Hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating sim

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hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating sim

Welcome to Watanabe Daisuke, Hamao Kyousuke and Dai x Mao Heaven . The release is scheduled for autumn and the official sales date and order. Welcome to Watanabe Daisuke, Hamao Kyousuke and Dai x Mao Heaven. Category:Dating sims [show article only]hover over links in text for more info. On December 21st I attended Hamao Kyousuke's Xmas event which was “Your Christmas Date with Hamao Kyousuke” and that the game was related .. [ Eng] Fan account Watanabe Daisuke and Hamao Kyosuke in.

Ever since our first night together I wanted to mark your beautiful body in such a way, but basically never had the opportunity do so. I couldn't even give you a proper hickey because it would have raised too many suspicions. And if you want you can take your 'revenge' on me some other time.

After today we still have four full days left before we have to go back to Tokyo and didn't I just promise you a whole day in bed? The brown-haired actor tightened his hold of Kyousuke and began to nibble the young man's bottom lip playfully before running the tip of his tongue over it in a seductive manner, demanding further access which he was granted almost instantaneously. Without wasting a second Daisuke let his tongue delve deep into his beloved's mouth thus tearing a sweet sigh of pleasure from his one and only and the couple shared a long, deep and sensual kiss, a kiss that spoke of nothing but love and affection, a kiss that left both men breathless once they had finally broken it.

The sun had already risen high into the clear blue sky, promising another hot, beautiful day and Kyousuke was more than grateful that Daisuke had chosen a soft top at the rental shop.

With the roof of the car down both men enjoyed the scenic drive, chatting with each other from time to time or just taking in the beautiful view while letting a fresh, fragrant breeze caressing their faces and thus time passed swiftly. From a high, rocky slope cascaded a majestic waterfall into a pool of clear, sapphire-blue water.

The sun that broke through the leafy canopy of the trees surrounding it bathed the clearing into a warm, golden glow and caused the rushing waters to glitter and sparkle like thousands of diamonds.

He then leaned his head against Daisuke's broad, firm chest and closed his eyes with a blissful sigh of contentment. Once the two lovers had finally pulled out of their embrace the brown-haired actor led the younger one down to the pool at the foot of the waterfall. He carefully stepped over a couple of rocks until he reached a large, plateau-like rock that was rising a few inches out of the cool water and sat down, Kyousuke following his example, taking a seat next to him.

Usually many tourists and hikers come here, especially on weekends, national holidays or during the summer holidays, but hey, I'm certainly not complaining about the fact that we are the only people here.

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Since you and I are on a romantic vacation I welcome a little more privacy. Laid out on the smooth surface of the rock there were boxes spread out containing onigiri, egg roll, pickled vegetables, fried meat and fish, fruits and some other delicacies.

hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating sim

Smiling mildly to himself the older man took up his chopsticks as well and began to eat, his smile turning into a boyish grin as an idea came to his mind.

He picked up a piece of egg roll, knowing how much the young actor loved it and held it out to him. Closing his eyes Kyousuke parted his lips to receive the snack offered and had barely taken half of the cheese stick into his mouth when Daisuke swiftly leaned in to take the remaining half, thus stealing a kiss from the young actor.

Upon feeling the touch the brown-haired celebrity dropped his chopsticks and raised his hands to gingerly cup his beloved's cheeks as he responded to the kiss in such a sensual manner that a small moan of pleasure tore from the younger actor. It will take us roughly the same amount of time as we would need if we were to take the route we used to come here and it's much more romantic.

I trust your word since you are the expert when it comes to sightseeing here in Okinawa," the young man replied with a boyish smile playing about his mouth. You haven't told me yet what kind of place it is or why it is so special. Trust me you will love the place just as much as I do. Fields, villages and trees flew by and both men enjoyed the scenic drive to the fullest. They had already been driving for almost an hour when Daisuke left the main road and turned into a rather narrow side street and within minutes the couple was surrounded by nothing but grassy fields and trees.

Only a short while later the older man stopped the car on the narrow side strip of the road, near the entrance to a small country lane that was leading further into the wilderness and turned off the engine. Sigma for syvende online dating, mao and daisuke dating apps. Showing 1—16 of 18 results. Figure skating icon Mao Asada announced Monday on her blog that she is.

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hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating sim

Best accounting jobs for extroverts dating Codinome cassius 7 dublado. Of course the MC pointed that mistake out and we began to laugh which caused poor Mao to blush deeply with embarrassment, especially because he knew that thanks to his blog entries and several interviews, we all knew that he had taken up English studies again in spring. Mao cutely apologized for the mistake and promised improvement. The next part of the talk show was a bit unusual, but very interesting…it was a game.

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At certain points during the story we had to make choices and there were usually two or three options. However, on the day of the date he got a call from his agent saying that he had to work and because of that Mao suddenly had to tell us that he could spare us only three hours for the date.

Here we had to make our first choice: Mao took us to a good restaurant, but unfortunately all tables were already occupied and the waiter informed us that we would have to wait for at least one hour. Both, Mao and we were hungry though, so we decided to grab a few things from the convenience store instead of waiting at the restaurant and Mao invited us to go home with him.

Being the kind and considerate boyfriend Mao left the choice to us and we agreed to meet Mrs. We opted for being understanding once more rather than making a scene and before we had to part Mao promised us that he would not only meet us the following day to give us our Christmas present but take us on another date. That was the end of the story and next the MC revealed the ending.

The endings of the story were based on how well we and Mao match as a couple. At this point of the show the usual lottery took place and apart from some photos and a poster we could win the original drawings Mao had created for the power-point presentation. Mostly he was asked to deliver some lines from stage plays he had acted in, not always the lines of the character he played though which made things quite fun and interesting since Mao had to imitate the way his colleagues had originally played these characters.

We had some great laughs!

[Eng] Hamao Kyousuke’s Xmas Event 2013 – A Fan Report

The talk show ended about He explained that we, the fans, always do so many special things for him to show our love and to make him happy and that he therefore wanted to do something special for us as well. Mao then held up a special photograph of himself on which he had written a message.

He then said that all of us would receive such a picture with a handwritten message on top of the signed photo set that we always receive as part of the memorial photo shoot and with that Mao went backstage. The photo shooting started around After we had taken our picture Mao handed me the photoset and the special photo I mentioned earlier and took my hands into his.

I left the stage as a very happy fangirl. The second talk show started at Again we called Mao onto the stage by using his first name after the MC had welcomed us to the event. Again Mao made his entrance from the back of the room and this time he was dressed completely in black…gorgeous! The MC opened the talk show by asking Mao how he had usually spent Christmas these past few years.