Mr gold and belle age difference dating

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mr gold and belle age difference dating

Is Belle REALLY a good role model for little girls? If this weren't a fairy tale, would you REALLY want your best friend or daughter dating this guy? explain Belle's actions and not make her think “well, Belle forgave Mr. Gold for .. if you' re saying that because of the age difference, then I suggest you also. Unfortunately, Belle continued to age in a heartbreaking Up-esque montage that showed On her deathbed, Belle reveals to Rumple that she purposefully run date. 10/23/ Status. In Season. Cast. Ginnifer Goodwin. It plays into the Rumple-Belle or Rumbelle, or whatever people call it, relationship. It's not the Snow and Charming relationship, where they're.

She just read a different encyclopedia than Belle. She probably listened to it on tape. How is the relationship Lacey has with Mr. Gold different from his relationship with Belle? Well, Lacey is just bloody confused. This was done by Regina to destroy Mr. It evolves really well, from the awkward start of them having absolutely nothing in common and leading up to this unexpected bond that starts to happen. Were you surprised of the popularity of Belle and Rumple, as a couple, and just how much fans have been rooting for them?

mr gold and belle age difference dating

And thank you, fans everywhere. Thank god we like each other! Without giving anything away, what words would you use to describe the season finale, and how would you describe the way you think fans will react to what happens in it? There will be more evil people.

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With the finale, I think people will be really, really excited about the happenings. There are sad and happy moments. However, due to an encounter with the Snow Queen Elizabeth MitchellBelle loses the rock and returns home empty handed. Maurice confesses the truth to Belle, explaining how Colette sacrificed herself to save her.

This sets Belle on the track of becoming a hero, as she reveals to her father that on her trip she learned of a man who could help them: Belle is frightened of Rumplestiltskin and his Dark Castle, as he shows her to her "room": Belle starts to see the softer side of her captor when she accidentally chips a teacup and he brushes it off as nothing.

Feeling compassion for the thief, Belle releases Robin in her master's absence. When Rumplestiltskin returns, he demands she accompany him on his journey to find and kill the thief for stealing a magic wand from his castle.

When Belle and Rumple see that Robin had only stolen the wand to cure his sick and pregnant wife Christie LaingRumple spares the thief's life. Belle embraces Rumplestiltskin in a hug, seeing that there's a man behind the beast, and he later gifts her with a library. She's appalled and frightened by whatever he plans to do with the child, and so she sets out to unveil his plans and save the baby's life.

Belle sneaks into Rumple's study and translates a scroll written in ancient fairy language. This, however, was all part of Rumplestiltskin's plan, as he needed her to translate the text, and he locks her in the library. Belle is horrified by the Black Fairy's treatment of Rumplestiltskin, but nonetheless chides him for stealing a child.

The Dark One meets the three women at Demon's Bluff with the gauntlet, and is given no choice but to hand it over when Ursula threatens Belle's life. Once again, she sees something good in him beneath the beast. As it turns out however, he was only there to steal Rumplestiltskin's dagger, giving him control over the Dark One, and so Belle betrays him to protect Rumple. Belle opens up Rumple's nailed down curtains and even convinces him to share the story of his lost son Dylan Schmid.

The Dark One agrees to tell Belle everything if she returns home from town with straw, this being his subtle way of setting her free, having developed genuine feelings for her. Though Belle plans not to return at first, she runs into the Evil Queen Lana Parrilla on the road and learns that Rumplestiltskin's curse can be broken with a kiss of true love. Realizing that she's in love with the Dark One and that he loves her back, Belle returns and attempts to break his curse, only for it to backfire when Rumplestiltskin learns it was the Queen's idea.

He lashes out at Belle and sends her back to the dungeon, and eventually kicks her out of his castle altogether. Belle argues that power won't be enough for Rumple and that he is only doing this because he doesn't believe anyone could truly love him. Before leaving, she says, "Now, you've made your choice. And you're going to regret it. All you'll have is an empty heart After convincing him to go after his love Amy Ackerhe encourages her to seek out adventure and join a group of men on the hunt for a beast known as the Yaoguai.

She does so, but these men ignorantly discredit a woman's ability to hunt and kick her off their wagon, so she sends them in the wrong direction and proceeds to hunt the creature herself. She winds up befriending a warrior named Mulan Jamie Chungand she is eventually able to track the Yaoguai down.

However, as it turns out, this beast has merely been trying to communicate with them. With the aid of some fairy dust given to her by Dreamy, Belle restores the creature to its true form: Prince Phillip Julian Morris. She's unable to do so, however, when the Evil Queen arrives to take her captive.

Belle vows that the Queen cannot keep her and Rumple apart forever. Belle refuses to aid in his quest, so Hook knocks her unconscious and prepares to kill her, but Regina intervenes as she believes Belle to be a "valuable chess piece".

mr gold and belle age difference dating

Season 1[ edit ] When the Evil Queen enacts a powerful Dark Curse that puts everyone in the town of Storybrooke, Maine with false memories for the next 28 years, Belle spends that entire span of time locked away in the psychiatric ward beneath the town's hospital. Unlike the other townspeople, Belle was left a blank slate and set to serve merely as a prisoner in order to keep her away from Rumplestiltskin or, as he's known in Storybrooke, Mr.

However, when time starts moving again and Mr. Gold regains his memories of his past life in the Enchanted Forest, he forms a vendetta against Belle's father, believing he drove her to suicide.

Sheriff Emma Swan Jennifer Morrison arrests Gold when he beats Moe French nearly to death, but when behind bars, Regina returns to him the chipped teacup in exchange for confirming to her that he knows the truth about the curse. She then proceeds to check up on a locked up Belle, who appears absolutely miserable.

This includes her alliance with Jeffersonthe Mad Hatter Sebastian Stanwhom she refuses to hold up her end of a deal with after he procured her the poisoned apple she once used on Snow White Ginnifer Goodwin.

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Gold, insisting that he will protect her. Belle does so, shocking Gold beyond belief as he spent years believing she was dead. He embraces her with a hug, though she has no memory of him, but he assures her that she soon will. The two are seen headed towards the town's wishing well when the curse is officially broken. Belle's memories are restored, as she embraces Gold and declares her love for him, which he reciprocates.

Gold puts their reunion on a short hold though, as he proceeds to drop a vial of True Love into the well, bringing magic to Storybrooke. Upon learning that Regina had locked Belle up for 28 years, he summons a Wraith to kill the Queen.

A disappointed Belle temporarily leaves him. She soon returns though, deciding she can't give up on him just yet, and they continue to pursue a relationship. This makes her both upset with him and Rumple, who she's learned is continuing to practice dark magic.

Though she cuts ties with both of them, she eventually gives Rumple another chance upon realizing that he's attempting to change, giving her the town's library and setting her up with the apartment above it.

They agree to then go out and get a hamburger, as Belle has never had one before. Belle stands by Ruby and insists that she is not the monster many believe her to be, as Belle sees the goodness in her heart. However, interruptions occur frequently as the town panics due to the arrival of Regina's mother, Cora Barbara Hersheywho has become a new threat to them all. Rumple appears and beats Hook to Belle's horror, as she begs him to show her that her faith in him is justified.

After Rumple spares Hook's life and prepares to leave town, Hook shoots Belle in an attempt at revenge. This sends her tumbling across the town line, causing her to lose her memory, just as an outsider drives into Storybrooke. Rumple attempts to get through to Belle by showing her the chipped teacup, a remnant of their life together, but a scared and confused Belle throws and smashes the cup. When Belle recalls Rumple healing her wound with magic, as well as creating a fireball to throw at Hook, Ruby acts as though Belle isn't making any sense.

Belle knows what she saw though, sending her into a frenzy, prompting a nurse sedating her.

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She later learns that she isn't alone in her belief, for she is approached by Greg Mendell Ethan Embrywho reveals that he saw the same thing at the town line. Gold Robert Carlyle gets to know Lacey, Belle's alter-ego. With Regina and Cora now conspiring together, Regina visits Belle in the hospital in an attempt to learn where Rumple's Dark One dagger is located. Their happiness does not last though, as Regina magically instills a new persona in Belle - a party girl with loose morals by the name of Lacey - who Rumple soon finds at the local bar, after being discharged from the hospital.

The two don't initially click, but Rumple is soon able to make it work when he discovers that Lacey is attracted to his dark side. Lacey soon learns that Rumple has magic, as well as the ability to grant her eternal youth. She reacts positively and suggests Rumple do what he must to preserve their future, oblivious to the fact that it means killing his grandson, Henry Mills Jared S.

She embraces Rumple as they prepare to die, but the town is soon saved, and Rumple must leave on a new quest to save Henry from Neverland. He leaves Belle behind with a protection spell to cast over the town. As he's fated to die on this mission, he expects this to be their final goodbye, but Belle promises that she'll see him again.

Rumplestilskin encounters a form of Belle frequently in Neverland as an illusion to act as a crutch to his cowardliness; [36] she is later revealed as his father Peter Pan's shadow in disguise.

Belle and Rumple are reunited when the group returns to Storybrooke after retrieving Henry, though Gold soon sacrifices himself to destroy his father and save Belle and the others. Belle breaks down, believing Rumple to be gone forever. Despite Rumple's heroic act, Pan's curse remains and Belle, along with the other inhabitants of Storybrooke, are sent back to their original worlds.

Despite Belle's warnings of the price of magic, Neal ignores the possible repercussions and unlocks the vault, resurrecting Rumplestiltskin but sacrificing his own life in the process. Rumple absorbs Neal's body and consciousness into himself before Neal can die, however, and the Wicked Witch of the West obtains Rumple's dagger. Belle returns to Snow and Charming's castle, informing them of Rumple's resurrection.

Months later, the heroes sneak into Rumple's Dark Castle, where he is being held prisoner by Zelena, the Wicked Witch.

Belle is able to temporarily get through to Rumple, who is being driven mad by the multiple voices in his head, and he tells her that Zelena's weakness is light magic. Belle is returned to Storybrooke with no memories of the previous year when Snow and Charming enact the Dark Curse to stop Zelena from taking their baby.

In Storybrooke, Emma separates Neal from Rumple's body in order to learn the identity of the Wicked Witch, and Neal dies shortly after. Belle mourns Neal's death with the rest of the town and eventually deduces Zelena's plan to change the past. She also discovers once again that Zelena is in possession of the Dark One's dagger and is keeping Rumple captive and under her control. Belle attempts to get through to Rumple and help him break free of the dagger's control, but Zelena stops her before she can.

Belle's memories of the missing year are returned along with everyone else's when Regina breaks the new curse. Upon Regina's defeat of Zelena, Mr. Gold proposes to Belle after entrusting her with his dagger though unbeknownst to her, it is a replica and the two are married at the wishing well.

Season 4[ edit ] Belle and Rumple share a blissful honeymoon in the Sorcerer's mansion, where Rumple discovers the Sorcerer's Hat. With Rumple's help, Belle discovers the Snow Queen's lair and is taunted by her reflection in the Snow Queen's magic mirror, causing her to question her faith in Rumple and their relationship. She quickly sets these doubts aside, however.

Belle eventually learns of Rumple's deception, tearfully banishing her husband from the town with the power of the real dagger before he is able to kill Hook. While Gold is gone, Belle and Hook form a kind of friendship as they work together to find a way to free the fairies from the Sorcerer's Hat.