Evangeline and dominic dating

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evangeline and dominic dating

[email protected]: @DomsWildThings Evangeline looked unreal in the Hobbit, man oh man ├·┼╕ΓÇÿ┼Æ ├ó┬¥┬ñ–nah. I don't date cheaters. — Dominic. Lost co-stars Evangeline Lilly (Kate) and Dominic Monaghan Afterward, she started dating Lost production assistant Norman Kali and they. Pregnant Evangeline Lilly talks to Extra at Ant-Man premiere She dated her Lost costar Dominic Monaghan from to . burgers and a kiss as they turn Golden Globes into date night Treated themselves to a snack.

evangeline and dominic dating

Lilly, whose initial dream was to become a missionary only considered acting after she became broke trying to put herself through college and then made a bold decision that would change her life forever by contacting a Ford Models scout who had earlier spotted her on the streets of Kelowna, British Columbia.

Before taking up a career in the movie industry, Evangeline first worked as a waitress, then as a flight attendant which helped her hone her French language skills.

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The series which was aired from towas a huge success and earned her a Screen Actors Guild Award as well as a Golden Globe Award nomination. The Battle of the Five Armiesamong others.

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His body measurements are The Desolation of Smaug. Dating History Norman previously had a short-lived relationship with actress Lisa Edelstein in After the duo split later that same year, Edelstein publicly admitted that he was a great guy but they were not a compatible match.

Evangeline lily dating dominic

Interestingly, his partner Lilly also shares similar interests. Her outdoor hobbies include ice-skating, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding and rock climbing. She eventually called and the agency landed her several roles in commercials and non-speaking parts in the TV shows Smallville and Kingdom Hospital.

evangeline and dominic dating

As the secrecy campaign prevented the auditioning actors from accessing the full script, forcing them to read short scenes and only know the basic premise of people surviving a plane crash on a tropical island — which reminded Lilly of The Blue Lagoon — she thought Lost would "at best be a mediocre TV show". Writer and co-creator Damon Lindelof said that he and executive producer and co-creator J.

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Abrams "were fast-forwarding through a tape, and he saw her and said, 'That's the girl. Entertainment Weekly voted Lilly one of its "Breakout Stars of After shooting the final episode of Lost, Lilly said she was considering taking a break from acting to focus on her charity and humanitarian efforts.

evangeline and dominic dating

Lilly followed this role with a leading part in psychological thriller film Afterwards. I needed someone who you believed had grown up in a man's world.

evangeline and dominic dating

Bailey needed to have a strength and a toughness that was not at the expense of her being womanly. Tolkien 's The Hobbit. Lilly, who had been a fan of Tolkien's books since she was 13, [39] underwent training for swordplay and archery, as well as in the Elvish language for the role.