Twilight jacob and renesmee dating

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twilight jacob and renesmee dating

Renesmee and Jacob attempted to go on a romantic date but Jasper,Emmett, I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS!. If you've ever read The Twilight Saga books or watched the five movies over and over again (no shame, we've done it too), there might still be a. When Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 ended in , fans caught a brief glimpse of Edward and Bella's daughter, Renesmee, who had been.

Does he smoke or drink or have a tattoo-" "Jake!

twilight jacob and renesmee dating

I swallowed hard, noticing how very beautiful she was… She giggled and shook her head at me again, causing her curls to bounce. I was but she couldn't know that yet.

To her I was just a really cool friend whom she never got tired of. Would she ever see me as more? It's okay…" She said, now resting her head on my shoulder. She seemed to think on my statement for a moment, and then she shrugged.

Have a say so. You've become kind of serious lately. Especially when it comes to who I date. Let her think that.

Twilight Characters: Where They Are Now – Jacob and Renesmee

I felt a lump in my throat but swallowed it quickly. He's even pretty aggressive when the phone rings, worsening the situation by making Edward think Bella isn't alive anymore.

Then Edward tries to end his own life and a cascade of danger ensues, all because of his curt phone call. No matter his intentions, his anger tends to make some situations far worse, hurting Bella instead of helping her. He abandons her despite her dependent love for him. However, Jacob doesn't do much better, forcibly kissing her to prove she loves him and running away from home because she didn't choose him.

Both men profess their love for Bella Swan, but neither respects her decisions. If they did, Edward wouldn't have left, bought her a frightening bullet-proof truck, or tried to terminate their baby. Also, similarly, Jacob wouldn't have forced his feelings on her, threateningly warned about the Cullens, or try to start a war over her possible vampirism.

Edward enjoys classical music, novels, chess, and generally more intellectual, quiet activities. Jacob likes cars, action movies, jumping off cliffs, and all the more rugged, exciting things a person could think of.

Though their activities are different, and their personalities seem polar opposites, when it comes to Bella, the men are eerily similar. Both love her in an overprotective, domineering manner that leads them to act like they know what's best for her. Despite his normally cool demeanor, Edward can turn aggressively guarded for her. And Jacob, normally easy-going and friendly, becomes far more rigid and stand-offish.

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Perhaps Bella just has that effect on men. This led to her daughter, Renesmee, whose mere existence nearly started a bloody war between vampires and wolves.

But her pregnancy wasn't the only factor. Her love for both Edward and Jacob almost caused a war. Her begging to be turned almost started a war.

Jacob Imprints On Renesmee

Their reckless hunting with Renesmee nearly caused a war. Funnily enough, Renesmee was the one who stopped the wars. Jacob imprinting on her stopped the threat of wolves and sharing the carnage of a war stopped the Volturi. Bella was lucky that this dangerous pregnancy ultimately saved the people she loved.

twilight jacob and renesmee dating

In retaliation, he gives Charlie her motorcycle to get her grounded. Grounding means she'll see less of Edward. Lucky for him, she was already getting grounded for running off to Italy. However, he was still willing to be tray her trust to get what he wanted.

twilight jacob and renesmee dating

Similarly, when the Cullens, including Bella and Renesmee, are planning to leave Forks, he uses Charlie to get them to stay. After all, if he already knows about the supernatural, they might as well stay. On both accounts, he goes against Bella's wishes and uses her father as a device to control her. Jacob has some rage issues that he struggles to deal with.

He also doesn't process them in constructive ways, but instead punches, forces, and yells at others. At some times, even, he's rash enough to start wars. Edward, however attractive, is very guarded, defensive, and controlling. When he fears for Bella's safety he locks her away, abandons her, or buys her a bullet-proof truck.

All precautionary, of course. Also, of course, at the thought of losing her both men are prone to try to end their own lives. More interestingly is their parallels with characters from Wuthering Heights. In canon, Stephenie Meyer even names it as Bella's favorite book.

Alice's happy expression turned into a pout and she looked up at her niece with a puppy dog look.

twilight jacob and renesmee dating

After a hour of trying on clothes Alice finally settled on Renesmee wearing a pink skirt and a white tank top. With that Renesmee ran down stairs and greeted her family. Then she ate her breakfast then her phone buzzed she picked it up and a big smile crossed her face it was her boyfriend Jacob Black the text read: Hey Nessie wanna come over today? We can take a walk on the beach: Renesmee smiled and quickly texted him back then she went up to her father cheerfully.

As they walked out of the house toward Edward's Volvo Renesmee frowned Why couldn't we take one of our other cars? They are way cooler than a little old Volvo…. Renesmee rolled her eyes and laughed. As they drove to La Push Debussy Filled the car. Renesmee's favorite song was playing Clair de Lune as she listened to the beautiful piano playing she started to mess around with her promise bracelet Jacob gave her when she was a baby and smiled.

Then her Edward sighed and pulled toward the treaty line. I find it kind of funny he cant cross the treaty line and I can…. Renesmee thought with a smirk knowing Edward could hear her.

Out of the corner of her eye Renesmee saw her father shake his head and drive off. Once Renesmee crossed the treaty line Jacob was right there waiting for her and she ran into his arms.

twilight jacob and renesmee dating

Renesmee nodded and they started to walk toward the beach.