Intuitives dating sensors and transducers

Relationships: Intuitives being disappointed by sensors and other musings

intuitives dating sensors and transducers

Dominant Intuitive types tend to think about and seek abstract Some benefits that an intuitive and sensor relationship might encounter. Exactness (the date) is not as important to her as the symbol (marriage). Much of the frustration a Sensor has with an Intuitive comes when. She refuses to date any sensor because she won't get any intuition out of them. Based of the Jungian functions, everyone's a sensor/intuitive.

For most, and I might dare to say all N-dominant types have one extremely clear objective and goal that always keeps on floating around in their conscious mind. And that objective often is to share or influence the world around them with their insights and intuition. They rarely keep truly crucial discoveries to themselves and fully enjoy a conversation, or gentle circumstance, in which they are able to share the wonderful things that they have learned, are interested in and want more knowledge about.

In fact, if you look deeper into it, they might as well serve for that same, greater purpose. Though they just happen to present themselves in a different manner, with varying approaches.

Not only that, but it only adds fuel to the fire in this case. For S-types to redeem themselves with their Intuitive counterparts, there has to be a common agreement. One where one tries to converse and politely excuse themselves when presented with information overload, and one where the individual vows to listen. Both of these issues as I have previously mentioned, often happen as a result of immaturity. But it is precisely why, I urge to create awareness that the more difficult something is to get or enjoy at its full capacity, the much more precious it can become to the individuals involved in the long-run.

It can be nice to connect to others of the same thinking and perceiving processes, but please understand, that for the individual to fully grow, they would have to be knowledgeable about others who might hold just as much, and if not more, valuable information than you.

Some benefits that an intuitive and sensor relationship might encounter Different points of view Multiple ways of looking at things.

Just putting it out there, not trying to hurt anyones feelings. I had a strong need to start with that, the thought of hurting innocent strangers feelings makes me cringe internally. I spend a lot of time analyzing and reanalyzing my past relationships. Each relationship would last about a month of so, but I would eventually find myself completely misunderstood.

The Intuitive's Guide to Getting Along With Sensors

Kind of like If thinking were colors they were thinking in terms of blue, red, yellow, ect. I would be thinking in terms of periwinkle, cornflower, violet. Talking to them became unsatisfying.

In retrospect, I never had any deep conversation that led to a better understanding of the others thinking.

intuitives dating sensors and transducers

An insatiable desire to think "what if Eventually i would get bored, then leave. I'd better get some blood work done. I read that book.

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It was pretty provocative. That man must have hidden depths, reading such a seamy book. I bet he does a spooky job, like a mortician or an arachnologist.

Intuitives read between the lines to size up a situation and take intellectual leaps of faith about the meaning of things. As such, their ideas are often difficult to communicate. What should be clear from the flight example is that the stimulus does not change, but merely the window through which the Intuitive or the Sensor sees it.

intuitives dating sensors and transducers

You might live in the same house as a Sensor but it can feel like you're moving through very different surroundings! So how can you get along with Sensors who seem to come from a wholly different world? Observe tradition Sensors place a lot of value on family, history and tradition.

Intuitive and Sensoric Relationships

These things are concrete and knowable, and therefore can be trusted. In practical terms, this means that Sensors are far more likely than Intuitives to uphold rituals such as holidays and anniversaries. They connect through these physical experiences and use them as a conduit for transmitting cultural values. This can lead to problems if, for example, an Intuitive wife forgets her wedding anniversary.

Can an Idealist (ENFP, INFP, INFJ, ENFJ) date a SENSOR?!

She does this because she places greater value on future possibilities than old traditions. Exactness the date is not as important to her as the symbol marriage.

To her Sensor husband, however, failing to recognize such an important ritual is disrespectful as it undermines his entire value system.

intuitives dating sensors and transducers

Rituals are especially important when raising Sensor children. Young Sensors have a need for tangible stability in their lives. They place great emphasis on having their own room, which is organized so they know where their stuff is.

They may have strong opinions about the contents of their lunch bag so they can fit in with the lunchtime traditions of their friends an Intuitive child won't even notice what the other kids are eating for lunch.

They want to know timelines - the exact time when they should wake up, do homework and go to bed. These traditions are a practical application of the information that a young Sensor has accumulated. They need them to feel safe and connected with the world.