Dating china and porcelain dolls

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dating china and porcelain dolls

Nelson, Anders childrens dolls edit During the ancient China, Parian Paper dolls doll hospitals was revealed, and sold, and Parian, and Porcelain Dolls. html. Antique China head dolls have delighted children and adults alike for years, and the China was imported from the East to Europe, until the secret of porcelain Dating a china head doll takes research and experience, although there are a. The earliest and rarest of the antique porcelain china dolls date from the s and were made by pioneer porcelain makers such as German.

The style included a center part and ribbon, with rolls over the ears.

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In the s, Jenny Lind dolls were made to resemble the popular singer known as the Swedish Nightingale who toured America in Her hairstyle consisted of swept back sides and center part. Hair color can also help date a doll's manufacture. China head dolls were made with black, very dark brown, and blonde hair.

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Red hair was not very popular: Clothing Dolls were dressed and changed and loved by children, so many times the clothing on a doll is not original. A china head doll with original clothing or at the very least, clothing from the doll's era is more valuable than a doll without the correct clothing. Some doll collectors wait years before they locate accurate clothing for their china head doll. Do not remove or destroy any clothing from a china head doll, no matter how poor the condition: One category of china head doll typically came dressed in the time's proper fashion - fashion dolls.

For example, a fashion doll might wear clothing made from s fabric, and be dressed in a "bolero"-style straw bonnet and red leather shoes.

dating china and porcelain dolls

Fashion dolls were dressed in the latest fashion, and were less a plaything than a display item. Early dolls were sent to the colonies or around England to convey to ladies the next new thing in fashion, while men got into the game as well. Some dealers specialize in doll clothing, and have lots of information about doll dresses, gowns and other items, which assist in identifying a doll's manufacturer or time period.

dating china and porcelain dolls

China head dolls were sometimes sold with their own wardrobe, often a trousseau, as described in a video by Theriaults, the doll auction house. Dolls such as these often have a provenance, or history, of their ownership, which helps identify the period and style of the doll.

An excellent publication for identifying or purchasing china head doll clothing is Antique Doll Collector Magazinewhich lists dealers and resources for research.

Determining Value Several factors enter into what makes a china head doll rare or valuable. Manufacturer - KPM Meissen was one of the earliest producers of china head dolls, and their examples are rare and expensive, partly because of the KPM mark but mainly because of their artistry in details and handpainting.

Condition of the head - Chipped paint, cracked china, and missing details all contribute to lowering a doll's value. Clothing - Are the clothes in good condition or even present? Are they contemporary with the doll? Body - Is the doll's body intact?

Is it made from modern materials? Features - Does the doll have interesting features, unusual hair molded or real?

dating china and porcelain dolls

Was she made to resemble a famous person, like Queen Victoria? Taken all together, a china head doll has to have a lot in place for it to command the highest prices. For example, one particularly interesting china doll was Frozen Charlottewhich was a one-piece doll of china -- head, limbs, and body. They could be very tiny about the size of a modern pennya few inches tall, or more rarely, 10" or more: Valuable Rare Dolls Rarity is difficult to define, but can mean an object which comes up for sale only only or twice every decade and has collectors willing to pay highly for it.

Antique china head doll collectors are avid in their search for the best condition, the most complete clothing, and the most unique doll, driving prices up each year. They are rare because of the clothing, and its condition.

Guide to Antique Dolls with China Heads

Male dolls are just as collectible and far less common than female dolls: Antique Doll Dealers China head dolls still show up in antiques shops and at flea markets; keep an eye out for modern reproductions which are thick looking, with little detail.

However, there are places where you can purchase fine china head dolls online. The antiques website Ruby Lane has a number of doll dealers who offer china head dolls regularly. Theriaults Auctions is world-renowned for their doll sales.

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dating china and porcelain dolls