When hes dating me and his babymoma

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when hes dating me and his babymoma

He treats me how a man is supposed to, he polishes my Anything I want, but the problem is that he is still living with his children's mother. I do not believe you're his girlfriend. Why is he still living with his baby mother?. It may be true that he might mean it when he says he is over her but you So worry less about him not introducing you to his baby mama or him. He is doing it for the child: A good father wants to be there for his to keep the baby mama in the loop and feeling comfortable with you dating her ex, Ladies, this man would call up his baby mamas with me right next to him.

19 Signs That Your Boyfriend is Not Over His Baby Mama

Guys love their kids a lot that they can even break up with you if you try to do something bad to their kids. So, they will always try to maintain the relationship that is there between their baby mama and their kid. Remember this is his first child and the only one he is so sure of. Most men will not easily introduce you to their baby mamas It takes time for a guy to grow in love than a lady and in most circumstances guys with baby mamas will take time to understand that you might bring out the best in them than their baby mamas.

SL: "Does He Want Me Or His Baby's Mother"

Auntie Nomsa knows how hard it feels to love someone who has not yet gotten over his baby mama. It is not an easy road but if you love him that much, then make it not to be a big problem because as time passes he will understand that you might not be his baby mama but you love him and can surely take care of his child too.

when hes dating me and his babymoma

They will always feel not so safe introducing you to her until they are so certain because they feel like you might end up not being the right woman to raise their baby beside the baby mama. And it will actually be a hit on to the baby mama who will feel so only and perfect in this.

So worry less about him not introducing you to his baby mama or him not talking much about her or even not letting you know about their private life.

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  • Baby Mama Drama & Dealing With Your Man, His Ex, & Their Child

Your patience needs an upgrade Dating a guy with a baby mama is not that easy. Sometimes love will lead us to places we cannot contend but we just have to gain more confidence and fight the battle. You can never give up on what you love just because the baby mama is asking you to or just because she is giving you too much stress or panics.

when hes dating me and his babymoma

And thank God you found that out in time. Better late than never! Trust me, his indecision is a decision. If he loved you, he would never think about his ex. This is one more sign that you have to leave him ASAP.

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On the other hand, he is the one who needs to take your side if she is badmouthing you. You are his girlfriend, and there is a reason why she is an ex.

when hes dating me and his babymoma

Life is long and you will meet your soulmate—and your current date is definitely not that man! If he does this, it means that he is hiding something. He just has his tactics and this is one of them. What he needs to do is to let her know that you are the woman that he loves and that what they had is past now.

when hes dating me and his babymoma

Hope she can finally realize that! He worries about her date When a new man comes into her life, he gets a panic attack!

when hes dating me and his babymoma

I guess you know what your next step should be, right? And he needs to get his shit together if he wants to stay with you. You should burn the bridges between the two of you, and find a guy who will truly be happy because he has you as a part of his life! You feel that something is wrong When a woman feels that something is wrong, in most cases it is true.

10 Telltale Signs That He Still Loves His Baby Mama

So, leave him and find your happiness in a different place. That is the best decision you can ever make! In the end, I just want to say that a divorce can happen to any of us—but we are the ones that will decide how our lives will look like after.

You should respect your partner by not involving your ex into your relationship in a negative way. Respect the mother of your child but also respect your new partner who accepted you with all your flaws.