Unichip hilux 2 5 d4d dating

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unichip hilux 2 5 d4d dating

D Y N A M O M E T E R R E P O R T. Registration No.: Vehicle Type: Comments : Date Tested: HEO Toyota Hilux D4D. /08/ Date of registration: Dec 29th My buddy only has a 2x4 dyno so the maps were built on a Hilux 2. Consumption Map 3. Towing Map 4. Venom Performance Map 5. . There are various products out there that are fully customizable i opted for the unichip because it offerd me more for the D4D, I also . Diesel tuning australia, whats the best diesel tuning for Hilux? Unichip! Map Select: This option enables the 5 map capability of the Unichip Q4.

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Will my throttle response improve? Yes it definitely will! You will notice faster pick up when you step on the gas pedal. For cars equipped with electronic throttles, we recommend getting the Unichip Q4.

What happens to my fuel economy?

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Majority of the tuning we do for daily driven vehicles is to subtract fuel from the engine, which leads to less consumption. Also by making more power available at a lower rpm, you don't have to step on the gas pedal as much to get the power you need, also resulting in better mileage.

unichip hilux 2 5 d4d dating

The tuning the results in the best power will also result in the best economy. The Unichip needs only wires on a typical install to interface with the vehicle, these are: Can Unichip be used for gas or diesel engines? Can you control boost with the Unichip?

unichip hilux 2 5 d4d dating

Most turbocharged cars have an electronic boost solenoid valve which the Unichip can control to achieve more boost. For after market forced induction setups, we recommend getting the Unichip 2. Does Unichip have plug n play units?

unichip hilux 2 5 d4d dating

Yes they do for selected vehicle makes from Honda, Toyota, Mazda. I'm in the province and I really want a Unichip, how can I get one? If you know how to read and understand a wiring diagram, like the one below and have some skill in soldering, you can very well install it yourself or have a competent electrician do it for you.

unichip hilux 2 5 d4d dating

As for the map, we have a huge database of cars in which we can send you a pre-tuned map based on the mods you already have on your car. What do I have to do to revert my vehicle back to stock? Each Unichip install gets a Bypass plug where in you simply unplug the Unichip and plug the Bypass. For a complete removal of the harness, you can come back to the shop to have it removed. How long does an installation take? Typical install can be done in half a day, which includes the wiring in of the Unichip and tuning on the dyno.

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Moreover, the Unichip ECU allows appointed dealers such as RGMotorsport to fine-tune not only fuel and ignition requirements, but a whole host of other performance related functions. This enables owners of modified vehicles to extract the ultimate potential from popular engine upgrades.

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Where do these performance improvements come from? Production tolerances mean that no two vehicles are exactly the same - depending on where and how the vehicles are used they may experience different climatic conditions, fuel quality, service intervals, and driving styles, and much more.

How does the Unichip increase power and torque? The Unichip gives access and ability to adjust and optimise both the ignition and fuelling on a car, so that they can precisely control engine performance. You simply follow the supplied instructions and a few minutes later you can be enjoying the additional performance and efficiency of the Unichip.

How much extra power can I expect from the Unichip?

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However, the exact power gain depends on the specification and condition of the engine, plus the calibration levels of the OEM engine management system. No two engines or rolling roads are identical, so the results achieved on each Unichip must be regarded as individual. Yes — in most driving conditions, the Unichip will improve fuel economy. With the Unichip, it is a simple procedure to correctly optimize the ratios over 12 throttle positions to maximize fuel economy for cruising and part-throttle running.

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