Han ji min and yoochun dating sim

'Rooftop Prince' heroine Han Ji Min talks about her flower boy co-stars | allkpop

han ji min and yoochun dating sim

“If it’s a girl like Han Ji Min, I don’t think I will receive negative comments even if I decide to publicly date her.”. This was what JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun stated during a recent interview about his fellow co-star Han Ji Min from the recently ended drama, “Rooftop. Micky Yoochun & Han Jimin - REAL Couple In REAL Life, Seoul, South Korea. 11K likes. Always keep the faith. We love Park Yoochun and Han Jimin. Join us. decostarica.info: Rooftop Prince: Micky Yoochun, Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung, Son Not Rated; Studio: YA Entertainment; DVD Release Date: August 28, ; Run.

Why these BTS scenes are being selected, not just simply funny NG always showing they are between yes or no couple Why?

Han Ji Min Clarifies Physical Affection With Park Yoochun Issue : News : KpopStarz

Lets think about it? Lots of people the director, other actors, actress and staff are helping and protecting them, but what happen next after the drama?

han ji min and yoochun dating sim

For sure, they went thought up and down when you refer YC JMinterviews, tweeters, friends tweeters and the songs. Someone or both parties are not sure their feelings, sesang crazy and lack of confidence etc. For sure, not sweet all the time I really want to express my personal opinion with every piece of info, unfortunately it is gonna to be time consuming and long long long story.

Hope you guys like my opinion. Don't get upset if you have different views on me, as it is just sharing forum.

han ji min and yoochun dating sim

Don't get hard feelings, love. Bye for now, as busy again.

han ji min and yoochun dating sim

Hope be back soon. Among the production crew of Rooftop Prince, they were the ones who had the most number of reports about rumours of their romance. I have only known Ji Min noona for four months, but it seems that I have known her for 10 years, as I felt very comfortable around her.

Also, I was very touched by her considerate nature. While filming the scenes, she would cry or laugh even more so that I could get into the emotion better. Although the after-hours party was held after several days of overnight filming, she just went there without washing up as the party was for the staff who had work hard for the drama.

Now, I know why the people around her say good things about her. Did you hear a lot of people saying that the two of you look well together?

han ji min and yoochun dating sim

When I looked at scenes where Ji Min noona and I have acted together in, I also felt that we look good together. I wonder if it will be okay to officially date someone like her.

Han ji min and yoochun dating sim / decostarica.info

Since I am a celebrity, I would be criticized if I were to go public with a relationship. I wonder if I will receive lesser criticisms and more blessings if I were to date someone who looks good with me. We worked in perfect harmony. Since it is comedic acting, it was important for all four of us to work together, but it was also important for the three of them to work together well too.

Han Ji Min Clarifies Physical Affection With Park Yoochun Issue

The three of them really put a lot of effort into preparing, so we were able to work in harmony. I am someone who acts in a comfortable manner. As comedic acting was very interesting, I enjoyed myself while filming.

han ji min and yoochun dating sim

To me, it is the scene where Lee Gak disappeared in the ending of episode It was really sad. The director and the staff who were watching the scene on set also cried.

It showed that a person is really bad at leaving someone behind. Personally, the line, which I like the most is the one in episode 19 whereby Lee Gak and Park Ha said thank you while lying on the bed.