German dating and marriage traditions

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german dating and marriage traditions

According to German wedding traditions, when a baby girl is born in When her wedding date is set, the trees are sold, and the money is used. When it comes to weddings in Germany, broken porcelain is a good thing - and On Meet the Germans, Kate Müser shares the German wedding traditions that. At first, a German wedding may not seem all too different from those in the UK or US. But you may find some of the customs a bit surprising.

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That happens from Polterabends. The Wife and I did not have a Polterabend, however, because most venues in the Unites States close at a reasonable hour. Here, you can rent out a place and go ballistic until the sun comes up. Your German will drink, but will not get sloppy drunk — just the right amount of fuel to feed the machine.

He or she will take — or be featured prominently — in every single picture taken that night. He or she will dance, sing, eat ridiculously heavy foods, laugh and then dance some more… all while you have long since passed out. Germans are cosmic partiers, you see.

german dating and marriage traditions

Your German will be the sun in the solar system that is your wedding reception, and its gravity will pull all celestial matter toward its center — including you, the wayward planet with the decaying orbit — where you will burn in its white-hot embrace for all eternity. Rocking you all night long… to death. Your German has forgotten more drinking songs than you will ever learn.

Germans know dozens of dances, and at your wedding reception, you will be expected to participate in every goddamn one of them. They look great in the pictures you will see later on, but right in the moment?

This is the Autobahn, baby. Hold on tight and try not to look like a pussy. Your German — and the other german Guests — Will refuse to drink and drive. Unlike the United States, there is no legal limit of 0. You may even lose your license forever. They intuitively know how stupid it is to drink and drive. This is why you may need to organize shuttles and taxis for your German wedding guests. And screw the American ones, right?

German Wedding Traditions

Because they have the freedom to die in a fire of twisted metal and broken windshield glass if they so desire. It even says so in the Bill of Rights … probably.

So, unless you arrange for safe transportation to and from your wedding reception, some poor German is going to remain sober all night, and just one sober German alone is enough bring about a second Great Depression. Listen — you and me?

Our weddings are traditionally extravagant. We get hitched using so much money either our parents pay for everything, or we go bankrupt attempting to handle the cost ourselves. They use local churches, restaurants, hotels and the backyards of affluent relatives to get married. This is usually a close friend or relative, and they might do things like plan the stag or hen party, or help kidnap the bride more on this later.

Honking the horns You've probably seen or rather heard this German tradition on weekends before. It's customary that after the wedding ceremony, everyone drives to the party venue with their car antenna somehow decorated, honking their horns the whole way there.

Whether you honk your horn as an outsider simply driving along is up to you. After the ceremony, the couple embark on their first real challenge together: With one on each side of the saw, the bride and groom work together to sever the chunk of wood, hopefully proving their strength as a couple.

Close friends will at some point "kidnap" the bride after the ceremony, dragging her from bar to bar while the groom tries to find them. The cheeky kidnappers might just also leave the bill behind for the groom to foot. The veil dance While Germans may also throw the bride's bouquet to single women during the party, another more German tradition is the Schleiertanz - the veil dance.

This involves taking the bride's veil and having the couple dance under it. When the music ends, single women will try to rip off pieces from it and whoever gets the biggest piece is said to be the next to marry. Another variation is that people will throw money into the veil while the couple dances, buying themselves a dance with one of the newlyweds. The wedding cake power play A couple with their wedding cake.

german dating and marriage traditions

Midnight is when Germans often choose to cut the cake.