Julie goldman and brandy howard dating

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julie goldman and brandy howard dating

There are a few words that come to mind when one thinks of Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard. Some of you may think about the Hunger. If you frequent this website, you're no stranger to the work of Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard. Goldman, network sitcom's go-to lesbian. The latest Tweets from Brandy Howard (@TheBrandyHoward). **Professional Julie & I have a new podcast!! . Narwal, Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard.

I also wait with expectant nerves to see whether or not Brandy gets blackout drunk on stage this year. Julie Goldman, after all, is like a totally famous comedian in her own right who has been bringing executive lesbian realness to various parties, venues and unsuspecting family television screens for years.

And Brandy is possibly the most adaptable commercial actress everplaying a variety of roles that all involve shiny hair incredibly well. I know this because I once went through her video channel and watched every commercial she has ever been in.

Even the Tropicana one. Because though apart they may shine, together Julie and Brandy bring a warm glow to my entire life. There is no limit. The limit does not exist. At A-Camp that rule is generally applicable to everything from exposure to sunlight to exposure to other lesbians, though. And thus I asked Julie and Brandy ten-ish questions.

Idol Worship: Ten(ish) Questions About Camp with Julie and Brandy

And for us all. And for my homies. Can you tell me your shared life story? We met on a gay Rosie Cruise in March Julie and I hung out a lot on that cruise and we had a ton of laughs.

At that time, she lived in New York and I lived in LA and when the cruise was over, we really missed each other. Without getting too corny or LEZimental, we inspired each other creatively at a time when we were both sort of in a rut.

We really wanted to work together, so we met up on both coasts and started writing. Our first script was a feature length lesbian romantic comedy called Nicest Thing. Less than a year later, we wrote a gay zombie horror comedy called Gay Baby Army.

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As we tried to sell those, we were hit with the cold hard reality that gay movies were not the thing. We went through a brief but intense mourning period for the future we would never have as queer comic scribes, and then we sold out and wrote a straight sitcom starring all men.

And it never sold either. What keeps you around this neck of the woods? Aside from the Whiskey. We were born this way. What are the effing chances?????

julie goldman and brandy howard dating

Legend has it that Riese saw Julie do stand up on that cruise and thought she was hilarious. After that, Julie knew she wanted to work with them, and we knew we wanted to do something together.

In Your Box Office was born. We film it together in LA and then we send the footage to Riese who edits it. As far as this neck of the woods… We continue to hang around because we love working together and we love working with Riese. Julie and I and Riese all do other things with other people, but this is the only place where we can all work together. If only we could make some paper, booboo. Interviews faking it at a video-dating-blogging thing host jeff foxworthy actress.

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julie goldman and brandy howard dating

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Julie and Brandy Play A Pretend Couple… in Their New Sitcom "Roomies" | Autostraddle

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julie goldman and brandy howard dating

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julie goldman and brandy howard dating

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julie goldman and brandy howard dating

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