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dating show based on the voice

5 days ago Could now be the time for The Voice UK to finally step out of its sister show's shadow and cement itself as the UK's biggest singing competition?. The Voice is an American singing competition television series broadcast on NBC. It premiered during the spring television cycle on April 26, , and expanded into the fall cycle with the premiere of the third season on September 10, Based on the original The Voice of Holland, it has aired fifteen seasons and The Voice. Genre, Reality. "The Voice" might be the most social and digitally integrated show on First there was scripted TV, then reality television became the "it" format. and if they caught the attention of one the judges — based on voice alone.

The coaches, all of whom have achieved success in the music industry, are grooming the artists and developing their voices and performance skills. Each week, a few artists are eliminated, and the last one standing will be crowned "The Voice. During its first season, the show began trending on Twitter worldwide, and NBC executives realized that there was something to the format. Executive Producers Mark Burnett and Audrey Morrissey were passionate about the highly social program and "stood behind us" as the American crew adapted the show, says Yaron.

The Dutch set had screens with live tweets, a social media room, a social media correspondent and a website.

dating show based on the voice

Yaron says NBC's challenge was to take the format from something that serves a small country the size of Rhode Island and make it work over multiple time zones, and also create much more noise and value and push the boundaries in American TV. She wanted to create active engagement and offer accessibility to the coaches to mirror how the show offers access to top stars.

The Voice: How a TV Show Became a 24/7 Social Media Conversation

So while the idea derived from Holland, the U. But what separates The Voice from other social television shows is that NBC doesn't use social media as an awareness and marketing tool — it is core to the show as a whole, so the digital integrations are very organic.

She and Adashek laid out a three-stage digital strategy and spent countless hours figuring out the social media strategy and how the show would leverage the judges and the artists. As digital and social media change, we will change too. We set the trends now and we will incorporate new technologies as they develop.

The Voice UK

Christina wasn't even on Twitter when she joined the cast as a coach, but her effusive "you go girl" tweets and diva-stacked team have garnered her more thanfollowers since she joined — and she has only tweeted 47 times.

While Christina's not the most active tweeter, Yaron says her fans are the most dedicated, and on the show's premiere day, the "bionic army" had TeamXtina trending from 9 a.

dating show based on the voice

Green had a Twitter account before the show, but wasn't very active. Levine was moderately active and Shelton was very active on Twitter. But all four coaches had to step up their game for the show, since NBC pushed coach engagement.

Since the show is about the artist's journey under the leadership of the coaches, Yaron says she wanted the coaches to live-tweet the show and broadcast the feeds onscreen in real time "so we continue the storytelling and enhance the experience for the viewers" even when the coach is not on camera.

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One joke amongst the crew is the "bromance" between Shelton and Levine, which is unabashedly broadcast on Twitter and followed by many of the show's fans. Much of the digital integration onscreen in driven by Alison Haislipwho's no stranger to digital and social media — she spent four years at tech and gaming site G4.

Now she's The Voice's " in-show and online correspondent " hanging out in the V-Room with the contestants and serving as "your direct digital connection to everything" related to The Voice.

Encourage Conversation If you watch the show, you'll notice that " TheVoice" isn't always on the screen reminding you to vote — it's strategically placed onscreen at times when the producers feel the audience "would be compelled to talk about it.

In each season, coaches are assisted by celebrity advisors that are different each season. In the first season, coaches sit alongside their respective advisors in the battle stage.

dating show based on the voice

However, starting with the second season, the advisors no longer join the coaches in the battle stage. A new element was added in season three ; coaches were given two "steals", allowing each coach to select two individuals who were eliminated during a battle round by another coach. The Knockout Rounds were also introduced in season three. A pair of artists within a team are selected to sing individual performances in succession. They are not told until a few minutes prior to their performances who their partner is.

The artists get to choose their own songs in this round, although they continue to get help and advice from their respective coaches. At the conclusion of the performances, coaches would decide which one of each pair gets to advance to the next round.

Starting in the season 14, coaches can save one eliminated artist from his or her own team. The "Battles, Round 2" were introduced to replace the Knockout Rounds in season six.

One celebrity key adviser also assists all four of the coaches and their teams in preparation of these rounds. Coaches give each Battle pairing a list of songs and each pair must agree on which song to sing. The coaches are also allowed one steal. In the final live performance phase of the competition, artists perform in weekly shows, where public voting narrows to a final group of artists and eventually declares a winner.

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As of season two, these artists would give a last chance performance to win their coach's save. However, in deciding who moves on to the final four phase, the television audience and the coaches have equal say. With one team member remaining for each coach, the contestants compete against each other in the finale, where the outcome is decided solely by public vote.

In the first two seasons, one contestant from each team would advance to the final four.

dating show based on the voice