Castello pipe dating apps

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castello pipe dating apps

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Pease Collection Italy is known for art, beauty, fashion, food, music, literature, architecture, design and a hundred other qualities of culture and civilization. So not surprisingly, some of the best pipes produced today are made in the small factories and workshops scattered throughout the country. One of the most expensive Italian pipes I ever bought was a beautiful straight-grain calabash made by Ser Jacopo.

It is my absolute favorite "Sherlock Holmes pipe.

That is definitely the sign of someone I would recommend doing business with. But one of the very best names, without question, is Castello.


Many American collectors consider Castello the only serious rival to Dunhill when it comes to pipes made in a factory, and I know a good number who regard Castello as the best in the world. Regardless of where you come down on this debate, I think we can all agree that Castello pipes are high quality.

One of the things that appeals most to me about Castello pipes is their opening. Their air holes inside the pipes and mouthpieces are frequently very close to the dimensions that I have written about in the past.

My only complaint is that their mouthpieces are a little thick for my taste, so I always have them thinned out--and theirs is an acrylic that I find reasonably comfortable, though my preference is vulcanite.

castello pipe dating apps

Marco is extremely knowledgeable about pipes, so it is not surprising that Castello entrusts its distribution in the United States to Marco, and he in turn entrusts Bob Hamlin of Virginia with the responsibility of getting Castello pipes to as many American collectors as possible.

Marco has a charismatic smile and a natural friendliness about him.

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He travels to the United States three times each year--for the Retail Tobacco Dealers Association's annual convention and for the annual pipe shows in Chicago and Richmond. He shook his head and laughed when I suggested that he attend a Los Angeles pipe show.

castello pipe dating apps

Considering how weary I was feeling after flying across the ocean, I was totally sympathetic. He also opened the drawers in a shelf behind the counter, one at a time, and put them on the glass counter top.

Each drawer contained about a dozen gorgeous Castellos, and he must have shown me four or five drawers. I was suddenly feeling grateful to the two fanatical American collectors, Chuck Stanion and Ed Lehman, who strongly recommended that I visit Marco on my trip to Italy. I selected a straight grain Collection Fiammata billiard with a plateau top.

It is a beautiful pipe, but I really didn't enjoy smoking it because the mouthpiece felt so thick in my mouth. When I told Marco that I would be in Milan later in the week, he volunteered to call Franco Coppo to arrange for me to visit the Castello factory, which is located in Cantu--a minute drive from downtown Milan.

When I arrived at the factory on Friday afternoon, Franco came out to the courtyard to greet me. He was smoking his pipe and appeared to be in a very good mood. I asked if it was OK to smoke in the factory. So I pulled out my newly bought Fiammata and loaded it with some old Dunhill Just after I had lit the pipe, tamped the tobacco, lit it again and really got it going, I couldn't help myself.

Franco approached one of the half-dozen artisans, explained the problem, asked me how thick I like it "around 4 millimeters from top-to-bottom"and stood next to me as we watched the pipe maker file and sand the mouthpiece.

When it was just right for my taste, I re-lit the pipe and now consider it one of my very favorites.

Castello Pipes Dating Uk Dating Coach

Franco's father-in-law was the legendary Carlo Scotti, who was to Castello pipes what Alfred Dunhill was to Dunhill pipes. I asked where the name Castello, which is Italian for castle, came from. He also wanted a name that sounded similar in several languages, and the word castello in Italian is chateau in French, castle in English and castillo in Spanish. Inside the car while driving - no.

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Castello pipe dating guide - 10 great places to meet Man

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castello pipe dating apps

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