Dating hardy reels

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dating hardy reels

Some Hardy Reel Models and Variants. (Manufacturing Dates in brackets). Alma Big Game Reel ( - ) Alta Fly Reel ( - ) Altex No. 1 Fixed. By post - if your rod or reel came with a registration card, just fill out the details and post it to us. If it didn't have a card, send us the product, dealer, date of. Anyone know how you can date a Hardy perfect reel? I have a Hardy perfect 3 5/ 8" and would like to know what year it was made.

By then the company had seen many changes, including the incorporation of the original partnership inwhich brought in Thomas Alder Thorp as chairman, although in most respects the enterprise was run as the family business it always had been.

The tremendous rate of growth the firm achieved can be judged by the fact that inHardy had warehouses in Edinburgh and Manchester in addition to their premises in Alnwick and London, and as export orders increased the firm found it necessary to appoint agents abroad, so that by the late twenties they had built up a network that stretched from Brussels to China and Australia.

As each generation passed, a new managing director would be selected, although the family hedged its bets with joint appointments, so that when William retired inLaurence Robert LR shared the post first with JJ and then with his brother William who was known as Mr.

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Williean arrangement which lasted until The last member of the family to enter the firm was James Leighton Hardy, who followed the usual path of serving an engineering apprenticeship, before being appointed works manager inworks director in and finally marketing director. Jim was instrumental in catapulting Hardys into the modern era when he set up Fibatube, the plant which made the firm's glass fibre and carbon rods.

When Jim retired, the firm found itself without a Hardy at the helm for the first time in years and in retrospect, this changed things more than anyone bargained for at the time. Casting for Success Apart from the personal touch in a firm that was more like a family than a business, one of the activities which had kept Hardys in the limelight was the prominent participation of members of the family in casting competitions.

This started with J. R Hardy's trip to the Chicago Fly and Bait Casting Tournament in which they came first and second in one of the classes, after which the firm was solidly represented at the major competitions until well after the Second War.

Jim was the last of the family to carry the flame and he took to it with a will, after an ordeal by fire under the eagle eye of Tommy Edwards, the principal of the London School of Casting.

It was a winning tactic and the constant association of Hardy with tournament wins and advanced design cemented the name into so many anglers' minds that they automatically bought Hardy kit unless they had a good reason to choose otherwise. Hard times, name changes, and the end of family ownership Paradoxically, it was the Hardy brothers commitment to quality caught them out in the end.

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It is extraordinary to think of it, but the firm was still having all its salmon flies tied in the hand at the Bondgate factory in the s, at a time when nobody did that kind of thing anymore and the vast majority of other firms were having their flies tied in India or Africa.

By then, the writing was well and truly on the wall for the Bondgate building, which, state-of-the-art though it might have been 80 years previously, had become cramped and unsuitable, not to mention a serious fire hazard, thanks to decades of glue, varnish and oil soaking into the woodwork.

A new factory was planned, but before the transition could be made, the firm ran into a serious cash flow problem, caught in the vice of the far eastern tackle trade expansion. InHardy's was bought out by the Harris and Sheldon group, only to be pitched almost immediately into the harsh market conditions of the seventies and then the catastrophic recession of the early eighties.

dating hardy reels

Emerging bloody, but unbowed, the firm was renamed House of Hardy Limited inwhich was followed by a further name change in to Hardy and Greys Ltd. Hardy today - homage to history and a commitment to technical innovation Even though Hardys are no longer a family business, the company continues to value its tradition as well as its founders' endless quest for improvement. In the past decade or so, Hardys has paid homage to its history with several lines of reels designed specifically for the collectors' market - these ranges have tended to sell out very quickly and have provided many anglers with a second chance to own reels which would otherwise be far outside their price range.

You can then send your damaged rod, rod sections or reel to us, along with the appropriate charges. See the Warranty section for further details.

Keeping proof of purchase can help us process your claim faster and where products are less than 12 months old you may be covered under your statutory consumer rights, meaning you can get a repair or replacement without needing to claim on your warranty.

What happens if there are no sections left for my rod? We keep sections of rods for as long as feasibly possible.

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In the event that we don't have any, an upgrade to an equivalent current rod will be offered at a discounted price. Product Maintenance Can I order spare parts? Some spare parts are available to order, or may be replaced under warranty.

dating hardy reels

Please contact us to discuss your needs. Can I have my rod or reel repaired? Repairs and servicing are available - please contact us to discuss your needs.

dating hardy reels

How long does it take for a rod repair? We perform rod repairs as quickly as we can. Why should I put candlewax on my rod joints? This helps prevent wear and tear and prolongs the life of the joint, it also prevents sections sticking together. We recommend a light rubbing on the joints every outings. We recommend that only household candle wax is used on the joints.

My rod sections are stuck together, what should I do? Try putting a pack of frozen peas on the joint for about half an hour - this causes the rod material to shrink slightly - then pull and twist in opposite directions, gripping as close to the joint as you can rubber gloves are very helpful for this.

If this fails contact customer service for further advice. Why is the postage so much on spare parts?