Jason becker and gretchen menn dating

Steve Morse,Richie Kotzen,Uli Jon Roth: Gretchen Menn calls you to attend the Jason Becker benefit

jason becker and gretchen menn dating

Gretchen Menn show date and time Wednesday, 23 January in PST. The Jason Becker Not Dead yet show is tomorrow!. Jason becker and gretchen menn dating. The man Tamra Barney accused Gretchen Rossi of dating while still engaged to her fiancé -- who has since died of. Jason becker and gretchen menn dating. Each letter just has two specific eye movements. Both my parents loved music, and played everything.

I was young and experimenting. I was still developing my style and feel. What was your audition like for David Lee Roth? It was a blast! I was young and all the guys in the band were so nice to me, and took me under their wings. Dave was cool and liked what I did. The guys told me they were stoked to have me because I brought "youth" and they had to keep on their toes.

Dave and Bob Ezrin put me in a hotel for the night and gave me a bunch of new songs to learn for the following day. I called Marty Friedman and my folks to let them know how it was going. The next day we jammed a lot.


My guitar tuning problem made us laugh! What do you find so appealing about classical music that many guitarists may overlook? I had been exposed to classical music my whole life; even before I was born. My folks played it, and my dad was a classical guitar player and had studied with a student of Andres Segovia. Some of it can be boring and generic, but man, when it has a beautiful melody, or plays with interesting and unusual harmonies, or has a fascinating counterpoint, it moves me so much.

It can bring tears to my eyes. I guess I just love all kinds of music.

Jason Becker, Gretchen Menn: time to exchange front covers

Classical is just one type of cool music. Who are some of your favorite guitarists today? There are so many great ones. I could go on and on.

Some of the newer players are Gretchen Menn, who never forgets about the composition; the funky and soulful Aleks Sever. There's also Guthrie Govan, who takes it to another level.

Of all of your musical compositions to date, is there one that stands out for you as a personal favorite? Not one, but maybe a few. Cool and different sounding with interesting harmonies and melodies. What projects are you currently working on? I'm working on a new CD. I have some cool new pieces. I will have some of the greatest guest guitarists on it.

I am so excited! What advice would you give to people who are trying to overcome obstacles in their own lives — like. Put your own new sauce on your noodling. I know life can be tough. I am not perfect.

We are all at different stages in life.

jason becker and gretchen menn dating

I think my story alone, without me saying a word, might have more of an impact on people rather than me trying to give advice. To find out more about Not Dead Yet, visit jasonbeckermovie. James Wood is a writer, musician and self-proclaimed metalhead who maintains his own website, GoJimmyGo. His articles and interviews are written on a variety of topics with passion and humor.

I studied electric guitar concurrently, mostly on my own, and applying much of the left hand technique from classical guitar as well as the theory I was learning in my classes at Smith. I would also take a lesson or two once in awhile from various teachers. Mark Manion It was a big shift to step into Angus Young's shoes, and a fun challenge!

I developed an even deeper appreciation for the music and Angus' playing, though, and it was delightful and at times startling to see the energy and audience reactions to the music. Sounds like you keep fairly busy. Do you find time to do "you" things? Lapdance Armageddon Photo by: Max Crace I hate saying anything is over, as both bands meant a lot to me, and there are still friendships and appreciation for my bandmates, but both bands have been inactive for a number of years.

For the moment, my solo project and Zepparella keep me very busy.

jason becker and gretchen menn dating

I honestly can't think of a better "me" time than playing guitar or working on compositions. But in terms of other activities I love literature, and usually have a few books going at any given time. I usually do some sort of physical activity pretty consistently--yoga, gym workouts, walks or hikes or running. Do you have a favourite guitar, and what is it about it, that makes it your fave? I have a Music Man Silhouette and two Silhouette Specials--the Silhouette was my first guitar the blue burst featured in the video for "Valentino's Victory Lap"and Music Man guitars always feel like home to me.

Oleo Strut video shoot. Bryan Perido The white Silhouette Special that was in my other videos "Oleo Strut", "Scrap Metal" and "Fading" is my primary guitar now, and the one I have hanging on my wall at home for practicing.

Jason becker and gretchen menn dating

A wonderful fan from Italy had a custom guitar built for me--it is small, like a Steinberger, and quite a work of art.

Is there a new release in the future? Your sister Kirsten's beautiful soprano can be heard on 'Fading'. Could we see future Menn sisters collaborations in the future?

jason becker and gretchen menn dating

Photos of Gretchen and Kirsten Menn by: Yes, I am working on my next album right now, and very excited for it! My gorgeous sister, Kirsten, will be making some appearances on this one as well. My hope is to have it out in the next few months. Do you use software or sit with paper and a guitar?

jason becker and gretchen menn dating

I do all you mentioned--I write with the guitar in hand, as well as on staff paper and with a music notation program called Sibelius. I like all approaches for different reasons. The nice thing about writing on my guitar is I don't have to go back later and learn what I wrote No matter how much I might try to lead with my ears when writing on the guitar, it is impossible to take the preferences of my hands entirely out of the equation. The guitar player who first inspired me to pick up the instrument was Eric Johnson, soon followed by Steve Morse.

Frank Zappa became an inspiration for his creativity and compositional approach. I got almost maniacally into Jeff Beck a few years ago, and that hasn't stopped.

Alexandra Zerner – Session guitar player and solo artist

Jason Becker is amazing and incomparable--not just for his staggering virtuosity, but also as a composer and brilliant melodist. One of my most treasured childhood memories was of getting to sit next to Frank Zappa in his studio as he composed.

My dad was writing a special issue for Guitar Player Magazine on Zappa, and he brought Kirsten and me with him to LA for the interviews. I was wandering around the labyrinthine Zappa house, looking for Kirsten and Diva Frank's youngest daughterand poked my head into Frank's studio.

He was alone, working at his desk. It was years before I started playing guitar, and much of it was over my head, but I tried hard to understand what he was telling me.

I realized that it was a very special moment, and also knew that I wouldn't fully comprehend the significance of it until later. If so, what would be a couple things on that list? My sister and I once calculated we would need about six lifetimes to do all the things we feel are absolutely imperative! A few examples, though? I'd love to learn and become proficient in aerobatics that was what made me want to learn to fly in the first place Both professionally and personally.

Her family and friends are dear to her heart. No ego in sight, this down to earth, kind-hearted woman is doing something that she loves Very special thanks to Gretchen for such a wonderful interview.