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Abhorrent Admirer: Yuuji finds Millie kind of obnoxious when she tries to cling to him .. can't exactly go around wearing a suit like an adult while on a date with a student. sense of humor is just sort of shrugged off thanks to her relation to Yuuji. .. system and recover Kazami Yuuji for his potential in making super soldiers. The Fruit of Grisaia is a Japanese adult visual novel, the first in a series of visual novels by Yūji Kazami transfers to Mihama Academy, a school with only five female students and prison-like features. . his guardian she has indulged in sexual relationships with Yūji in the excuse of teaching him how to handle women. Yuuji Kazami (風見 雄二, Kazami Yūji) is a second-year student at Mihama Asako, who he claims to have had a close relationship with and claims that she is .

Also, during Amane and Makina's bad ending, it is shown that if the "safety pin" is being "fiddling around" too much, it may "come loose and fall off" as a result. Though he is unwilling to kill, Yuuji is hardly a pacifist and is shown numerous times throughout the visual novel engaging in hand-to-hand duels with various enemies, as well as utilizing firearms to take down foes non-lethally. Yuuji is very close to his older sister, Kazuki, as he did not have a close relationship with his parents.

Kazuki was a prominent figure in Yuuji's childhood. While Yuuji get jealous of his prodigious sister, he's also very respectful of her.

He even go as far as to describe her as his "god", and that her word is absolute, even to his parents. When Kazuki went missing, his life completely falls apart. Yuuji tends to be the voice of reason among the Mihama Academy residents, though at times he will step off to the side and let things unfold rather than getting directly involved.

It is claimed numerous times throughout the common route that Yuuji exhibits tsundere tendencies, and this is true. Background Edit When Yuuji was young, he was often shunned by his father because he was an ordinary kid with no specific talent while his sister was a prodigy.

After his sister died in a bus accident, his father fell into depression and became an alcoholic. He started to abuse his son and wife. Unable to cope with her husband abuse, his mother decided to move out with Yuuji. However, after a few months, Yuuji's father finds his way to their house and tries to rape Yuuji's mother.

Yuuji, after being smacked in the face by his father, takes an empty bottle of wine and smashes it on his father's head. Yuuji's mother tells Yuuji to run to the train station and wait for her there. Because of this, their personalities are noted to clash a lot.

Chizuru herself tries to give her love advice and Amane looks on her with pity. She reacts exactly this way when Yuuji drags her into a haunted house attraction. In both the good and bad endings, to Yuuji. Yumiko addresses Yuuji this way at first, so he responds by using her first name and forcing her to come to a compromise with both using last names.

She is rich,shaltered, prideful, and most certainly cold and aloof. She melts fairily well througout the story, even outside of her route. She carries a box-cutter with her and has a habit of wiping it out whenever anyone so much as annoys her. She even tries unsuccessfully to slash Yuuji throughout the course of the prologue. When she stabs her classmate with a box cutter in her backstory. To her shame, she can't cook at all.

It leaves her feeling useless and like Yuuji is the one doing all the work and getting nothing out of it. She's never had a real friend before and her parents view her as either a tool or just something that's around sometimes.

Only one person in her life has really cared about her before and when she died, her family didn't even let Yumiko attend the funeral. She tries to deemphasize it, but Yumiko is quite the sheltered rich girl. The others also all come from decently wealthy families, but none are nearly as sheltered as her barring maybe Michiru.

As Makina puts it, deep down she wants to be the girl on the fringe of the group offering sarcastic quips about the rest of the group. Of course, she's probably the one with the most normal attitude once you get past the prickly rejection.

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Yumiko is estranged from her father because he never really even acknowledged her existence as a child. Building on that, her mother was completely indifferent to her, her grandparents treat her with irritation and it just continued on for years. Seeing Yumiko and Sachi looking awkward, Makina instantly yells out that they must have used a study session as an excuse to watch porn together. Yumiko just says "Yeah, more or less" and Makina just thinks that she's grown more resistant to teasing.

The pair were, in fact, simply watching porn. According to Makina, Yumiko is your standard by the book Kuudere. Once she stops with the knife attacks, perhaps she has a point there.

The full dere mode is something to behold, but she tends to defrost to a decent level by the point any route begins. Later in that route, she completely broke down crying and frantically tried to wake Michiru up after Yuuji began moving her to her "grave", something nobody else did. Yumiko backstory is a long parade of Hope Spots and everyone around her being a complete asshole apart from one old woman.

Overall, her backstory is less horrible than the likes of Makina or Amane, but it was consistent throughout her entire development. Despite being more of a KuudereYumiko is also a natural at being this, which makes a dismayed Michiru tell Yumiko to stop stealing her gimmick.

Why Couldn't You Be Different? Her entire family at one point expressed that they wished she was a boy. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: While it may seem like Yumiko has black hair, her hair is actually a darker shade of purple. Suou Amane to see her younger self. Hiroko Taguchi Credited as: Sora Yukimi A third-year student in Mihama Academy, Amane is the big sister type who always takes care of others. For her own personal reasons and circumstances, she was forced to repeat one school year at her previous school, so in reality she is actually 2 years older than Yuuji.

She is tall and has a well-developed body, a fact that causes Yuuji some degree of discomfort due to his past experiences in dealing with large women. Her family manages a long-established restaurant in Ginza, so she has been well-trained at cooking from an early age. Because her mother comes from Kyoto, when getting excited or panic, she sometimes talks in Kansai dialect. She has a deep interest in automobiles, and owns a two-wheeled vehicle license along with "Bobatarou", a heavily modified dirt bike currently sitting in the garage of the academy.

Her representative fruit is cherry. All of the Other Reindeer: She was constantly tormented after she was revealed to be the only one who survived. Has a habit of apologizing frequently since her childhood days because she's been taught by her mother to do so if she did something wrong. Which she takes to its logical extreme when she feels it's all her fault for not being able to save everyone in the ravine, including Kazuki, and all she could do is apologize. Yuuji takes measures to ensure she stops this habit since their was nothing she could really do about it.

Yuuji Kazami

Tries to become Yuuji's big sister if he doesn't want to be her boyfriend. She believes it's her responsibility to Yuuji for not being able to save Kazuki. Amane is rather well endowed, which mostly played for laughsbut protagonist Yuuji is by self-addmission, likes breasts bigger, and since Amane is aware of that kind of tendency in man, she is not afraid to take advatage of it.

In fact Amane deliberately dresses in skimpy outfits, not only to show off her "assets" more, but because she noticed, that the elderly male shopkeepers tend to shower her with freebies. Cannot Tell a Joke: Humor isn't exactly Amane's specialty. Her attempts at jokes usually come off as way too believable to even be funny and are usually met with awkward stares from everyone around her.

Amane likes to be seen as the big sister figure. Owns a modified American chopper-style motorcycle named "Bobataro". Her entire basketball team were stranded in a ravine for weeks after their bus crashed there, where the situation gradually went to hell. Her classmates died one after another, until starvation drove the rest to resort to cannibalism, and when trying to escape from her crazed classmates she was forced to leave behind her best friend, making her the sole survivor of the accident.

Even after being rescued, thanks to malicious media coverage, everyone suspected her only surviving by resorting to cannibalism and leaving everyone else to die, earning her the nickname: A disinterested Yuuji had entered the room behind her and upon seeing her simply went to the fridge to get a drink while wondering if he should let her know he was actually there. In the Leisure of Grisaia short story, Amane doesn't get involved with Michiru's activities at all and her only onscreen appearance was when she was counseling Michiru at a restaurant, followed by an end gag of her entering Yumiko's room while the latter was about to buy a set of fetish cuffs off the internet.

Kind of ironic actually considering her role as the Deuteragonist in the main series. Trouble is, Yuuji is pretty convincing and often raises arguments she agrees with. Out of all the heroines, she is the one with most screentime and the only one who plays an important role in most of the other routes. Her story is the longest of the visual novel, and the only one with an incorporated side story.

Her ending has the most developed ending and epilogue, as it is the one who goes the furthest in the future, to the point that it actually shows the main characters dyingmaking it a complete story with no scope of continuation. There's nothing she wouldn't do to protect Yuuji. In her bad end, that includes attacking a crazed gunman even after she's taken a shotgun blow to the stomach, and refusing to let go of the man even after she's been killed.

Amane is not to be trusted with a vehicle. Let's be honest, her breasts are colossal. Acording to the majority of the fans, her ending is this.

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Go Out with a Smile: In her good end, an elderly Amane dies happily after making peace with what happened on the camping trip so many years ago. Grow Old with Me: The conclusion of her good end, with Yuuji.

Features an aging Amane's thoughts following their graduation, parenthood, retirement, and peaceful passing. Yuuji convinces her to, well, act like she normally does in the shopping district in order to get Makina a part time job at the bakery. Cockroach I Resemble That Remark! Amane normally speaks standard Japanese, but sometimes relaxes a little and speaks with an accent. Despite the region's reputationshe couldn't tell a good joke to save her life.

Goes downhill from there. Especially her reputation, which never really recovers. Love at First Sight: Amane claims to have fallen for Yuuji at first sight because she thinks he looks hopeless. Mild attraction at first sight at best that eventually developed into something more genuine. Amane means "The Sound of the Heaven", which is actually significant in her good ending because she goes to heaven with Yuuji. Amane had originally worn glasses when she was in middle school which you can see in her backstory.

While it's never revealed why she stopped wearing them afterwards, it's likely that she did so out of old shame as a result of the horrifying events in the ravine. She's the character most often seen in the nude, and also the one who minds being seen nude the least - she even dresses in such a way as to accentuate her being the "sexy chick". Amane feels it's her fault for not being able to save Kazuki in the ravine and thinks she deserves punishment for it.

When she meets Yuuji at Mihama Academy, she sees him as a chance to finally atone for her "sins" and becomes his replacement big sister. Later, after Yuuji learns about her backstory, he gives Amane her official "punishment": Amane is the friendly, social and responsible member of the group.

She likes to think of herself as the big sister of the group, but in truth acts something like the Team Mom. Yuuji actually finds her a little TOO convenient in that respect. During Makina's route, Amane worried over the prospect of Makina doing a part-time job by herself so much that Yuuji had to talk her out of it.

When Amane finally gets Yuuji to accept her, she seems calm and in control at first, but then she falls down as all the strength leaves her body.

It's also genuinely long enough that she sits on it sometimes and manages to hurt herself once as a result. Amane wants to be Yuuji's big sister since she feels responsible for him not having one anymore.

Amane goes around dressed skimpily since she appreciates the reactions. Officially, anyway, since Kazuki did survive. Amane is nearly as tall as Yuuji and held to be quite attractive even if he won't admit it.

Amane can tell Yuuji fakes his smile because she simply happens to be much better than he is at faking them. This trope combined with Sole Survivor above is the core of her trauma both due to the loss of her friends in a terrible accident in which she survived, and the victimization she suffered from the angry and sorrowful relatives of the dead and the cruel gossipers who believe that her survival was due to her heartlessly engaging in No Party Like a Donner Party to survive.

Amane flirts with Yuuji a lot, though she seems to be pretty serious. Unfortunately for her, she can dish it out but can't take it while Yuuji is immune to teasing. Goes hand in hand with being the Team Momas she is the one who tends to cook meals for the dorm. Becomes one of her official duties in the sequal. Often plays this for Makina.

Gets elevated to Dorm Mother as her official role and job at Mihama in the sequel. In her good ending, after she dies, there's a CG of her coming up to Heaven to meet Yuuji once again after he'd passed away several years earlier.

Kazuki Kazami

She loves cars, especially her mini-truck and motorcycle. She has magenta hair. Matsushima Michiru Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi Credited as: Urara Hani A second-year in Mihama academy, Michiru is a wannabe tsundere with bleached blonde twin-tails. She has a deep interest in tsundere-ness and tries to act like a tsundere herself, though she often falls short in hilarious fashion.

With her silly and energetic personality she acts as the mood-maker of the class, though she's academically somewhat weak and - even ignoring her ditzy personality - isn't the brightest spark. She always carries a shark-shaped pouch which contains lemonade-flavored "ramune" candy. She's been on the bad side of Lady Luck since birth, it seems, but she always manages to get through it in one way or another.

Her representative fruit is the lemon. Michiru is pretty touchy about her chest size. Her only consolation is comparing herself to Makina. Notable is that she isn't that small; it's just that she's small in comparison to Yumiko and especially Amane. All Take and No Give: Yuuji suspects that Michiru is acting as selfish as possible towards Sachi precisely to see how much she can get away with. Apparently quite a lot.

Howevershe does have a way of stepping in with really bad lies to help Sachi feel better when she messes up. Attending Your Own Funeral: So then she has a choice to make: Stay dead, or come out of the box?

Michiru unwisely commands Sachi to help her overcome her weaknesses and not to spoil her. Yuuji at least believes Michiru must be cursed or something. Michiru became popular enough to star in her own spin-off Magical Girl series called Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiru Chiru Michiru, and also became the main focus of the Leisure of Grisaia short story.

To make a point about how she should be living in a brutally direct way, Yuuji buries Michiru alive when she requests to die. Michiru is frequently the butt of jokes, though she gets genuinely upset about it once or twice.

Michiru acts like a spaz because even amusing others with her own failure lets her feel a little less useless. Not great, but not bad. Unfortunately, Yuuji considers herself a mini JB and therefore useless as a cook because even if her food is edible, she makes the kitchen into a disaster in the process and refuses to clean up after herself.

The Cuckoolander Was Right: Michiru is slightly uneasy regarding Yuuji since his background is so mysterious. As should be clear from this point despite it never being stated, Yuuji is exactly that sort of person.

She was never a bright student, so when she underpreformed with her private tutors, her father always blamed and humiliated them. Out of petty revenge her tutros took out their fustration on her, abusing her both mentally and phisically, forcing her to admit being comletelly useless, which left her with severe depression and criplingly low self-esteem.

Which then lead her parents growing distant with her. When she went to a normal school and finally managed to make a friend, her friend commited suicide. She had a bad hearth, which had to be replaced, however when the hearth donor girl's conscience awakened inside her even being capable of taking controll of her body, she tried to commit suicide, which caused her to be locked in a psychiatry.

From where she only got out by faking a different personality. She crosses this when her cat Meowmell dies, worsening her depression to the point that she attempts suicide, and only at the climax of her route does she finally gets better. Does Not Like Spam: Michiru has attempted suicide twice over the course of her life due to severe anxiety and the feeling of being useless and not needed to everyone, even her own parents.

Once, she tried to jump off the roof of her previous school but much to her dismay, she couldn't gain the courage to do it, making friends with a girl who was about to jump off in the process.

For a moment, that friendship was a small Hope Spot for Michiru until the girl said she couldn't go on living anymore in front of her, and commits suicide anyway, leaving her an emotional wreck. And again, after her Head Pet Meowmel was killed in an accident in her route, she tried to overdose herself with her own medicine, prompting Yuuji to save her via pressing her stomache to spit out the contents and getting Chizuru for aid.

And if you pursue her bad ending, Michiru does a third attempt at the hospital by downing large amounts of medicine with alcohol which leaves her with brain damage from hypoxia. To Too Dumb to Live levels at times. On her bad ending she suffers permanent brain damage leaving her with no sense of self, that emptiness is reflected in her eyes.

Michiru becames this on her bad ending, where her attempted suicide leaves her with permanent brain damage. Fate Worse than Death: On her bad ending her attempted suicide causes her to suffer permanent brain damage, leaving her with no sense of self, and Yuuji to live out the rest his life with her and the knowladge that he could not help her, twisting the knife further, Michiru shows signs that she is still vaugely aware that she loves Yuuji.

Michiru seems to be a victim of this. The other girls are noted at several points to be quite attractive while Michiru is trying to make herself stand out more by dyeing her hair and acting tsundere. Michiru's alternate personality is theorized by her doctor to be an extreme version of this.

Michiru attempts to cultivate a tsundere image and first bleaches her hair and then puts it in twintails to complete it. Michiru names the stray cat she sort of adopted Kittymeow Nekonya though she at least realizes this is a terrible name. Then she starts calling it Meowmmel as a portmanteau of Kittymeow and Rommel.

The black cat Michiru finds in the common route named Kittymeow Nekonyaand later, renames him Meowmel in her route after she gets fed up of Yuuji calling him Rommel. Unfortunately, he doesn't stick around for too long in her route as he gets ran over by a car offscreen and later dies in Michiru's hands.

Surprisingly, Michiru acts in many ways as the emotional center of the group. She helps keep everyone in balance.