Sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino

sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino

Her Excellency Corazon C. Aquino President of the Philippines To the Congress. [Delivered at the Batasang Pambansa, Quezon City, on July. State of the Nation Address of President Benigno S. Aquino III. na mahistrado ng Korte Suprema; mga dating Pangulong Fidel Valdez Ramos at . Hindi po biro ang dinatnang mga problema ni Brother Armin sa DepEd. Hindi naman sila agad maaalis sa puwesto dahil kabilang sila sa mga Midnight Appointees ni dating Pangulong Arroyo. Iniimbestigahan na.

Visitors from the new Germany asked me what things strengthen democracy. Economic progress, naturally, I said. But the attainment of that depends on external factors more than on the will of a developing country.

That is through the empowerment of the people. This is obvious to a government like ours that came to power by its means, as well as to a people like the Germans who attained complete freedom in the same way. But empowering the people means more than just giving them elections every three years. It means enlarging their contact with government beyond elections to its daily workings—so that the vast resources of one support the initiatives of the other, and the policies of government are refined by the insights of the people.

Kailangan pagyamanin ang kanilang pagkakadiit sa pamahalaan—sa araw-araw na gawain ng pamahalaan—upang ang malawak na kayamanan ng isa ay makatulong sa mga pagkukusa ng kabila at ang mga patakaran ng pamahalaan ay paglinangin ng mga mamamayan.

The constant revision of flawed policies and the wider application of good ones are possible only by bringing together the people and the government.

Elections were a safety valve. We want elections to be just one of other more effective means to bring the people into government and government to the people, to make it truly a participatory democracy. This is the only way to end the character of total war that elections have assumed, where the aim is the division of spoils and the victims are not just the losers but those who voted for them too.

Such elections are like Russian roulette where your chances are five to one your life will not improve, and one to five you will blow out your brains.

Participatory democracy will end the practice of punishing provinces and municipalities for the wrong vote in the last poll.

sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino

It will separate elections, where the people vote for their favorites, from the provision of public service which every Filipino has a right to expect from the government, regardless how he voted. To the disappointment of those who marched with me against the Marcos regime, my administration has plowed resources into regions and provinces where I was cheated in the snap elections. The politics of revenge had had its day. Policies have radically changed with each administration, yet the basic needs of its unchanging constituencies have not been met: The active participation of the people in government will lend proper direction and continuity to policy.

This is what I wish for most. That after me, the continuity of our work is not broken. So that things well done shall be completed, and the same mistakes avoided by succeeding administrations. In this way, nothing done shall go to waste, and the light of a misplaced candle shall still be valued for the light it sheds on the things to avoid.

sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino

I am not asking that all my programs be blindly followed by my successor. God knows, we have made mistakes. And the new way is much better than those before. To give the people greater power over their lives is the essence of democracy that we must strive to bring out completely.

These ideas, articulated in the Kabisig movement, may not have been well received by this body. It was wrongly projected. I ask you to consider that we have tried the politics of spoils and patronage for half a century, with no better result than the stagnation of the country in a region where everyone else is racing ahead.

The formula for success is said to be dictatorial government. But we tried that already, with worse results than the most irresponsible democracy can produce. Besides, the spirit of our race will not accept a dictatorship; and memories, fresh as the scars it left, will not let us consider that option again.

Democracy is the only way for us. We must therefore find the ways by which the pitfalls that go with its blessings are reduced, while its inherent strengths are brought to the fore.

Of those strengths, the most promising is people power, a reserve for nation-building we tapped only once in our history with such marvelous result. A detailed report of the performance of government is before you; the legislative agenda—principally the Local Government Code, the Civil Service Code, revenue enhancement measures, and electoral reforms—has been communicated to the Senate President and to the Speaker of the House. This is the last time I shall address you on such an occasion as this.

State of the Nation Address 1987: Corazon Aquino

Let us clear the air between us. I could have opted for outright hostility towards the international banking system and invited its retaliation. But the only result would have been to weaken the present democracy against the conspiracies of the former government which contracted the miserable debt in the first place. I would have taken the chance, if I were the only one at risk, but I had a country to take care of.

Surveys showed that an elected convention was the popular choice to draft a new constitution. But I believed it was more important to draft a constitution and submit it for ratification in the shortest time possible, and hold elections immediately.

The people and the army needed a full elected government and a constitution around which to rally in defense of freedom. I could not afford the luxury of the popular by waiting out the endless deliberations of an elected convention, like the Constitutional Convention. And besides, what was so great about that experience?

State of the Nation Address 1991: Corazon Aquino

I could have made things easier for myself if I had allowed the executive to influence the decisions of constitutional commissions. I might have spared myself deep embarrassments by interfering with the judgments of the courts.

Improving Tax Collection I cannot overemphasize the importance of improving our tax performance. We have one of the lowest tax-to-GNP ratios of any country in the world. No longer can we tolerate tax evasion as a national pastime, especially of the rich, when indeed our economic future is at stake.

The place for tax evaders is not high society but behind bars. We are currently engaged in negotiations with commercial creditors for a package that will support our external financing program. By firm adherence to its strong record of economic adjustment and performance, the Philippines is particularly well placed to be favored by these initiatives. In the riot-torn streets of Caracas, in the teeming barrios of Mexico, in our own barangays—no less than in Washington, Tokyo, and Paris—there is growing recognition that something real must be done about the Third World debt.

Let us not forget that we have come from a year struggle between our people and a dictator, and that we are here engaged in the reconstruction of an economy and a polity as though from the ruins of war. Except the destruction has been more sweeping. Rural Development Our principal focus must be on rural development-the liberation of the economic, social, and political energies of the countryside.

We need to enhance education and health to make the best use of our best assets—our people.

sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino

A people-powered revolution must aim for a people-empowered democracy and economy. Rural development will best realize this aim. Unless we draw our rural areas into the dynamics of the national economy, turning hinterlands of decay into frontiers of progress, our growth and equity goals will not be attained, neither in the short nor the long term. Law and Good Government The great task that we have set ourselves will require two great instruments of social transformation: The increasing isolation of the rebels has allowed military operations to succeed as never before.

But such operations must take greater care to avoid collateral damage to the civilian population. The protection of human rights even under conditions of conflict must be a key consideration in military operations and missions. Our other great task is to deliver good government. This, I believe, consists of maintaining closeness to the people, honesty and efficiency in their service, and making a difference for the better in their lives.

Dedication and Discipline I shall emphasize even further the standard of my example by exacting the same dedication and discipline—from my Cabinet, the bureaucracy, and the local governments. I expect to see the departments pull together in more coherent and focused efforts to advance policies and programs across the board, and to translate this address into action.

The process should involve the participation of mayors and governors, and consultation with members of Congress. Our people will simply regard both as our failure.

Thus, as we devolve greater authority and resources to local governments, we shall exact from them greater responsibility to their communities and more support of the national objectives. I call also on the support of constitutional bodies, such as the Civil Service Commission, the Commission on Audit and the Ombudsman. The purpose of checks in government is not to induce paralysis but to achieve balance and foster progress.

As we emerge from a singular preoccupation with economic recovery, we must remind ourselves of initiatives that will have a major impact now and profound implications tomorrow. Three particular priorities are: The Department of Science and Technology needs to bring academe, government and business together in promoting science and technology.

sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino

I propose the following: First, measures to alleviate poverty: Tax and other incentives to small and medium countryside business enterprises; 2. Authorizing the bidding out to the private sector of BOT projects, or projects to build, operate, and transfer self-liquidating infrastructure projects; and 3. Second, measures to improve peace and order: Immediate creation of a civilian national police force; 2.

Limiting discretion in the disposition of seized importations; 3. Penalizing the crime of plunder to deter the accumulation of ill-gotten wealth by public officials; and 4. Further protecting human rights. Third, measures promoting honesty and efficiency in the government: Devolution of more substantial powers to local governments; 2. Reorganizing and strengthening the Philippine foreign service.

May grocery incentive pa sila na otsenta mil kada taon. May Christmas bonus na, may Additional Christmas Package pa. Lahat ng ito ay ibinibigay nila sa kanilang mga sarili habang hindi pa nababayaran ang mga pensyon ng kanilang mga retirees. Pati po ang La Mesa Watershed ay hindi nila pinatawad. Para magkaroon ng tamang supply ng tubig, kailangang alagaan ang mga watershed. Sa watershed, puno ang kailangan. Pati po iyon na dapat puno ang nakatayo, tinayuan nila ng bahay para sa matataas na opisyal ng MWSS.

Hindi naman sila agad maaalis sa puwesto dahil kabilang sila sa mga Midnight Appointees ni dating Pangulong Arroyo. Iniimbestigahan na natin ang lahat nang ito. Kung mayroon pa silang kahit kaunting hiya na natitira — sana kusa na lang silang magbitiw sa puwesto. Pag-usapan naman po natin ang pondo para sa imprastruktura. Mangangailangan po ito ng budget na million pesos. Kinalimutan po ang dalawandaan at labing walong proyekto at pinalitan ng pitumpung proyekto na wala naman sa plano.

Ang hininging million pesos, naging million pesos pa, lumaki lalo dahil sa mga proyektong sa piling-piling mga benepisyaryo lang napunta. Mga proyekto po itong walang saysay, hindi pinag-aralan at hindi pinaghandaan, kaya parang kabuteng sumusulpot. Tapos na po ang panahon para dito. Sa administrasyon po natin, walang kota-kota, walang tongpats, ang pera ng taumbayan ay gagastusin para sa taumbayan lamang. Meron pa po tayong natuklasan. Limang araw bago matapos ang termino ng nakaraang administrasyon, nagpautos silang maglabas ng 3.

Labingsiyam sa mga ito na nagkakahalaga ng million pesos ang muntik nang makalusot. Hindi pa nailalabas ang Special Allotment Release Order ay pirmado na ang mga kontrata. Ngayon po ay dadaan na ang kabuuan ng 3. Napilitan ang pambansang gobyerno na sagutin ang dalawandaang bilyong pisong utang nito. Ang inakala ng taumbayan na natipid nila sa kuryente ay binabayaran din natin mula sa kaban ng bayan. May gastos na tayo sa kuryente, binabayaran pa natin ang dagdag na pagkakautang ng gobyerno.

Pero ang desisyon ay ibinatay sa maling pulitika, at hindi sa pangangailangan ng taumbayan. Ang taumbayan, matapos pinagsakripisyo ay lalo pang pinahirapan. Ganito rin po ang nangyari sa MRT.

Sinubukan na namang bilhin ang ating pagmamahal. Pinilit ang operator na panatilihing mababa ang pamasahe. Hindi tuloy nagampanan ang garantiyang ibinigay sa operator na mababawi nila ang kanilang puhunan.

Ang pera ng taumbayan, ipinagpalit sa isang naluluging operasyon. Dumako naman po tayo sa pondo ng NFA. Ang binili nila,metric tons.

Kahit ulitin mo pa ng mahigit pitong beses ang pagkukulang, sobra pa rin ang binili nila. Ang binili nila, 1. Kahit ulitin mo pa ng mahigit tatlong beses ang pagkukulang, sobra na naman ang binili nila. Ang masakit nito, dahil sobra-sobra ang binibili nila taun-taon, nabubulok lang pala sa mga kamalig ang bigas, kagaya ng nangyari noong Hindi po ba krimen ito, na hinahayaan nilang mabulok ang bigas, sa kabila ng apat na milyong Pilipinong hindi kumakain ng tatlong beses sa isang araw?

Ang resulta nito, umabot na sa Ang tinapon na ito, halos puwede na sanang pondohan ang mga sumusunod: Ang budget ng buong Hudikatura, na Ang Conditional Cash Transfers para sa susunod na taon, na nagkakahalaga ng Ang lahat ng classroom na kailangan ng ating bansa, na nagkakahalaga ng billion pesos. Kasuklam-suklam ang kalakarang ito.

Pera na, naging bato pa. Narinig po ninyo kung paano nilustay ang kaban ng bayan. Ang malinaw po sa ngayon: Kaya nga po mula ngayon: Tatanggalin natin ang mga proyektong mali.

Ito po ang punto ng tinatawag nating zero-based approach sa ating budget. Ang naging kalakaran po, taun-taon ay inuulit lamang ang budget na puno ng tagas. Dadagdagan lang nang konti, puwede na. Sa susunod na buwan ay maghahain tayo ng budget na kumikilala nang tama sa mga problema, at magtutuon din ng pansin sa tamang solusyon. Ilan lang ito sa mga natuklasan nating problema.

Heto naman po ang ilang halimbawa ng mga hakbang na ginagawa natin. Nandiyan po ang kaso ng isang may-ari ng sanglaan. Kung kaya mong bumili ng Lamborghini, bakit hindi mo kayang magbayad ng buwis? Nasampahan na po ito ng kaso. Natukoy na rin po ang salarin sa mga kaso nina Francisco Baldomero, Jose Daguio at Miguel Belen, tatlo sa anim na insidente ng extralegal killings mula nang umupo tayo.

Singkuwenta porsyento po ng mga insidente ng extralegal killings ang patungo na sa kanilang resolusyon. Ang natitira pong kalahati ay hindi natin tatantanan ang pag-usig hanggang makamit ang katarungan.

Pananagutin natin ang mga mamamatay-tao. Pananagutin din natin ang mga corrupt sa gobyerno. Hahanapin natin ang katotohanan sa mga nangyari diumanong katiwalian noong nakaraang siyam na taon. Sa loob ng linggong ito, pipirmahan ko ang kauna-unahang Executive Order na nagtatalaga sa pagbuo nitong Truth Commission. Kung ang sagot sa kawalan ng katarungan ay pananagutan, ang sagot naman sa kakulangan natin sa pondo ay mga makabago at malikhaing paraan para tugunan ang mga pagkatagal-tagal nang problema.

Corazon Aquino - Wikipedia

Napakarami po ng ating pangangailangan: Hindi kakasya ang pondo para mapunan ang lahat ng ito. Kahit gaano po kalaki ang kakulangan para mapunan ang mga listahan ng ating pangangailangan, ganado pa rin ako dahil marami nang nagpakita ng panibagong interes at kumpyansa sa Pilipinas.

sona ni dating pangulong corazon aquino

Ito ang magiging solusyon: Kahit wala pa pong pirmahang nangyayari dito, masasabi kong maganda ang magiging bunga ng maraming usapin ukol dito.