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dating skills review swinggcat real world

Jul 22, Swinggcat (Real World Seduction) Review. Meta-frame, Prize and Prizability – One guy flooded the whole seduction community with his most. Nov 9, Real World Seduction's Masculine Polarity reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Swinggcat's advice. Nov 22, Real World Seduction's Sexual Connections reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Swinggcat's advice.

Help us improve this profile of Swinggcat by sending us any information you believe to be missing, wrong or lacking detail or good quality images we don't have. Please state sources where possible to make our job easier to verify the correctness of the information. Why we dubbed this one product 'idiot-proof' and how it can transform a woman's reaction to you almost immediately. Feel anxious about approaching women?

Discover how to bypass that and set up a stream of dates with gorgeous women in as little as 20 minutes a week. Dating Skills Review has been featured or quoted in: Email has a typo. It has been demonstrated over the years to be highly effective at instigating women to become sexually aggressive with men, and has led many men into 'sexual adventures' that were previously outside of their definition of what was possible.

In more recent years the prizing and push and pull approaches have been found to be less effective in connection with longer term relationships, if over used, and thereby destroying what is known as 'comfort and trust' an essential ingredient of establishing the groundwork for relationships with women.

Nonetheless, when implemented appropriately these techniques are extremely effective. Implementation requires a certain ease with words when with women, because of the sophistication of the approach. Swinggcat describes the outline of his approach, and leaves it to you to use your creativity to implement it.

This is positive for the long term use of his concepts, however many students fail to work through the first difficult stage of implementing his teachings. This book represents one of the original foundations of knowledge in the pick up community. Because your own style has really influenced a lot of people since then. Did that come about just organically, or was there some kind of event or something that happened that triggered it? I think there are so many things that came about.

There were all these different styles. I just decided to fuck it all up and try something else. I would say during that time, by all means, I think all of these people, in different ways, all the people in The Lounge, everyone definitely influenced me in different ways. During that time I was falling out a lot. I mean, I think a lot of us went through this where literally, our whole life was pickup.

Whatever it is, I started studying the patterns of what women were doing to me, and I started experimenting with doing that sort of stuff on women, mixed with some of my big influences back in the day.

I beg to differ. That book was a huge, huge influence on me.

-DSP 81- 15 Years of "The Game", Prizing and Masculine Polarity with Swinggcat

Great, so naturally, it sounds like with this picking apart of your own emotions, you managed — your approach actually came from that, because you're known for a few different strategies, which kind of went against the grain back in the day, like prizing and push-and-pulling. Which you [inaudible That got me to look at some of the things that women do to make men try and win them over.

By looking at that, I slowly but surely started — it all started by me stumbling on to this concept of making a woman qualified or prove herself to you.

Swinggcat Reviews

How would you say that goes against the grain? If we look at the world as it is today and how people court, how is traditional courtship — how does the way you think about it differ from what everyone else is doing out there?

I think how it traditionally works is when a woman enters a bar or a nightclub or a party, typically men orbit around her and they show off their best attributes to the best of their ability. They try and win her over. One of the filters through which we share the world is through hierarchies. Typically we think of up is good, down is bad. When you die, you want to go up to heaven; if you're bad, you go down to hell.

Even if you're a car enthusiast — you make almost a mental list in your mind. We think of things in hierarchies, and typically when a woman walks into a bar, she quickly puts the guys into a hierarchy. Typically, the one at the top of the hierarchy in the number one spot is the guy she likes.

Throughout the night, as she interacts with these guys, that hierarchy might change a little bit, but at a certain point, it really starts to solidify. The guy at the top of the list, he has a pretty good shot at taking her home.

Like you say, the good things about you are getting ignored and the women will focus on the negatives. Yeah, I think what happens for a lot of guys is the more they go out to bars, they become aware of the rules of conventional courtship. They become painfully aware that they need certain qualities to compete against the other orbiter. I think this is kind of a big metaphor not only for life but for how some guys play a different game to get high-quality women.

Yeah, and unless you're a masochist and you're really set on getting into these clubs — which, for a long time, I was one of those people — you start to figure out how to get into these places without spending a dime.

And the same thing is true with high-caliber women. Is this masculine polarity?

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She noticed that middle class parents use what she calls the concerted cultivation strategy. What that is the middle class parents instill in their children a sense of proactive entitlement. That basically is instilling the belief that they can get what they want out of a social situation and giving them the strategies for doing it. They also get them involved in lots of extra-curricular activities like karate and Little League and soccer, and this gives them ample opportunity to practice questioning, challenging, negotiating with adults, so they can get what they want out of the social situation and really [inaudible Because middle class kids grow up to have this proactive sense of entitlement, they tend, on average, to be a little bit more successful.

I think this whole model of proactive entitlement spills over nicely into sexuality. I definitely think that boys who are sexualized at a young age learned a proactive sense of entitlement with women that their late bloomer counterpart oftentimes did not. Let me back up. I think, one, definitely a proactive sense of entitlement is what I call prizing. The basic idea of prizing is that a woman sees you as the prize when you have enough value in her eyes. One of the ways in my virtual e-book, Real World Seduction, that I talk to prize women was to put them —.

I had this whole concept of frames, and when you define the underlying meaning of the interaction between you and a woman as you being the prize and her being the suitor, trying to win you over — let me back up. Basically the idea behind frames is by changing the underlying meaning, you put the woman into the role of the suitor trying to win you over and you put yourself into the role of the prize.

Any questions so far for me? The way you approached it was looking basically at the rich and how they have a sense of entitlement, and I can very much relate to that for many of my experiences.

If you assume that things are going to work for you, they tend to. People who saw it would get weirded out by it and the people in the queue would think something was going on. It was just a sense of entitlement. You have to get used to having that sense of entitlement and assuming it with other people. A lot of what I believe prevents men from having entitlement with women is actually their ego.

dating skills review swinggcat real world

The basic idea for entitlement — one of my basic ideas — is something called masculine polarity. The basic idea is when the polarities align, they attract each other like magnets. One of the issues is that because of how conventional courtship is set up, men usually end up projecting a feminine polarity, and they actually pull the woman into a masculine polarity.

dating skills review swinggcat real world

What happens is as men orbit a woman, they feel more and more attraction for her. But if you learned to project masculine polarity, something almost magical happens.

You pull the woman into a feminine polarity and she begins to orbit you, and she feels a strong polarity attraction. Instead of seeing you in relation to other guys, she sees herself in relation to you. So instead of putting you somewhere on that hierarchy, that hierarchy becomes irrelevant, and she worries about where she falls on your hierarchy. Do you have any comments on that? No, but this is something that I think is embedded in science — the only we understand anything in our lives is compared to other things.

I mean, you can tell this. Your senses are relative compared to everything else. Yeah, and everything — the meaning of it is very contextual and I think, for women, this is even more true for them than it is for men.

Largely, what it means for a woman to be romantically in love with a guy is for that guy to become her whole world, for him to define her. A way to put it is that masculine polarity largely defines feminine polarity.

When you project a masculine polarity, the woman is compelled to define herself in terms of you. To put it another way, her self-worth and sense of identity hinges on you when you have her in a feminine polarity. But at the same time, lots of our women are acting more masculine. But at the same time, men are acting more feminine. But if you can reinforce your masculinity, you can change that. Is that kind of —? I think projecting a masculine polarity so you can pull a woman into a feminine polarity really starts with developing an inward locus of validation.

Basically what that means is that you draw yourself worth from the inside, from yourself, as opposed to outside sources, as opposed to other people. I guess, if we take a little scenario here, say they get rejected by a girl.

It was nice talking to you. Another example is if you approach a girl and she acts bitchy towards you. I am going to give some exercises for not getting hooked by your ego.