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Buy Mama's Family - The Complete Series (Retail Release) on DVD Join Date: Jan 09, Yoda: "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate . Funniest episodes, Mama pulls her back out while Vince and Naomi . The special they did (it was done as a full length play if I remember. Ken Berry, the veteran comic actor who starred in such s, '70s and '80s sitcoms as "F-Troop," "Mayberry, RFD" and the "Carol Burnett. Mama's Family is an American television sitcom starring Vicki Lawrence as Thelma Harper . Lawrence objected to the original script of the episode "Mama Cries Uncle", in which .. Amy Johnson, girlfriend of Bubba Higgins. She had a dismal, forbidding appearance, constantly grimacing and wearing nothing but dark.

In the NBC version. Mama had a room, Fran had a room and Fran had an "office.

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But in the syndicated version, they only had two bedrooms upstairs. This means that Vint would've had to share with Ellen and Eunice growing up. She comes home early and finds out that the Higgins family is trying to sell off all the handicraft items that Iola has given them over the years.

They have to figure out a way to make her happy with them again because she is really pissed about it. Iola and Thelma battle over a rose. Iola moves in with the Higgins family after a fight with her mother about her going on a cruise with Thelma. She reorganizes Thelma's kitchen and proceeds to redecorate the whole house with the most terrible slipcovers. Iola gets wasted on Aunt Effie's rum balls and passes out in the basement on Vint's bed. Her shame and embarrassment is wonderful until she finds out that "nothing happened.

Beverly Archer in Right down to the bulge. As a result, NBC canceled the series in May First-run syndication Seasons 3—6 [ edit ] Cast of the second life of Mama's Family clockwise from center left: Iola, Bubba, Vinton, Naomi, and Mama. Series rebirth[ edit ] After Mama's Family was canceled by NBC init was later relaunched in first-run syndication in Lorimar had merged with Telepictures and were looking for projects for first-run syndication, and after seeing the show's ratings in the summer reruns, it decided that the show needed a second chance and ordered episodes for syndication.

Ken Berry, Star of 'Mayberry, RFD' and 'Mama's Family,' Dies at 85

This led to some significant changes in set design details. Adjustments in the show's cast occurred as well, with only Vicki Lawrence ThelmaKen Berry Vinton and Dorothy Lyman Naomi returning as regulars from the original era of the sitcom.

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  • Ken Berry, Star of 'Mayberry, RFD' and 'Mama's Family,' Dies at 85

Vinton's kids from his first marriage, Buzz Eric Brown and Sonja Karin Argoudwho were regulars in the show's first life, did not reprise their roles for the show's revival; their characters, though mentioned briefly in the first episode of the show's syndicated life, were never to be spoken of again.

White, however, did return as Ellen for one episode in while Fran was killed off in the first episode of the revival. Carol Burnett and Harvey Kormanmeanwhile, did not reprise their roles either, resulting in their characters Eunice and Ed Higgins being written out as having moved to Florida.

Bubba was the son of Ed and Eunice. Bubba was ordered to live with his grandmother after being released from juvenile hall and placed on probation. Also added to the cast was Beverly Archerwho played the new character of Iola Boylen, the family's wildly quirky and prissy neighbor and Mama's best friend. Her catchphrase was calling out "Knock, knock!

By the time of Hamilton's death, Burnett and Lawrence had reconciled. Carol called and said, 'I think I'd like to put together maybe a little syndicated show with the family characters.

I'll do Eunice, you do Mama. Doesn't that sound like fun? I then went to Al and asked him what he made of the whole thing. He agreed it was really weird. I wondered if I was about to get caught in the middle of yet another struggle between the two of them. During her divorce, Carol and I went through a 'cool' period.

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She 'divorced' everyone and remained distant for a lot of years. She called the house a few years ago.


I was standing at the sink peeling carrots, fifteen feet from the phone, but Garrett got to it first and I only heard his half of the following conversation: Yeah, sure, he's in the other room, on the other line. You want me to tell him you're calling? My mom's here, you want to talk to her?

She only wanted to talk to Dad. It's just going to take a while longer.