Brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating services

Who is Brittany Raymond dating? Brittany Raymond boyfriend, husband

brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating services

May 15, Brittany Raymond Height m, Weight kg, Measurements, bra size, dress, shoe size, boyfriend, bio. Manager. Bobby Ball Agency Brittany Raymond has dated –. Trevor Brittany Raymond and Trevor Tordjman. Aug 19, Told mainly from the point of views of Brittany Raymond and Trevor Tordjman. Sorry, I'm I walked Brittany to the door and entered the house with her. Now I was on TV, dating a guy, and paying my own way in life. . When I finished, I was starving, so I headed to craft services to find some banana chips. Explore Dante''s board "Brittany Raymond" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about The next step, Actresses and Bretagne.

My hands flew to my mouth in shock. I couldn't believe he did that for me. I looked at him, and I felt tears come to my eyes. I had always wanted to go to a One Direction concert and when I tried to buy tickets, they were sold out. I threw my arms around Trevor and hugged him. He hugged me back, "You're welcome," he said and we let go of each other, "Now we'd better get in there, before it starts," he said, and we got out of the car and headed inside.

The crowd was screaming. The two of us had front row seats. I was holding hands with Brit while we sat, waiting for the concert to start, when I was tapped on the shoulder by a girl who looked to be about 11 or I nodded, and she squealed, "I'm a huge fan of The Next Step! I smiled, "Well thank you, it's always nice to meet a fan," I said. I smiled, "Sure I could? I was getting an autograph from Trevor. He took the marker I was holding and let go of the hand that belonged to the girl sitting next to him.

brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating services

He stood up and signed my shirt. Then I turned back around and he looked at me, "Hold on one second," he said, sitting back down and touch the shoulder of the girl with him. He said something that I couldn't hear over the other people and then gave her the marker. Then she turned around and smiled. It was Brittany Raymond! She said hi, and signed my shirt too. They sat down too and turned back to the front. I saw Trevor take Brittany's hand and hold it.

I quickly pulled out my iPod and took a picture of them.

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This was going on Instagram when I got home. I wasn't a huge One Direction fan. But I knew some of their songs. I listened to Brit as she sung most of the songs. She was a great singer. One of the last few songs of the night was a song slow enough to dance to with her.

I pulled her into the middle of the aisle, like several other couples were doing. I pulled her close, taking her right hand in my left, and wrapping my other arm around behind her back. Her other hand held my shoulder, and we slow danced together. She eventually put her head against me and I just pulled her closer to me.

brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating services

I sang what was left of the song to her as she rested close to me. I'm afraid you'll run away. If I tell you what I've wanted to tell you. Maybe I Just gotta wait.

Maybe this is a mistake. I'm a fool, yeah, Baby, I'm just a fool, yeah, oh, oh Girl, what would you do? Would you wanna stay If I were to say?. I wanna be last, yeah. I put my face back down and hid it against Trevor. He rubbed my back and held me tight.

brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating services

Everything will be ok. It was quiet for a minute until he spoke again, "Brit? Maybe I should stay with you for more than a few days," he suggested. He nodded, "Maybe I should…" he said, "I mean, if it's ok with you? I thought about it for a moment and then nodded. Then Trevor spoke again, "It would be good for the both of us. You wouldn't be alone all the time. I could finally get out of staying with my parents, and they can move back home to Kitchener.

brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating services

I gave a slight smile. I woke up the next morning to lips kissing the side of my neck. I smiled; my eyes still closed, and rolled over, opening my eyes and looking up at Trevor.

I stretched, and sat up, throwing off the covers. Trevor got up too, and threw on some new clothes. I took my things to the bathroom and changed and did all my normal morning things. When I got out of the bathroom and headed to the kitchen with my bag, there was breakfast on the table. I walked over and looked at it all. I admired the food again. Bacon, eggs, toast, fruit and juice. I knew I had all this food, but I never real had any motive in the morning to make a good breakfast for myself.

The two of us sat and talked as we ate. When we finished we cleared the table and headed down to the set. We were halfway there when there was a notification on my phone. I looked at it, and saw it was an Instagram alert.

I had been tagged in a photo. I looked at it and froze, almost dropping my phone in the car floor.

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The picture was of me and Trevor on our date last night. I looked at the profile of the person who posted it. It was that girl who made us sign her shirt at the concert. The caption under the picture was, 'Caught these two love birds out on a date at a 1D concert last night', then I read the comments under the photo. Most of them were all people freaking out that we were on a date, and some of them tagged the other cast members IG's in the comments. Then I got another notification, and I checked it out.

This time I almost lost it right there. That bratty little kid was sitting in the car next to Trevor's and took a picture of our kiss. I had to tell Trevor since his phone was in his pocket, and using phones while driving was illegal.

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brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating services

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