Are robert and kym johnson dating

‘Dancing' Baby! Kym Johnson & Robert Herjavec Expecting First Child Together |

are robert and kym johnson dating

It appears that there's love on the dance floor for Robert Herjavec, 52, and his DWTS partner Kym Johnson, 38, who are apparently dating. Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec proved that his chemistry with pro Kym Johnson was sizzling hot on the Monday, March 23 episode of Dancing With the Stars, and it's clear that their relationship out of the ballroom is just as hot. Prior to dancing to Michael Buble's "You Make Me Feel. Kym Johnson, 39, opened up about her relationship to Shark Tank star Robert Herjavev, The duo, who have been dating for nine months.

Robert Herjavec

Talking about their engagement on "Gma" in March. We know, Kym, you'll choreograph an incredible first dance with your -- So much pressure.

Shark Tank' Star Robert Herjavec ... Dating 'DWTS' Partner Kym Johnson - TMZ

And last night the couple took to the dance floor to celebrate with a romantic first dance set to Etta James's "Last" a very happy ending for the dancing duo. We did our research. Of course, of course.

are robert and kym johnson dating

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It's easy to fall for someone on the dance floor, and here's why Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson's whirlwind coupling is probably doomed.

They're moving way too fast Getty Images If there's one red flag in a relationship it's when two people get together at breakneck speed. Two months after finishing in eighth place together on the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars, Johnson confirmed rumors that she and the Shark Tank star were an item.

Blog - The BOD by Kym Herjavec

By February the following year, the couple announced they were engaged. That was troubling news for a number of reasons.

are robert and kym johnson dating

Objectively speaking, getting engaged after dating for only a year can be a risky move; how can you be sure that person will stay the same four years down the road, or forty? If that doesn't convince you, how about this little tidbit: We've heard of rebound relationships before, but rebound marriages are on a whole different level.

Herjavec's rough divorce Getty Images Based on interviews Herjavec's given on the subject of his divorce, the whole thing sounds like one legitimately messy situation.

are robert and kym johnson dating

At the time the news broke, Herjavec—who legally separated from the summer of —described their split as a "terribly difficult year," adding that he was "looking forward to a new chapter.

After the couple separated, their three children initially did not speak to Herjavec. According to People, their silence led Herjavec to a dark place.

are robert and kym johnson dating

It took me to a place I never thought I would go. This guy went from being suicidal over his divorce to engaged, all in one and a half years?

'DWTS' Pro Kym Johnson Marries Robert Herjavec Video - ABC News

Is this really someone who should be walking down the aisle so fast, so soon? Problems with another ex Getty Images At some point between his separation from Plese and relationship with Johnson, Herjavec apparently dated actress Danielle Vasinova.

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Whatever their timeline was, one thing was certain: To be fair, exes rarely have nice things to say about their former flames. Johnson got with another Dancing with the Stars partner Getty Images InJohnson hooked up with another one of her Dancing with the Stars partners.