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The third tier Ac will take around one thousand rupees. It can be thus said that the trains make the journey little smaller as compared with roads. But on the other hand, after the completion of the journey of the train, an kilometer road journey is also needed to reach Munnar. That thing is time. All of them charge much and take too much of the time. People who want to discover all the places, but are not able to do so due to time feel guilt. That is why there is an air route.

The flights save time immensely. In the land transport, it was mandatory to spend at least ten to twelve hours during travel. But it is good to be noted that the airplanes have dynamic pricing. So it is considered good to book a ticket at least a month before. If the ticket is done a month before, it will take around 1, rupees to four thousand rupees.

The interesting fact is that air saves a lot of time. So there are lots and lots of options available in terms of transportation from Bangalore to Munnar. People from all over Kerala are known to come here to see the culmination of these streams. As a result, it is a hot seller amongst tourists. Top station in Munnar is one of the most sought after places for tourists to see.

This location is around 32 kms away from Munnar and is at an altitude of about m. Located on the Munnar Kodaikanal Road this is near the Tamil Nadu border; this promises that you get an awesome view of the Western Ghats.

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The top station is known so as this is where the railways top most stations was located in this region. At this altitude, the clouds appear just a touch away. This place is known to be blessed with the famous Neelakurinji flowers also known as Strobilanthes in other parts of the world. These flowers are known to bloom once in 12 years. The next time this valley will flaunt this bloom is in You can visit this place any time of the year, but the best time to do so is during April to May.

Top Station is easily accessible by car or bus. Once up, you can also check out the nearby Kurinjimala sanctuary and the Tata Tea Museum. What are you waiting for? It actually boasts of a few of the choicest tea estates available in the region. One such tea estate that is often visited by tourists is the Tata Tea plantation. This tea plantation is near the famous dam and the Kundala Lake. Thanks to its location advantage many tourists come here to bask in the serenity of the tea estate.

Increase in footfall of tourists has prompted them to open a Tea Museum in this area. This museum is a unique one which houses various photographs, tea making machines and other knick knacks pertaining to tea.

This museum is a befitting tribute to all the hard work and endless hours that the workers undergo in a tea plantation. The museum displays both old methods as well as new age technology that is used to process tea. This museum is a unique experience for all tourists. It is open from 9. This is a breathtakingly beautiful lake which is located at a distance of about 20 km from Munnar. This lake is on the way to Top Station, making it easier for the tourists to travel. It is located at an altitude of meters above sea level.

This place is known to be filled with cherry blossoms. If you are lucky you can witness the cherry blossoms that happen twice a year. This place is also known for flaunting the rare NeelaKurinji flowers that are known to bloom once in 12 years. These flowers are generally spotted around the Kundala Lake. There is an artificial dam near the lake that is also a tourist attraction. It is a one of a kind dam with an arched structure. This lake is known amongst tourists for the boat rides it offers.

One can pick from a plethora of options like pedal boats, shikaras, row boats and speed boats. These boats start available for a 15 minute ride and the charges from INR for a group. The surrounding of the lake is equally picturesque.

There is a golf course nearby and the famous tea garden of Tata tea. This dam is well connected from various parts of Munnar. It is located on the way to the Top station that means that many tourists can club it along with visit to the top station.

The dam is around 13 kms from Munnar. It is surrounded by hills and very near to the Anamudi hill range. This place is known for the lush green valleys and the awesome climate. The main attraction of this tourist destination is the dam here and the lake where people are allowed to do with boating. The water in the lake looks surreal as it reflects the surrounding tea garden, making it look breathtakingly beautiful. The place also offers a variety of options for sports lovers like boating and watersports options.

Thanks to the Tourism Promotion Council of Idukki there are various kinds of watersports available. Also, if you are into trekking, then you can go for a trek to Shola Forest. The best time to visit this place is during the evening. This is the first wildlife national park in Kerala. This is the place where the endangered Nilgiri Tahr is found.

Spread across an area of 97 sq km. This park has the maximum number of Nilgiri Thar and hence this national park has been declared as a protected area. Apart from the famous Thar, this place is also known to have various kinds of rare animals, birds and butterflies. It is the home of 26 different kinds of mammals, species of birds, 85 kinds of butterflies and 22 kinds of amphibians.

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Apart from the various kinds of animals, it also gives the tourists a breathtaking view of the tea plantation around it. During season the park is a must visit place as its slopes covered with the Neelakurinji flower makes it look blue in color.

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These flowers are rare and found in only the Western Ghats and are known to bloom once in 12 years. It is only closed for 2 months in a year.

The timings are 7. The entry fee starts from INR per adult. Thanks to our hectic lifestyle, when we are out on a travel we prefer to relax and unwind with nature around you. The rose garden is one such spectacular place where you can relax amidst beautiful flowers and unwind a bit. Though it is called a rose garden this garden is actually known to flaunt a plethora of floras.

If you are a nature lover then you can spend a good 2 to 3 hours in this garden checking out the various kinds of flowers on offer. They also sell various kinds of manures and knick knacks that you can carry back home to decorate your garden and remind you of the beautiful Rose Garden in Munnar.

This garden is open all days of the week from 9. It is advisable that you should spend an hour in the garden. However, you can linger on and enjoy the flowers around you while sipping on a cup of tea or coffee. This rose garden has an entry fee of INR 30 per person. You can speak your heart out and listen to yourself! Consequently, every chirp an tweet made by the birds here makes the valley a very musical place to spend hours. If you are keen on romancing with the music of nature, this is it!