Conversation starters for crushes dating

Good Conversation Starters - Spark great conversation & connections.

conversation starters for crushes dating

This guideline on a conversation starter is for you if you struggle to talk to your You know you are a great person to date, but how will your crush ever find that. Y'know, you're just the cool girl who makes cool suggestions about cool things they might like Oh, wait, did you just casually set up a date?. Want to send a sweet note to your boyfriend or crush? to get the ball rolling so here are some sassy conversation starters that are bound to get bae's attention. That way you know they have scheduled time for your date.

If you could only wear comfortable or fashionable clothing for the rest of your life, which would you choose? If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which would it be? Food is always an easy conversation topic to digest. Plus, you may learn about a new local eatery where the two of you can wolf down some culinary magic.

If you could only be called your name or your nickname for the rest of your life, which would it be? What someone prefers to be called can show their serious or humorous side. Morning person or night owl? Some people rise at the crack of dawn to grab those tasty early morning worms, while others prefer to paint the town red under the cloak of moonlight.

If you could go on a cross country road trip with famous person, dead or alive, who would it be? This is a such a good conversation starter because the potential for discussion is limitless. You can discuss why they would choose that person, what they would do, what they would hope to learn, and so on. What you consider to be the most incredible job in the world? This is a very revealing question. Would they find joy in helping others, or is money the primary motivator?

Would they love to get paid to pursue their hobbies, or keep their professional and personal lives separate? This question can help you to understand what types of jobs they truly despise, and it can give you both some valuable perspective on your own lives, society, and the world as a whole.

How to Text Your Crush and Start a Conversation: 14 Steps

Would you rather travel every day for the rest of your life, or never be able to travel? Some people are homebodies, and others can barely stay put for a week.

Would they rather live a comfortable life or an adventurous one? If a song played every time you entered the room, what would it be? While this question can definitely lead to some solid laughs, it also shows you how other people view themselves. Laughter is one of the most powerful tools for connecting with someone. Use these funny conversation starters to start things off on a positive note.

Or, use them to shift the mood after a serious discussion.

conversation starters for crushes dating

Here are 20 of the best funny conversation starters: What is an activity that never looks cool? Reaching your right hand into your left pocket? Chasing a dollar blowing in the wind? Taking a selfie with an iPad? Bonus points if you attempt to prove the other person wrong. If you were transported years into the past with no clothes or anything else, how would you prove that you were from the future?

You can really get creative with this one, especially if one of you pretends to be a 17th century skeptic.

144 Good Conversation Starters – Spark great conversation & connections.

If animals were as intelligent as humans, what types of jobs would certain animals be uniquely qualified for? Imagining animals integrating into human society is a recipe for laughter. What types of wildlife would you expect to see in the office or warehouse, and why? Be careful — this conversation may end up giving you both new nicknames. What country do you think is the strangest? The world is a fascinating and often peculiar place. Which culture just seems bizarre, compared to life at home?

Will humans be reduced to robot polishers? Or will there be intergalactic salesmen? What career opportunities can we look forward to? Would you rather be able to control fire or water? Is the other person cool or hot? Keep the conversation going by volunteering to control the other element, and then argue about who would win in a battle.

Be careful — while definitely a good conversation starter, it might lead to a discussion that could blow your mind. Shape shift or mind read?

Would they prefer to control the physical or mental realm? What would they do with said powers? There are some seriously bad ones out there.

Who would be the worst person to be stuck in an elevator with? You can expand on this question and make it anyone alive or dead.

For the sake of discussion, dead people would be brought to life before entering the elevator. If you could break any world record which one would it be? The possibilities are endless.

conversation starters for crushes dating

Would you accrue the largest garden gnome collection? Or, perhaps blowing the largest bubble gum bubble is your life goal. Anything is possible if you truly believe. If you were offered the position of mayor of your city, would you take it? What could possibly go wrong? Do you think Captain Planet would make a good drinking buddy? Is he your hero or a zero? If you could date any celebrity, who would you choose?

Out those celebrity crushes. If you could get drunk with any historical figure, who would it be? And would you do it on their turf or bring them forward in time to your favorite dive bar? What do you do first? Do you hit the food court for the ultimate fast food feast? Go for a cruise in the raffle car? Take a swim in the fountain? Space exploration or ocean exploration? Extraterrestrials or regular terrestrials?

The ocean is vastly unexploredbut so is space. Which one is their final frontier of choice?

20 Conversation Starters To Make Your Crush Fall for You!

If your parents let you name yourself when you were five years old, what would your name be? This question will have you both in stitches, and it also lets you know what kind of kid they were. What was your biggest fashion faux pas to date? Which outfit was simply unforgivable?

Be genuine and confident, and try to connect with her just like you would with one of your guy friends. Use these questions to ask a girl to connect with her, and also to learn. Forming a bond with the fairer sex can be more challenging at times, but the results are worth the effort. Here are 20 of the best conversation starters with a girl: What do you do on a rainy day? Some people like to curl up with a good book or a movie.

Others have indoor hobbies. Learn about how she spends her time when the weather is dreary. What is her hot beverage of choice? Either way, be sure to take her out for one. How important is fashion to you? Some people love picking out new outfits, while others find getting dressed in the morning to be a hassle. If you could have a full scholarship to any university, what would you choose to study?

This a good conversation starter to help you understand what her true passions are. Where is your favorite place to escape to? Where is her happy place? If possible, bring her there. If not, use her answer as inspiration for your next date. Of course there are obvious limits, but where does she draw the line personally?

Would she date someone younger or older? How important is family to you? What activity calms you down the most? What does she do when she really wants to unwind? Which parent are you closer to?

Understanding her home and family life is a great way to get to know her better. Sometimes the classics are classics for a reason. Does she prefer a paperback over an e-reader? Or maybe she loves vinyl records instead of MP3s? This conversation immediately conjures warm feelings and gives her the chance to talk about a special time in her life.

Have you ever been on a blind date? This question can lead to some hilariously traumatic stories. Learn from them, and never make the same mistakes.

Do you plan an exit strategy on first dates? This is the safest opening line ever. If neither your crush nor you has pets, you can at least talk about getting pets. Or hate on the obsession over pets, whichever is your style. What do you do when no one is looking? It will also lighten the mood for both of you and you can each reveal your mischievous side — a step that will get your closer into the friend circle of your crush.

Which is your favorite pizza topping? We take this food for granted so much like oh my god it is the best conversation starter ever! And we all have our own choices of toppings.

Your crush obviously does too and you might even see if you both match there! The best thing about these questions are, your crush gets nostalgic remembering their childhood days and they will really like you for being the reason for that. Where did you grow up? If you ask or text your crush about their birth place, it is definitely going to get them nostalgic.

What are your childhood dreams that you never think of anymore? This is not a question many people ask your crush, in person or over text. You will stand to be that one special person who opened a conversation with this special question that made them think and remember the past in such detail. Your crush will likely fall for you for being so different in your thoughts. What is the naughtiest thing you ever did as a kid? This is another trip down memory lane.

Asking this through text or while sitting across from each other will likely result in wide grins, and later, chuckles and laughs. Both you and your crush should have endless stories to tell each other and I see this as the first step to them falling for you. Who chose your name? Do you know why they chose it? Another, not very widely asked question. Being different is a strong contention towards being the one they fall for. Conversation starter that peeks into the personality of your crush A post shared by Noelle Brillembourg bilingualandlovingit on Sep 29, at 6: One, you ARE curious to know everything about your crush.

If your crush is super hot, chances are they might be getting approached by people for conversations all the time. But they will remember you to be different from all others if you ask them questions no one else does. Which is the one principle of your life you would never give up? This is obviously a very deep question to ask your crush. But it is also the most effective to show her you want to know and understand them beyond the superficial layer of being.

If I wrote a book about you, what would you like it named? Do you believe in the idea of soulmates? This topic especially works if your crush is a girl.

Girls love to muse on the idea of soulmates. Asking her this question immediately makes you look like the sweet, sensitive type. No harm in trying this out on your boy crush either! Could you help me with it sometime? One great conversation starter is to ask for their help. Your crush feels powerful and confident and useful to someone. It is also a great way to stay in touch with them and to hang out occasionally.

Nerdy conversation starter that works! A post shared by karasuda57 karasuda57 on Aug 24, at 7: They are like these super intelligent scientist-types who are also so unsure about themselves that is very Sheldon Cooper. Not the gawky and uncouth part, but the part that knows about stuff. Star Wars or Star Trek? This is an age-old favorite question of the geeks. Alternatively, you could also CHOOSE to deliberately pick the opponent team so you have a longer conversation ahead on text or in person.

Game of Thrones the Book or the Series? This is the most popular debate in the nerdy world right now and you might want to join in with your crush. Text them this question and see their reply fly right back at you. And no Game of Thrones discussion has ever been done in less than hours, so you win there even if you don't win at the debate.