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Presented by Atascadero Printery & Atascadero Performing Arts Committee. July 21st Dreams.” Freeman Lee has been per- forming and recording profession- ally for more than .. Start giving your kids all the advantages of Kumon. To learn more, we .. YRS. Days Dates Times We hope that you will take home. Home · A Dream · About Enfold · Our Approach · Our Vineyard · Our Wines We hope that you will stop and visit us and our new plantings here in Templeton. . ensconced in his marble sarcophagus dating from , topped with a beautiful This year we started watering the second week of January. Atascadero in , where her son and daughter grew up and attended Atascadero In she started dating her former hotshot crew captain and in they the north side of town, she was there to support and create this dream a reality. Asset Development: Ignite the Spark, Connecting Hope Giraffe Award.

There are peacocks ambling by, a baffled looking emu, and a raven named Ralphie who seems to have the run of the place. Judi is undisputed queen of the domain. She describes herself as a psychologist, author, and storyteller. She shows us her bookstore, complete with a metaphysical room and an antique sofa from an opium den, and she talks about her plans for art activities, parties, events, and retreats.

She stands there in full make-up as the sun descends and the distant mountains darken, reminding me a little of the good witch Glenda. We walk beneath a framed picture of John Wayne to enter the rest room, then indulge in a greasy American breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, served by a gregarious fellow named George, who tells us that he came here decades earlier after losing his job at the Hector Mining Company.

And life is nothing if not implausible. There are also a couple of bikers in here, some local kids having a birthday party in a side room, a German tourist taking serious photos with a big lens camera, and one woman in particular whose face is a deeply etched road map of hard times. Fed and caffeinated, we hit the road. There are volcanic fields and white sand dunes, and various structures that we take to be refineries, mines, or processing plants, and above it all a breathtaking skyscape of utterly cinematic clouds.

We pull over at a place called Camp Cady Wildlife Area, acres of desert riparian habitat, and we read a sign about the River Bluff Ranch on the north bank of the Mojave River. The river, which has been described as upside-down and backwards because its water generally flows below ground and inland from Silverwood Lake to Soda Dry Lake, was used by ancient indigenous people as a trade route to and from the Pacific Coast. - Registered at

InJedediah Smith passed through here to become the first American to reach the California coast via an overland trail, and eventually the Mojave Road became a primary route from Los Angeles to the Arizona territory and points East. Right now there is no one in sight as far as the eye can see, and we run around under the crazy sky in the center of a two-lane highway We will encounter this kind of truth again and again as we travel.

Zoom in anywhere to find a universe. There are microcosms and ecosystems within seemingly irrelevant places, there are layers of history and stories in vast swaths of silence, there are remnants of lives lived, and there is nature in all its wondrous incarnations trying to survive. We get back in the car for the drive to Las Vegas. Has there ever been a city more completely removed from the natural world? We use our phone to navigate to The Golden Nugget on Fremont Street, in the heart of the old downtown.

People seem remarkably eager to throw their money away, despite the odds, and everyone is seeking fun in a desperate sort of frenzy, but nobody looks happy. The area is jam-packed with drunken revelers and street performers of varying degrees of talent, among them a young man adeptly drumming on plastic buckets, a couple of acrobatic dancers, and a shaggy looking fellow holding up a sign that says, simply, "Fuck You". It saddens me to see a pale, thin, almost-naked girl standing in the chilly air of dusk advertising lap dances; she has a blank expression, and looks to be younger than my daughter.

I realize that for some this is a vacation destination, and I understand that the tourist, restaurant, and hospitality industries represent livelihoods for hundreds of thousands of people, and I must say most of the employees we interacted with were good-natured and patient but I'm completely out of my element. Voting Is My Superpower. Karma is a Bitch, and She Votes. White is Just My Outside Color.

Respect Existence or Expect Resistance. The first speaker is a Native American woman who reminds us that Las Vegas sits on native land, and that indigenous women face a disproportionately high rate of murder and many go missing, never to be found. There are tribal dancers on the stage——to dance is to pray.

Later, State Representative Paulette Jordan of Idaho, an indigenous woman running for governor of that state, urges other women…and immigrants, and LGBT people, and people with disabilities, and people of color…to run for office. First we marched, and now we run The women of the USA are gonna take back America. A survivor of the deadly Las Vegas mass shooting speaks to us in a tremulous voice: But doing nothing is not an option…we have a a responsibility as women to register and vote on behalf of candidates who promote the issues we care about.

Stand up for me, white women! You say you want to be my friend? I want to see it when you go to the polls at the midterm election. There are musical performances, and deeply moving song and spoken word by Jess Flo. We see sex workers holding up red umbrellas, restaurant workers, and teachers, locals, and people like us who have come from far away. There are earnest young volunteers with clipboards registering voters.

Instead of deporting immigrants, we need to deport some of these politicians. When we organize, black and white and brown and red and yellow and old and young and Jewish and Muslim and Christian and those who do not have a faith but they believe in a moral agenda. This was an informative and inspiring reaffirmation of our commitment, and a clear and persuasive call to come together and get out the vote, very focused on the midterm elections.

One of the speakers offered this quote from Maya Angelou: Amidst all that terrifies us and breaks our hearts, there are many things to inspire and encourage. I refuse to despair. Our destination is the Amargosa River Valley at the edge of Death Valley, about eighty miles to the west but a world away, and we soon arrive at Shoshone Village on California State Route A decaying old automobile is parked alongside two obsolete gasoline pumps, and there is rusting antique farm equipment scattered about on the ground, each piece with a label, an in-the-field museum of agricultural machinery.

I'm very fond of little local museums, and this one is a fine haven, lovingly curated. We talk to a woman named Carla at the front desk, and she offers a wealth of knowledge about the history of the area as well as tourist information, and then we walk on wooden floors and peer into glass display cases filled with mining and railway relics, Native American artifacts, and geological displays. There are wildlife exhibits too: Photos and documents tell the stories of the human characters who came to seek their fortunes and build a community here, among them Ralph Jacobus Fairbanks, who founded Shoshone in as a trading post, and Charles Brown, whose granddaughter, Susan Sorrells, inherited and still owns the town.

We later learn that these trees, although pretty, are problematically thirsty and invasive. We peer within and see that the house is open to visitors, and we enter to discover the office of the Amargosa Conservancy. We browse in its sunlit front room, reading about the wild and scenic river, the many species of wildlife, and ongoing efforts to fund restoration and encourage ecotourism.

It has evolved into a series of healthier life choices including being a conscious consumer, an intuitive steward of the land, an educator about our food system, and an advocate for our plants and animals. She and her husband continue to strive to grow and sell food for their local community.

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Her family moved to Paso Robles 16 years ago to raise their three children in a better environment. Her work involves primarily meeting families from different diverse, cultural and economic backgrounds and as she teaches, she also learns from them. Her passion is gardening and when One Cool Earth started a garden at Georgia Brown, it was a perfect opportunity for her to involve parents and children in the benefits, both psychological and healthy wise to utilize the resources available to them.

Her work also involves community involvement and collaboration with agencies to better serve families. When the city of Paso Robles applied for a grant to bring a community park to the north side of town, she was there to support and create this dream a reality.

The new Uptown Park has a beautiful space for a community garden and she, along with families plant it, harvest it, and it is also an educational setting for children when they come with their parents.

She has been a Friends of the Fair volunteer for the last 15 years. She is passionate about serving real, delicious, local foods to kids and enjoys working with our local farm community to source the best products! Erin has worked in institutional food service for over a dozen years from campus dining to hospitals and even a zoo! Her background in catering and events brings a high standard for putting out exceptional food for customers. In her current role, Erin plans menus and sources food to feed thousands of students every day.

She is committed to serving fresh food that is both nutritious and tastes great! She enjoys working with students on recipe development and taste testing. She is innovative and creates incredible menus for students to enjoy at school. Erin collaborates with local farms and farmers to bring local food to students - including blended burgers with local grass-fed beef blended with mushrooms, served on a local bun from Edna's Bakery in SLO! However, years later, after being a floral shop owner for 9 years, she joined the UCCE Master Gardener program, where she helped create a partnership with a newly created cultural center in San Clemente - Casa Romantica.

After moving to the Central Coast in with husband Jeff and dog MarleyNell continued with the Master Gardener program, where she helped start the annual Tomato Extravaganza festival and also served as President for one term. Besides finding the work to be rewarding and therapeutic, she also honors the labor and energy it takes to grow a particular crop to market.

Through working with various groups, she realizes the importance of local food distribution to all, which includes the underserved in our county.


As an active member of 4-H, he learned to appreciate the importance of informal science experiences in the garden and was involved in the 4-H SERIES Program developing science lessons for countywide youth. He was also involved in wildlife education by bringing wildlife to the classroom with his association with Pacific Wildlife Care.

After university, Kurt received his Multiple Subjects elementary credential and his Single Subjects teaching credential in science. He has taught elementary, middle, and high school science for 20 years.

He is a nationally certified teacher and trainer in project based learning through the New Tech Network. Two of these schools have been recognized as Green Ribbon Award winners by state of California in sustainability and energy conservation. Kurt is passionate about real world experiences in education and getting students to use and apply their education beyond the classroom walls.

He is an avid gardener and outdoorsmen. He enjoys being outside either hiking, camping, fishing,or exploring with his family. Laura attributes her love of science education to past science teachers and a professor who suggested that she pursue a single subject in science in addition to her multiple subject credential.

Most of her time as an undergraduate student was spent working in the Cal Poly Learn by Doing lab and helping provide science educational experiences at community schools including science nights and teaching lessons in schools.

As a teacher, she has attended One Cool Earth trainings that have enhanced her instruction and inspired her to incorporate the outdoors into everyday lessons. Laura earned her M. After spending much of her childhood outdoors in Illinois, you will most likely find Laura hiking and exploring one of the local trails on the weekends.