Thor and storm dating quotes

I am THOR! Son of Odin, God of Thunder, who commands the Lightning and the Storm! | NeoGAF

thor and storm dating quotes

Explore Rosie Soto's board "Thor & Loki" on Pinterest. | See more FunnyAnd offers the best funny pictures, memes, comics, quotes, jokes like - Mike and Thor. The famous X-Men mutant Storm is once again the Goddess of Thunder, claiming a hammer of Thor as part of the hero's comic book relaunch. Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, is the descendant of an ancient line of African but their relationship was cut short after Storm learned Forge had created the his half-brother, the Thunder God Thor, by giving her a hammer, Stormcaster, Munroe (Earth) · 87 Quotations by or about Ororo Munroe ( Earth).

Mjolnir was originally capable of creating chronal displacement and therefore allowing time travel[14] although this enchantment was removed by the entity Immortus with the Thunder god's consent to help the planet Phantus which was trapped in Limbo. However, Thor is still able to manipulate time with Mjolnir. Although Doom and the Fantastic Four attempt to claim the hammer, none of them are able to lift it, resulting in Donald Blake—who had been returned to life when the spell negating his existence wore off with Asgard's destruction—claiming it himself.

With Blake and Thor once again co-existing, the hammer resumes its original 'disguise' of a walking-stick although Blake's original limp healed, he sustained minor spine damage during a later confrontation.

The hammer is later damaged in a fight with Bor, Thor's grandfather. Doctor Strange is able to repair the hammer using the Odinforce possessed by Thor, but warns Thor that, should the hammer be damaged in such a manner again, the new link between them could result in Thor being killed himself.

The hammer was also sliced in two by the Destroyer. After Thor's death in the fight against the Serpent, [19] Loki is able to take Blake's walking stick — the only remaining trace of Thor after he was 'replaced' by Tanarus —and turn it back into Mjolnir in front of the Silver Surfer[20] the Surfer's energy and Loki's belief in his brother allowing the hammer to return to Thor and restore his memory in time to face the God -Devourer that was about to consume his soul in the afterlife.

The hammer is subsequently picked up by an unknown femalelater revealed to be Jane Fosterwho inherits the power and title of Thor, with the inscription changing to read "if she be worthy". When they have returned to Asgard, Odinson tells Bill that the secret Fury told him was 'Gorr was right', a reference to the God-Butcher who believed that gods were not needed as they only brought pain and suffering.

The issue concludes with another individual, later to be revealed as Volstagg, going to claim the hammer of Ultimate Thor, identified by publicity as 'the War Thor' [26]but Volstagg is eventually convinced to put the hammer down as his actions as the War Thor are driven by his rage to the point of endangering innocents. When Captain America is 'reprogrammed' into an agent of Hydra by a sentient cosmic cube, he sets up a complex chain of events that allow him to take control of America, banishing Jane Foster and claiming Mjolnir for himself, his ability to wield the hammer ensuring that Odinson follows him despite Rogers's actions, believing that his ability to wield the hammer shows that Rogers is right.

This attack also reveals that Hydra had used their cosmic cube to change the nature of the worthiness enchantment to "If he be strong, shall possess the power of Hydra", with the 'reset' triggered by the cube's restoration of the true Rogers also restoring the original enchantment so that the original Rogers can lift the hammer where his Hydra self cannot.

Thor was subsequently able to work with Odin to channel the power of the cosmic storm that had been trapped within Mjolnir to bring Jane back to life.

thor and storm dating quotes

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thor and storm dating quotes

After discovering Thor's hammer Mjolnir disguised as a walking stick and striking it against a rock, he transforms into the thunder god. Thor's presence on Earth almost immediately attracts the attention of his adoptive brother and enemy Loki.

Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)

Foster panics and Thor intervenes. After Foster fails the test, Odin returns her to Earth, where she is given another chance at love, while a heartbroken Thor is introduced to the Asgardian warrior Sif.

Beginning in Amazing Adventures vol. Thor April Cover art by Walt Simonson. Thor eventually confronts the threat of the Celestial Fourth Host, and after an extended series of encounters learns of the apparent true origin of Asgard and Odin's plans to defend Earth from the alien judges. Despite the attempt by Odin to stop the Celestials by occupying the Destroyer armor now 2, feet tall as holding the life essence of every Asgardian and wielding the Odinsword and aided by the Uni-Mindan entity composed of the Eternals and Thor himself, the aliens depart when presented with an offering by Gaea on behalf of the "Skymothers" e.

thor and storm dating quotes

Frigga and Hera of twelve perfect humans. Thor also learns Gaea was his birth mother. Thor thwarts the creature — revealed to be in humanoid guise Atumthe son of Gaea, and therefore Thor's half-brother — and ensures the cosmic balance is restored.

thor and storm dating quotes

After initial misunderstandings, Bill forms an alliance with the Asgardian gods, and is empowered by Odin to aid Thor and his allies in a war with an approaching army of demons, [] which is revealed to be led by fire demon Surtur, now wielding "Twilight", the gigantic "Sword of Doom". After a series of extended battles — including a battle to the death with Fafnir and thwarting the Dark Elf Malekith — the gods are finally triumphant, although during combat Odin and Surtur disappear through a rift and are presumed dead.

After an adventure in Central ParkThor manages to partially restore himself and then forces Loki to reverse the spell. Thor kills the Serpent, although his body is completely pulverized. The Destroyer attempts to disintegrate the thunder god but can not do so due to Hela's curse. Thor assumes mental control of the Destroyer, and forces Hela on pain of death to restore his true form.

Mjolnir (comics) - Wikipedia

The thunder god then breaks Loki's arm as punishment for his actions. When Odin awakes, Thor is forgiven and returned. After overpowering everyone who attempts to stop his rampage, [] Thor is brought by the Eternal and Thanos before Odin, who cures his son of the madness. The heroes live alternate lives for a year in what is revealed to be an artificial creation until returning to their own universe. Thor is saved by an enigmatic being called Marnot, who binds the life-force of a mortal called Jake Olson to the thunder god.

Art by Oliver Coipel. Thor faces a prolonged struggle against Thanos when he seeks to remake the universe. The thunder god extends his rule to Earth, with major repercussions. Thor and the Asgardians slay or imprison those who oppose them, including a young religious mutant called Davis; Zarrko the Tomorrow Man; Perrikus of the Dark Gods; the U.

Thor (Marvel Comics) - Wikipedia

Governmentand even his fellow Avengers. Thor marries Amora the Enchantressand has a son, Magniwho upon reaching adulthood doubts his father's judgment. Wracked with guilt, Thor is drawn into battle with his former ally Tarene and the Destroyer occupied by former foe Desakand reverses these events via time travel. Thor learns that Ragnarok was the result of the self-styled "gods to the gods" known as Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, who feed on the cycle.

Thor confronts the Norns Fatesand severs the tapestry of Asgard's existence. After breaking the Ragnarok cycle and being advised by the Odinforce that this was his father's plan, Thor enters into hibernation.

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  • I am... THOR! Son of Odin, God of Thunder, who commands the Lightning and the Storm!

With his fate unknown to the Avengers, he is believed to be missing in action. When the supervillain Doctor Doom escapes from Hell, Mjolnir falls through the dimensional plane, and Doom tries unsuccessfully to lift the hammer.