Love and friends dating service : Free Dating & Friendship for Seniors over 50

love and friends dating service

When we last reviewed Love and Friends a while back it was a site where you didn't necessarily have to be looking for a romantic relationship. How does it work? match is the most widely-used dating site in the world and has The love-gods at match also arrange singles events and provide online In fact, it's fairly similar to our old friends Match, mentioned above. Free UK dating site for those looking for love or friendship. For over 50 years, single or not who want to change their lives!.

love and friends dating service

Of course, we fully understand that getting back into the dating scene can seem daunting, especially after years of being in a steady relationship. Therefore, why not just like many other singles of your generation start searching for potential dates on a free senior dating site?

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Online, not only can you find men and women of your age, but you can also find someone who shares the same interests. Thanks to online dating, you can put an end to your loneliness and meet mature men and women looking for a companion, just like you. Make new friends online When everyone around you is busy with their lives and families and the children are all grown up, life can feel a little lonely. On top of that, meeting new people and creating friendships can seem complicated.

Fortunately, dating websites are not only about finding love. Via our platform, you can find someone with whom to talk, hang out and have fun. There is almost certainly someone out there who shares the same interests and hobbies as you.

Find love and friends online: One of the best ways to meet people today is to register with a dating website dedicated to seniors. On the site, you can filter and narrow down results by gender, location, age or interests.

love and friends dating service

Some of these pay well, some not so. We also have students, the unemployed and the retired. All in all we think it is a good mix. The Loveandfriends "Network" - what is that? As well as the main www.

love and friends dating service

Some examples include a site for Ecology minded people, one for animal lovers and one for readers of a national magazine. Having a 'Network' of sites in this way helps us attract a good mix of interesting people. If we take the Ecology site as an example - we have lots of members of our main site www. How do you compare to other sites? We are not the largest dating site in the UK, nor do we wish to be.

However, the larger sites tend to take a much more mass market approach and have more 'vanilla' flavour as they need to appeal to everyone. There are smaller UK sites that focus on even more specific 'niches' than loveandfriends. These tend to have substantially fewer members than we have.

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They may focus on people who are affluent, upmarket, clever, gorgeous, ethical, etc. Checkout our profiles - we have bucket loads of brainpower and more gorgeous people than you can shake a stick at but also loads of regular folk as well. Quantity of members is important. If your database is small then the service is unlikely to be good - you do need a certain 'critical mass' of members.

We went beyond that years ago. However once you get beyond a certain point then quantity does not matter so much as the type of people. It is a bit like a big birthday party. Much better to have compatible ish people than a complete mixed bag of What we're getting at is whilst the larger sites make a big song and dance of 'We have 1 million members' The internet dating landscape has changed markedly since we setup in A membership aimed at more 'Thinking people' Many people now join more than one dating site - so why not join loveandfriends as well as one of the others?

Where do your members come from?

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We are very happy to say that our largest single source of members is recommendations from existing members Our members also bring us the best new members We top this up with considerable online advertising through Google and other advertising.

A lot of your membership fees we throw straight back out on advertising to get new members. Many members also come from our partner sites - see the section above on The Loveandfriends "Network". Loveandfriends is for nice regular people looking for a relationship or to make friends. We don't want to come accross as holier-than-thou but our site is simply just not designed for this.

There are lots of sites for this sort of thing - just Google 'Adult dating' or 'Casual dating'. We do get some 'Dodgy' people joining - most we block before their profile goes live the rest who slip through our net we boot these off as soon as they get reported by members.

We say to potential members if you are after this sort of thing then please don't sign up with loveandfriends as you will be wasting both your time and ours. We particularly spend loads of time and resources on blocking the spammers and scammers.

We zap nearly all of these before they manage to send any messages. The small remainder that occasionally slip through get reported and zapped asap.

love and friends dating service

We can also assure you that we have never - ever - make up profiles to attract members. What advice can you give me on online dating?

Upload a good photo.

Dating Service - meet new friends and find love in your area and worldwide with DatingWalk!

More than 3 million people in the UK are dating online - so there is no need to be bashful. Profiles with a decent photo get a much better response. In fact if you don't have a photo you might as well be invisible.

You could get away with not having a photo in but not in - people will most likely just assume the worst if there is no photo on your profile and not bother contacting you. Don't upload just any old photo or a webscam shot!

If you haven't a good photo invest in one. Checkout our success stories page called 'Statistics of Success'. Ok some people got lucky quickly - but you'll see that most wrote quite a lot of emails before finding their partner. Women - take the initiative and send some emails or winks Take knockbacks in your stride.