Victorious tori and andre dating

victorious tori and andre dating

There's no way you can truly know what heartbreak is until the TV couple you ship doesn't get together before the show they're on gets. After a group activity falls apart Tori and Beck decide to go on an "Opposite Date" where they do things that people would never do on a REAL date. Victorious - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 3 When Tori is told by her parents that she can't date Andre, she will not take no for an.

Tandre, with a little Bade and Cabbie tooo! Please Read and Review, more chaps to come soon Victorious - Rated: After their break up, Andre and Tori move on and find other people. But what happens when both their significant others turn crazy and Andre's son and Tori's daughter are in danger?

Will Andre and Tori find each other again?

victorious tori and andre dating

But then Tori falls for Andre, and all she can do is wonder when Andre will open his eyes and realize they belong together. You know what else is a four letter word? K - English - Romance - Chapters: And what if one of them liked it? Takes place during "Jade Gets Crushed". T - English - Drama - Chapters: He never knew he would find them. He never knew his friends would push him away.

He never knew they would try to find him. But what if he can't leave? Tandre, Bori, Bade, Cabbie, Trinjin. OOC bad at sums. After a walk clears her head, Tori realizes maybe Andre wasn't so typical after all. Nothing can ever truly go normal for Tori Vega. In four years we'll pick up right where we left off. They decide to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. What happen's when Tori wants to find the mystery man? Is is someone close to her?

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This might mean he's sad that Tori doesn't love him. When he gets this texts he is excited to tell Beck that it's Tori. She pulls on his shirt again when he asks her to sing backup for him and excitedly replies "Yeah, I will! He smiles at Tori during this time and moves closer to her. She smiles back and giggles, almost resting her head on his shoulder.

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This episode marks the second time the two have sung a duet together the previous time being " Tell Me that You Love Me ". After they've hugged and Tori waves to someone in the audience, they look like they might possibly be in love with each other. This song is proof that they've brought a romance atmosphere because it leads Beck and Jade to kiss, meaning their romance, in the form of music, touches others and has an affect on couples.

Lee's restaurant for lunch. However he says "Man this show is good! He could have said that to lighten the mood so maybe Jade wouldn't be so angry, though. When filming the short film, Tori tells Jade not to slap Cat and Jade replies "You're not the director. There's not gonna be a funeral.

We're all gonna come down there, keep you cool, and watch you land safe and sound right there on that air sac. When Tori came out after Beck fell, she yells Andre's name. Tori giggles at his little dance. The two then start to give a double high five, but stop because of the ice cream on their fingers, and give each other 'high elbows' instead.

He tries to make her feel better by positively and optimistically saying that "Maybe He goes over to her to calm her down and takes the spoon she was using to scrape the ice cream out of the cartons, telling her "Why don't you take a little break? I don't know, baby I just don't know Added by Zebby98 When Robbie complains to Tori about her yelling at him, Tori starts angrily climbing over her sofa to get to him.

When Cat tells the group that she knows where they could find the Funky Nut Blast ice cream, Tori starts running towards her. He expresses concern by asking "What's up? Jade left, Cat and Trina went to observe a man that had tuberculosis, and Robbie was in his room. He is the only one on the stage that does so before Tori faints.

victorious tori and andre dating

When Tori is looking at Andre and his girl kissing Tori quietly says "Wooo" maybe implying that she thinks Andre is a good kisser. I keep trying to talk, listen to music, get to know each other better, but to her, I'm just a pair of sweet buttery lips. When she gets upset because she forgot to get one, she asks him if he could dance with her, saying "Well maybe I could just dance with you?

Tori looks at Andre and laughs when he yells at Cat "Let her finish! At one point during their performance of "I Want You Back", the camera focuses on Tori and Andre for a [47] Added by Crazylazylaptop moment and Andre looks at Tori with a sort of loving smile, he may have been staring at her. In the beginning, Tori and Andre order lunch together, it looks almost as if they are a couple or on a date.

This shows she cares for him. When they are singing together, they put their arms around each other. Andre grabbed Tori's hand and they left.

When Lane told him to sit back down, he sat on the arm of the couch very close to where Tori was sitting. They walk into the classroom together and both decide to talk to Beck and Jade about their text-fighting together.

victorious tori and andre dating

When Sikowitz is acting with "Jessica" and says " You look beautiful in this moonlight She happily agrees and they fist bump. When Tori responds, "Me?

Opposite Date

Tori and Andre both enjoy Lane's sour cream and onion lotion. After Andre agrees with Tori that he probably isn't in love with Jade there's an awkard silence right before they both take a drink of thir hot chocolate. She sounded like she was afraid she would lose him, and he seemed to feel bad about possibly being in love with Jade.

While performing Days, there was a moment in the song where Tori leaned in to sing into Andre's microphone even though she had her own. For example, she rubs his arms in a caring fashion to try and calm him down while they are sitting together at the Vega's kitchen table.

At the end, Tori urges him to go out with the girl that approaches him, probably because she's happy that she was able to help him get over Jade and wants him to be happy. She also knows that Jade would not treat him well and doesn't want him to hurt himself in his friendship with Beck.

While Andre was upset, Tori tried to comfort him. Tori cared more about getting Andre a gift than anticipate hers. As Tori explains Andre's situation, she stands up and puts her hands on Andre's shoulders before putting them in his dreads. When she's about to tell everyone his grade, he tells her not to say it, but he ends up confessing himself.

When Andre and Tori are talking to Cat, they stand really close to each other. Tori tells Andre to close his eyes, and he does so with a small smile on his face. Tori decides against giving Andre the guitar after arguing with Trina about it because she is determined to get him an awesome gift.

Tori is Andre's secret santa, and is happy when she finds that out. Tori is so worried about getting Andre a good present that she goes to Beck, Jade, and Cat for help.