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What is everyone's opinion on NCOs dating junior enlisted soldiers? | RallyPoint

army dating policy

A few points regarding NCOs dating lower enlisted Soldiers: but NCOs dating junior enlisted is not specifically unauthorized per Army Regulation. then use your 1SG or highers first door policy and inform their subor. The UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) is a very different beast. There are many things that are considered major offenses under the. REFERENCES: a. AR , Army Command Policy, Chapter 4, dated 6NOV (b) Dating, shared living accommodations, and other than those directed by .

army dating policy

Originally Posted by Exo1 Good advice doc I would also advise those lovebirds to concentrating on getting well trained as soldiers in the US Army If they want to get qualified at dating, love and holding hands to Celine Dion, I reccomend they both try the French Army But I agree the guy leaves in 16 days, it's time for him to focus on training and not a girl. Originally Posted by Nightflyer Tell you're friends to be very cool on the social networks.

army dating policy

If the couple breaks up and they start fighing like kids on the social networks saying stupid stuff to one another and it starts to get out of hand. We had a couple here a few years back go at it.

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This stupid girl went and got a restraining order against her boy friend and then went and called him. The Soldier returned her call and they met up. He was arrested that night! The Soldier had to show everything they ever said to each other on the social networks as proof. They used it as evidence and It saved him.

So tell the couple to be cool.

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We all got smoked over it. Night good advice on the social works, they have already removed the relationship status on their facebooks.

And, even better, it's never out of season.

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One of the most common gossip topics in the Army concerns the perception of proper and improper relationships. Soldiers and leaders often discuss terms such as fraternization, inappropriate relationships and prohibited relationships interchangeably; causing plenty of confusion.

What is everyone's opinion on NCOs dating junior enlisted soldiers?

The Army has recently released an update to Army RegulationArmy Command Policy, which better defines these issues for leaders and Soldiers. The changes took effect on Nov.

army dating policy

ARparagraphdefines relationships between Soldiers of different ranks and seeks to clarify proper personal and professional relationships within the Army. The standard for what constitutes an inappropriate leader-subordinate relationship hasn't changed in the new AR b which states, relationships, both opposite-gender and same-gender are prohibited if they: If any of these criteria are met, the parties involved may be subject to Uniformed Code of Military Justice action under Article 92 as a violation of a lawful general regulation.

None of these relationships require any element of a sexual nature; they simply have to cause an actual or perceived situation, which negatively impacts a unit's good order and discipline.

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A couple of scenarios to consider are: Any of these situations could cause a problem within a unit if other Soldiers or leaders perceiving favoritism or personal gain between the parties involved. So, even if there is nothing wrong occurring, the simple perception among others makes these relationships inappropriate.