Polyfidelity dating

Polyfidelity – The Threelationship Handbook

polyfidelity dating

It's becoming increasingly common for people to consider open relationships and even to seek them out on mainstream apps like OkCupid. Polyfidelity is a form of non-monogamy, an intimate relationship structure where all members are considered equal partners and agree to restrict sexual activity. Then you have arrived at the right place, this site is devoted to people such as yourselves. Curious about polyfidelity or polyamory? The PolyFi website is here to.

The term polyfidelity was coined in the "New Tribe" of the Kerista Commune.

polyfidelity dating

Adding new members would require consensus rather than violate the fundamental compact. The broader term polyamory was coined later, in the early s. The difference is that more than two people are included in the closed group. New members may generally be added to the group only by unanimous agreement of the existing members, or the group may not be interested in further expansion.

polyfidelity dating

While being a subtype of the more general polyamorypolyfidelity can resemble monogamy in its relationship power dynamics, attitudes towards autonomy and group consent, as most often polyfidelity develops from an established closed-monogamous couple seeking to add one or more individuals or another couple.

In this sense, polyfidelity expands upon standard practices and beliefs of monogamy while still being categorically polyamory. Benefits and challenges[ edit ] A commonly cited advantage of polyfidelity is the ability to fluid bond among more than two people while maintaining relative safety regarding STDsso long as any new members are sufficiently tested before fluid bonding with the group, and keep their commitments. This would have health advantages similar to monogamyalthough risks rise somewhat with each person added.


Some gain a sense of emotional safety from the relatively closed nature of the polyfaithful commitment. Polyfidelity inherently affords less flexibility than other forms of nonmonogamy. At the beginning, I fell for him hard, but I knew he had a girlfriend of six years.

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He mentioned being poly, but she seemed intimidating and territorial, so I shoved it down and waited. Eventually, I fell in love with her, too -- holy cow. That summer I went away for a few months to nanny for a friend, making some side money. I was their daytime "nanny" and their nightime "playmate," sometimes sharing a bed with her and her husband for emotional support, sometimes for playtimes.

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But it never developed emotionally, and the constant contact and children, UGH made me weary, so I came home early. Locked out of my house where I stayed with my uncle I crashed at the friend's place with him and his girlfriend. Cooked dinner for them, cleaned, kept up in general so I didnt feel like a douche for crashing.

polyfidelity dating

And one day it happened. The girlfriend initiated a threesome.

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So, all my wishes made true, the next week was a blast. Someone was always home, and me, being the "new shiny" had plenty of playtime. However, that week period ended in the dilema: I needed to know if I was a solid part of a three-way relationship, or just some whimsical fancy.