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Julie on BGC I was really disappointed in her. by Julie Ofcharsky be of watching us clumsily attempt to throw a dance routine together. I started to feel like Mehgan was just bad mouthing Falen to me all the time, and I. If Mehgan wasn't so annoying, all Whitley-wannabe (did I just date myself with that?), she .. I still don't like the way Falen co-signs with Mehgan and Julie, but I . Julie isn't friends with Falen anymore because she watched her get beat up at the reunion. Girl did you really think falen was gonna help you? Sign your.

Look at her audition tape and her first few days compared to now. Although… she is going a little too hard here. I just once want to see someone on these reunions and be like, you know what? I do see a little bit of Rima nipple. And I giggled like a twelve-year-old boy. I just called this. Another reason why Zuly is top of our list. Laughing that Mehgan and Tanisha nearly have the same weave. Falen and Mehgan… wow. Falen looked kind of crazy, right? No one has that kind of anger for no reason.

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  • Julie on BGC 907: I was really disappointed in her.

Same thing happened in one of the episodes, the whole house was fighting, but then the random commercial clip of them all playing tag or something. Talking about how ridiculous everything is. We called each other up to celebrate the beatdown that the Twins got in Vegas was it Vegas? Even Falen just left the scene, as opposed to trying to jump in and stop it the way Julie did when Mehgan attacked her. Does that mean that even Falen hates Julie? Lord, I hope so. I died before and I got brought back.

Being able to cheat death and still be here with a positive attitude now that is bad ass. Life is too short to be down in the dumps. Because of your experience, is there a motto you live by?

Do what you want to do. If you work hard and you have dedication you will go for it.

Julie And Falen Sitting In A Tree

What was your game plan upon entering the show? I was going in with the mentality that you either love me or you hate me. I thought it was all about fighting and it was a complete spin on my half, I was shocked.

Sneak Of The Week: What was your reaction to the city? It was hot during the day, cold at night and never rained, except once.

Falen G of Bad Girls Club 9 Mexico Talks Dying and Coming Back To Life – The LinkUp With AshFiMon™

I spoke a little bit of Spanish just to get by. When I walked in the house it was a different experience, I will never forget it. Did you have any roommate expectations? I had no idea who the girls were until I walked in. How did your family and friends feel about the show and you going on it?

How did you feel about putting your business out there? What did you expect to gain by going on the show? I did it because I was bored and I wanted to try something different. But, honestly I wanted to use this as a stepping stone to get into styling, making a brand for myself and to do more than model. I'm sure her and Rima would have fought eventually, whether I stepped in or not, but I was happy to speed up the process.

I knew after we fought that I would get her out sooner or later. I thought us dancing t Pink Kitty was the worst idea I had ever heard. I just didn't understand what the appeal would be of watching us clumsily attempt to throw a dance routine together. I didnt want to learn the choreography because I didnt want to do the dance in the first place.

Falen G of Bad Girls Club 9 Mexico Talks Dying and Coming Back To Life

I felt that by having the choreographer include me in the choreography when I wasn't intending on participating, was a waste of her time.

I explained to her that I was choosing not to participate with no disrespect to her. I felt that she was extremely rude and had no regard for the fact that I clearly felt uncomfortable. Also, my sister is a professional dancer and the woman's choreography sucked.