Jang dong gun and kim ha neul dating quotes

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jang dong gun and kim ha neul dating quotes

How are Joo Jin Mo, Jang Dong Gun, Jung Woo Sung, and Hyun Bin connected? . Keep reading for fashions, quotes, and more! She is now dating a younger man, Choi Seung Hyun (Um Ki Joon). Lee reportedly recommended to his On Air co-star Kim Ha Neul that she visit this centre to do research. introvert free download ost marriage not dating kim na young dating sites for dating a cop [url=https://dating2kspace/jang-dong-min-dating/]jang dong dating profile headlines jang geun suk and im yoona dating in real life dating .. top 10 hookup sites askmen ha yeon soo and kang ha neul dating dating plan b. Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun), an architect with a scathing tongue have romantic relationship with strict high school teacher Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul), who.

Somehow the period it was set in and the use of guns over swords held it back in my view. Sword fights still look better than fighting with guns. Just kind of lost its way in the storyline mid-way through. As with most long episodic dramas, it tends to go around in circles.

Started strongly in the first 2 episodes but soon spiralled out of control by trying to mix all sorts of genres together, which resulted in a story of ridiculous right until the very end. Wasted potential due to the story! It would have been better if it had lesser episodes than the 20 it had. Quite stretched out story as it neared the middle, and it became a chore to finish. Very uninspiring and stale storyline. Dropped it after 5 episodes. Started off promisingly enough but was let down by a unspectacular storyline midway, and I decided to drop the drama just a few episodes before it ended.

Mostly good but there were some inconsistencies near the end.

jang dong gun and kim ha neul dating quotes

One of the best in terms of character developments. Unbelievable at times, but it was good. Only picked up after seeing the strong ratings it had racked up. Was surprised by it and left feeling mightily impressed by how everything about it was really put together nicely, although it kind of lagged after picking up a 2 episode extension. Did not have of an appeal at times, and feels somewhat lacking. Generally lost its plot in the middle of the drama and lacked punch.

Total waste of time with a plodding storyline that made no sense once again thanks to the brain-dead screenwriter who was trying his very best to write the best crap story. Everything was so disjointed and out of sync. The 3 minute cameo of Kim So Yeon right at the end of the last episode was the only redeeming scene for me. IRIS was made to look even weaker than ever before. It does appear that they would like to make a part 3 with that ending. As far as fidelity to its source is concerned, My Girl and I proves more or less faithful.

Some scenes in the film appear nearly identical to the Japanese version in terms of shot selection and locations, while others are remarkably different and innovative. The emphasis on comedy extends to the leads as well, a move that not only endears the characters to the audience, but also makes the budding relationship feel all the more real.

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Still, both actors are playing below their actual ages, which in many ways ruins the verisimilitude of the story. While his character is an oddball of sorts, Cha turns out to be a far more accessible protagonist than Saku, the lead in Crying Out Love in the Center of the World. And in her debut film role, the gorgeous Song Hye-Kyo performs well, although she lacks the youthful exuberance of Masami Nagasawa from the original.

Perhaps in a misguided effort to be original, My Girl and I alters a crucial plot device used in the original film. Instead of exchanging tape recorded messages and sharing them via Walkmans, the conceit here is that the two are trading beeper messages. Here, the journey of discovery lacks the immediacy and complexity of the Japanese original.

Still, the involving romance, the laugh-out loud humor, and the charming performances from its two leads are affecting enough to make My Girl and I a solid piece of commercial entertainment. Thankfully, that proves not to be the case here, mainly since the film features not only the same characters as the television series, but also the same writers and directors, all of whom help to recapture the same offbeat mixture of humour and romance which won over fans in the first place.

This makes for all manner of complications, as does the odd behaviour of her three grandmothers, who seem to be making a late bid for romance themselves. Although such behaviour may not sound particularly ladylike, Mi Ja is a far more believable and human character than those that usually populates such films, and it is precisely the gambit of her not being a two dimensional beauty queen which interests the viewer and makes her an appealing underdog figure who it is hard not to root for.

It certainly helps that beneath his mock-cool exterior, Ji Hyun is quite blatantly a social misfit in his own right, and though the viewer never learns much about him beyond a few hints of his inner turmoil, the two do seem to be a good match, and their relationship develops in a convincing fashion.

It goes without saying that the film takes the inevitable dive into melodrama towards the end, with some tragedy and shock revelations thrown in for good measure, though there are at least mercifully few tears or cheap tugs at the heartstrings. The proceedings move along at a pleasingly energetic pace, never dwelling too much on the more downbeat aspects of the story or pausing for unnecessary reflection.

The film does betray its sitcom origins in that the plot is episodic, especially in terms of scenes featuring the grandmothers. Though amusing and interesting in their own right, as well as providing some surprisingly thoughtful ruminations on life and aging, these sequences are for the most part unconnected to the main narrative, and at times feel rather scattershot.

Still, this is by no means a bad thing, as it does make for a bit of eccentricity and variety, and helps to further differentiate the film from others in the genre.

With likeable characters, a strong story and a certain level of emotional depth, if perhaps not complexity, it offers a welcome change of pace for anyone exasperated by the fact that most Korean romantic comedies seem to revolve around fresh faced delinquents or hyperactive high school girls. Love Phobia On a sunny day, a boy named Jo-kang meets Ari, a girl in a yellow raincoat, and they become friends.

Jo-kang falls helplessly in love with the quirky but attractive Ari, but one day, she suddenly disappears. Ten years pass and Jo-kang, now a high school student, gets a call from Ari and meets her again in a temple.

Although they have not seen each other for ten years, they have such a great time together. Then, Ari disappears again. Why has she disappeared again? What will become of them?

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At first, Jae-in is very reluctant to accept the job; however, her uncle, also a detective, pushes her at the last minute to take it. Jae-in is considered a loser when she first steps into her class, and the gang girls confront her afterward and challenge her to a fight at the backyard of the school. Jae-in, being a policewoman, easily beats them up. She eventually gets this with the help of Kang No-young, a handsome classmate and next-door neighbor who she starts to like; however, Jae-in thinks her crush is wrong because of their age difference.

Meanwhile, a new teacher arrives at their school. Jae-in later is informed that he is also an undercover agent, working on her side. She becomes slightly suspicious of him and vaguely recognizes his face. One day after school, Jae-in and other policemen spot Cha Young-jae outside an airport; they rush to catch him, but his rivals are also on the chase. They meet up in the parking lot, where Cha Young-jae is trapped. Suddenly a mysterious motorcycle rider speeds into the middle of the group and his motorcycle produces white smoke, therefore allowing Cha Young-jae to get away.

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul, Continuous Kiss

Jae-in and other police go after the motorcycle driver, since Cha Young-jae has already gotten away. The undercover teacher also happens to be at the event and shoots at the motorcycle driver, but the driver gets away. Jae-in rushes after him, but the undercover teacher puts a gun to her head.

jang dong gun and kim ha neul dating quotes

No-young shrugs it off and is playful; however, once he gets inside his apartment, he takes off his shirt, revealing a bullet wound to the camera. Jae-in does not know of this, but she suspects that No-young is also undercover as a spy.

jang dong gun and kim ha neul dating quotes

Jae-in increasingly becomes more suspicious of No-young, although she is still head-over-heels about him. One day she challenges him to a taekwondo match during a physical education class at school.

Jae-in thereafter confesses to Seung-hee that she is not really a schoolgirl, which in turn gets Seung-hee very upset. Jae-in then receives news: She sobs, overcome with grief at the loss of her only family.

The camera then shows her with Seung-hee in a car with a fellow policeman. The policeman betrays Jae-in and Seung-hee and leads them to the site where Cha Young-jae has been captured and is meeting with a rival gang leader. No-young arrives, and Jae-in teams up with him to fight off everyone.

Jae-in goes to capture the rival gang leader; however, as she is handcuffing him, a gun is put to her head. She turns to see the undercover teacher, who was supposed to be on her side.

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He reveals to her that he was the one who stabbed her uncle, and she becomes overcome with rage. Meanwhile, No-young is wounded and running out of energy; as an undercover spy, he cannot reveal himself, for he would get caught. He slips away quietly as Jae-in punches the undercover teacher again and again. A police officer finally handcuffs the undercover teacher and leads him away.