and vibrant family of labels which appeals to the target and efficiently communicates the brand's benefits.

On these labels, we use a flexible typography that we designed in order to provide the brand a raw, earth-like atmosphere, like the sensation of watching something natural that has just been extracted from the ground. In La Casa del Jugo, kids also have their own juice products. For their small-bottle packaging, we came up with a series of characters made with fruit, which are depicted in funny situations.

Dry food is sold in jars and pouches, so we conceived and designed the labels for that type of packaging as well. Using an abstract identification approach, we highlighted the silhouette of the seeds, powders or ingredients held within the packs. The illustrations show the contents of every bag in their most natural state, for instance, we drew semicircles to represent coconut halves, in order to identify organic oil extracted from the fruit, and tall branches of grass to depict cane sugar.

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Finally, we devised an adequate color scheme for the entire category. Delicata Delicata was born of a small business venture dedicated to selling chorizo—a flavored blend of pork and spicy ingredients—cooked following an old and secret family recipe. Today, the brand offers a vegan alternative made with cauliflower as well as its classic chorizo, and also caters many different salads, cold and hot dishes, and desserts.

During the naming process we identified two words that clearly express the spirit and promise of the brand. Mixed together, they beautifully make up the name Delicata. To enhance the brand experience, we created a color palette composed of tones inspired by different organic ingredients, mainly the vibrant red hue of dry chile pepper.

Juntas forman el nombre Delicata. His delicate curved-pleated paper sculptures seem almost organic, like bird wings. The concepts served as a guide throughout the entire creative process in order to efficiently represent a tower envisioned to become a symbol. Even the elongated first two letters of the logotype reflect the attributes of its slender, skyscraping stature. Brochures, stationery, construction fences, panoramic billboards, press kits and sales presentations were among the different tools we created.

Also, to enclose certain project information, we produced a handsome set of folders embossed with a vibrant motion-like pattern, wrapped in delicate gray satin ribbon and decorated with a schematic drawing depicting the stylized silhouette of Ikon. The limited-edition book describes, through well-crafted imagery and clean design, every detail concerning the project.

To top it all, we encased a limited and strategically chosen amount of book prints in fine walnut wood boxes. Inside the boxes, along with the book, we included personalized stationery for the most important clients. Estas ideas nos inspiraron para imaginar y producir la identidad de Ikon, su personalidad visual y los distintos elementos de marketing.

Incluso las primeras dos letras alargadas del logotipo reflejan los atributos de su esbelta estatura. Led by surgeons and managed by health professionals, the medical spa provides a full range of treatments that aim at beauty, weight loss, body contouring, rejuvenation, energy recovery and anti-aging cell regeneration.

Our work began with the creation of a memorable logotype.

personalizar pegatinas online dating

We designed a beautiful icon inspired by the stunning image of human epidermis cells magnified under a microscope. The resulting hexagonal shape shares a strong resemblance with the texture of skin, and its versatile outline allows the figure to be repeated and interconnected in order to form a pattern.

On some applications the symbol is golden and embossed, and on others, it's directly carved on the top page or cover, partially unveiling contents or colors underneath.

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This design mechanism works just like our skin—it protects our inner, beautiful self. The symbol is freestanding, but can be partnered with an elegant and light sans-serif font we selected for the brand.

The color choice stems from the study of MD Aesthetica's core offer and main target. We chose to use a natural, feminine and skin-like tone of peach, a hue specially thought for a wellness center that provides body-related and women-oriented services. Also, we delivered a complete stationery set design including letterhead paper, business cards, gold foil embossed envelopes, cut-out folders, as well as the medical center's main marketing carrier, a corporate brochure.

A beautiful brand for a professional beauty provider. Elegimos usar un tono de durazno muy natural, femenino y similar a la piel, especialmente pensado para un centro de bienestar que brinda servicios relacionados con el cuerpo y orientados a las mujeres. Una bella marca para un proveedor de belleza profesional. The location is one of Mexico's most beautiful beach resort cities, an ideal spot to host an unforgettable marriage ceremony.

Johanna provides her services mainly to an international clientele, but is also very popular amongst local couples who wish to have a memorable celebration too. The logotype for the brand was created with a formal and most classic font, resulting in a typography that can stand the test of time and project an elegant image.

A bride has many tasks to complete before deciding everything is perfect; we developed a hard cover folder to hold every plan, document, picture or sample in place during the days before the wedding. Also, we designed the brand's business card, embossing Johanna's name in copper foil. The sides of the card present this pleasing effect as well. The knowledgeable team at FloraMedex provides high-quality medical cannabis and cannabis-related products such as capsules, dry flower, concentrate, edibles, vape cartridges, oils, tinctures and topicals.

personalizar pegatinas online dating

The staff is trained to identify—and customize—the best-suited strains for any particular medical cannabis need. A gratifying and unique experience awaits those who walk into FloraMedex, this premium dispensary is completely different from other shops in the industry. Its specialized pharmacy ambiance, along with the full array of products they sell, and their impressive group of professionals ready to assess the medical needs of the patients, is a winning combination that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

FloraMedex is proudly housed within the brick and timber structure of a former tool and die building. We started out by researching the traditional health institution emblems and our inspiration was ignited. We took several iconic elements from the pharmaceutical industry, such as the international crosses used as signage for drugstores and combined them with the well-recognized cannabis leaf.


The result is a recognizable logo which represents the type of business FloraMedex is in, and expresses the serious and formal quality of the brand, an aspect very much needed in a health and wellness centered industry.

The visual identity toolbox is completed with a simple and readable sans serif typography, as well as a two-color palette comprised of a modified green—which appeals to young generations—and a very cool gray oriented to engage a more mature audience.

Este dispensario premium es totalmente diferente de otras tiendas en la industria. El resultado es un logotipo reconocible que representa el tipo de negocio en el que se encuentra FloraMedex, y expresa la cualidad formal y seria de la marca, un aspecto muy necesario en una industria centrada en la salud y el bienestar.

Common Bowlery Bowl-centric Restaurant Bowl-based eateries have become the latest trend in the restaurant industry; its success is mainly due to the combination of healthy high-quality food, a fairly extensive menu, fast service and great design.

Common Bowlery is a new bowl-centric fast casual restaurant in town. Its offer attracts the busy office crowd that usually lacks healthy lunch options; but everyone can walk in and enjoy a tasty breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Breakfast toasts, smoothies, prearranged menus or custom bowls —for vegetarians, vegans, half-vegans and meat eaters— are served at CB.

The starting point was the development of a strong brand name. CB's logotype presents a combination of two techniques: This symbol was used across different applications in social media and marketing carriers. Also, we developed a series of catch phrases which reflect the spirit of the brand and communicate its unique characteristics: Some of the applications include postcards, hot cups, water bottles, carry out bags, stickers, dressing bottles, business cards and the printed menus for the restaurant and take-out service among others.

Instead, we developed a color scheme inspired by lemons and mint. This harmonious blend proved to be a winning combination and was used on every communication application, and on the interior decoration: The result is a brand image bank well stocked with photos that we later used on different applications such as the official website and the restaurant's social media channels.

Interior design by Casa Gotxikoa. Common Bowlery es un nuevo restaurante bowl-centric y casual en la ciudad. El punto de partida fue el desarrollo de un nombre de marca fuerte. En cambio, desarrollamos un esquema de colores inspirado en los limones y la menta. JLO The Jennifer Lopez Collection Contemporary women carefully balance their professional careers and personal life while expressing their femininity and glamorous personality. American multitalented star Jennifer Lopez understands this delicate equilibrium.

Based on the targeted demographic —confident and intelligent young women who wish to dress comfortable as well as look good and fashionable— the studio produced a strong, versatile and timeless image. The black and white palette represents the collection's modern outlook and symbolizes its straightforward philosophy. The Jennifer Lopez Collection features many different items and they all needed efficient packaging and tagging solutions.

Some of our design highlights include cases for jewelry, shoe boxes, shopping bags, zippers, perfume boxes, textile labels, price tags and wrapping paper. We also produced the script and storyboard for the launch video. A strong and versatile brand designed for women, by women. El logotipo, fuertemente inspirado por la personalidad frontal de la artista, incorpora elementos elegantes y atractivos que resuenan muy bien con el target deseado.

Modern women who project intelligence, beauty and glamour attend this high-end venue which pampers their femininity in a vibrant, but also relaxing true spa atmosphere. Their service, carried out by skilled specialists, is impeccable; customers feel at ease, as comfortable as if they were at home. Great service, innovative design and eye-catching architecture are an important part of the complete experience, but extreme hygiene is also a priority for Mackelli Nail Spa.